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What do you think of this book? I might buy it but I want to hear what it is like first!!! Comment plz xxxx ♥ ☺

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♥Booknerdswift♥ Gabi wrote: "In my opion, it was OK. I didn't really care for it, but a lot of people I know like it, so it's probaly just me. :)"

i agree. it isnt as good as reading a full book. writing and reading in one, doesnt feel the same.

Ethan I love it. It really talks about alot

Emma It's really funny! I don't know, I found it very funny! Read it! It's less of a book and more of a graphic novel. I'm a person who doesn't really enjoy graphic novels very much, and I loved it! IT'S SO FUNNY. Get it!

Claire It is amazing and funny and has many fun things do do in it.

Ethan It was interactive and fun to read

Sarah It was good and it had good colorful comics in the back.

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Areeba its nice and cool. hope u like it.

Anna Lorna wrote: "Whats this book like??? ☺♥ ♪♫♪♫!!!!!!!!!!!"

It is funny because you can do the diary in what ever way you want and it also asks you the weirdest questions about your self.

Elise It's REALY good, but you should get the one that looks like it has a paper bag on it! ;D <3

message 10: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin I think it is an amazing book and it's suitable for everyone, everyone loves a laugh, don't they?!!!!!

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