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In the Afterward chapter..
Stephanie Stephanie Nov 01, 2012 07:26PM
Am I the only one who is assuming the husband is Anthony? I mean you are lead to believe that since you are told of the scheming Claire figured out and that Anthony's is missing. I just find it odd that his name is not used.

I honestly believe that it is Tony. I think that not mentioning his name was intentional and added to the anticipation for the 3rd book.

It kind of sounded like the place they had their honeymoon so i would hope she wouln't take anyone else there. If she did, Tony can gladly come stay with me !!
I just finished the books and i also am dying! My head is spinning OMG what a story!! LOVED IT !!

Can someone kindly answer one question was Mr evergreen Tony's lawyer ?who is he
I loved this totally hooked although I did found it annoying that the writer did not write in more detail in some sense I got it because the book not a erotic but what about how Tony treated her all we knew was accidents no detail that annoyed me but I still like Claire. Tony character was so unpredictable he never let Claire what was reasons from first book too the second I feared from but I still loved the character I understood her it would not make sense if Claire had no love for Tony 3years they were together but I read some review people saying it was stupid crazy then I had not read the books no one mention Tony was brainwashed he loves Claire he felt regretful I only found cause I read the books I loved it I just hope Tony mentioned in his little dinner date to Sophia Catherine motives but somewhere I doubts I want Catherine to pay for all that psycho stuff

OH my gosh, I just assumed it was but I guess I was wrapped up in it I never thought about it being someone else. WOW, I guess the way this story keeps going it is possible it's not him, I just can't imagine Claire keeping him away from his baby. It all leads you to believe it is him, but with him missing and all, hmmmm, I better not wait a whole freaking year and be disappointed. It took a lot to make me like him over Harry....

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This is my take on the Afterward Chapter....Tony is the "husband" Remember the plane when down and he was missing. I took from this that Claire worked with Evergreen to get him out (help with FBI) he was not safe with vengeance living in his own home with Catherine. Hoping the author continues from the point Tony opens the door with the FBI so we know what was said to bring him to this island. Maybe he was faced with the biggest test of his love.. See Claire again but leave everything he every worked for. He chose Claire and the baby, his redeeming moment. Can't see Claire at 37 weeks wanting to marry anyone but Tony. The author described his daily activities walking on the beach, taking walks, this is something Tony never did before going to the lake with Claire. She showed him how to enjoy life and smell the roses. I do think Claire and Tony will try to save Derek and Sophia and somehow (with Phil's help?)bring down Catherine in Book 3 but who knows what will happen. Book 2 taught me to expect the unexpected.

I am pretty sure it is Tony by the way she describes him. It does through you off a bit because she does call Phil her husband in the hotel. Aleatha didn't name him to leave us in guessing, AGAIN! Of course I want it to be Tony, but I feel so sorry for Harry that I wouldn't let myself be mad if it was. I can't wait to read what Claire has in store for Catherine!

Apparently Aleatha purposely missed his name out, I'm assuming it's to once again leave us with questions but I can't believe that it would be anyone BUT Tony there with her.

I have a feeliing that it is NOT Tony...with the twists in Consequences and Truth, this would be a very interesting twist in the story. I hope it is Tony but Aleatha keeps me surprised!

No I am assuming it is him too. But I am also allowing myself to be open about it being someone else ie maybe Phil. I can't wait for book three, are Tony and Claire going to join forces and battle against Catherine and try and save Sophia and Derek? They are so many ways this story can still play, I freakin love it!

Okay so I also noticed something interesting about the Afterward chapter...she talks about his cologne...which she mentioned a lot of times in the book because she loved his cologne. It may mean nothing but it does mean something at the same time............

Lissette Gathers Yeah but Harry also like coffee. He doesn't drink alcohol because he doesn't like the effects on him.
Sep 05, 2013 03:58PM

I was left knowing it was Tony! IT HAS to bE!! How can it not be! Not thinking it wasn’t Tony was not on my list of questions. I have many more questions before asking “was Tony the “husband” ? Of course it’s him!
Why do we have to wait until 2014 – I’m dying over here!! On another note, I love Tony! I do, I do. He is awful, crazy and …and…but I do, I love him! I even loved him after he left her in prison in the 1st book, but I 100% understood why she had to leave. I know I’m crazy – this is what you do to me Aleatha Romig, but I thank you! ;o)

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I really hope she's with Tony cuz if not, i'd die... :( I so love Tony in Truth.

It is Tony !!! IT HAS TO BE !! I know its wrong after all he did but i love Tony :) Claire and Tony has to be together ! I think i will go crazy if i find out there not in the next book

This thread cracked me up!! Ya'll need to be writers. I loved all the ideas on the reasons behind "who is husband".... I absolutely agree it has to be Tony. She's in love with him...she is completely weak when it comes to him.....she know the truth now....and she has continually forgiven him for past behavior. She set a plan in motion...he turns up missing......Catherine is finally the reigning lady of the house after years of avenging......she is going down!!!! ..........however, has anything in this series been predictable? Hell No! LOL!

OK I have re-read several chapters and maybe I am just tired and sleepy but when did Clair conceive? I thought the child was Harry', am I missing something? Great book maybe I read too fast !!!!

I will be very disappointed if its not Tony!Call me crazy but i like his character with all his flaws..!I can't wait for the third part!

Well ain't that something I was going through a series of emotions that it never struck me the possibility of the husband being someone else. I hope not... Cuz Phil is kinda of a creep (and not in ur sexy kinda way) and although Harry was a sweet heart, my heart is loyal to Anthony.... I know he has done some shitty things, but it three end I couldn't help but fall in love with him.... He still got issues to sort out. But hey, don't we I do hope that they get that evil women back for separating them.... She def needs to pay. I can hardly wait to see what's gonna happen next, because no matter what these books just know how to pull the rug off our feet. But I love it.

I definately think it's Tony since she realized that Tony is also a child of the demise Catherine is planning. She said she needed to right this. I can only assume it has to be him and that they planned his death so he is off the radar and she sort of is as well. But I'm wondering what role Phil will play with her and Catherine. I was shocked about her and I was disappointed since I really started to like her. But, it was definately an amazing twist.

It has to be Tony. (Dang well better be!) If you recall, she reached for that person when she woke up. So I can't imagine her initiating a "full on", "with benefits" relationship while being 35 weeks pregnant with another's man child. And after, just a few months ago, she was shedding tears over Tony and engaged to him again. If it's anyone else, Claire loses all brownie points and I'm going to have a burning ceremony for the third book, after I pull all of my own hair out!

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It HAS to be Tony. I think she had Phil assist with getting him to her. If the FBI had taken him at the hotel - he would have been arrested and not on his private jet. I have a feeling that the agent was someone pretending to be one to get him to Claire.

I think Catherine arranged for his plane to crash (if she is the only one who is murdering the relatives she would have been creating the accidents all along). If he was in 'custody with a false FBI agent' she would have assumed he was on board his plane when it crashed. Then Phil got him all the false identification needed to get him to Claire. Tony has already recreated himself as A Rawlings vs a Rawls - so we know he can start a new life...

I presume it would be Tony, but I would also love it to be Harry. My heart hurt for him. And what a great twist it would be that Tony went of radar because he is a son of a son and that he isn't with Claire? APPEARANCE IS EVERYTHING.

I assume it's Tony , i can't imagine anyone else that can inflict such respond when he touches Claire... I think the writer trying to Mind fuck us again by putting up this question in the discussion ..

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I truly believe it is Tony, because he disappeared after some time, and this sentence confirms it : 'Claire was no longer alone. It took some time for her husband to make his way to their paradise. Too many disappearances at once would add to the speculations of critics'.

"You must stick to your conviction but be ready to abandon your assumptions"...?

Before I read these comments I never doubted that Tony was the husband. I mean, she wakes up all happy expecting to find him in her bed. And the way she reacts when he touches her...? somehow that scene doesn't click while thinking that the husband would be Phil. Everything seems to step into place that way but these two books had so any unexpected turns that I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the husband wasn't Tony. I can't wait fr the third book to come out. I read Consequences two weeks before Truth cam out and I counted the days for it... but late 2013- early 2014? That's torture!

I had to go back and read this ending 2x. When I first read it, I thought Tony had gotten arrested and Claire was off somewhere in Timbuktu about to have a baby. I was mad and fussing for the next 2 hours. Then when I re-read it, I felt better. It was a calmness settled over me (LOL)--but really it did. I felt better believing they (Tony & Claire) were re-united and were planning to bring down that vengeful heiffer called Catherine Marie London.

I hope it is! At first I thought it was going to be Harry but the way it was mentioned Tony was missing and her husbands voice and touch led me to believe it was Tony.

Hmmm, if it's Harry she's with I might actually read the third book, providing Claire gets some kind of revenge on Tony (hopefully involving his slow, painful death).

I'm not cool with turning a rapist and abuser of women into some kind of romantic hero. Ick.

She's with Tony, I'm so happy they ended up together, I will be very disappointed if it's not....
But I was so surprised by Catherine she's the blame for all this.
But I can't wait for convicted, I were in for some twist and turn....

There are only 3 possibilities as to who can be the 'Husband'.
First one is obvious i.e. Tony, since he's missing and all. Secondly, it can be Phil, who is now being paid by Claire who is up to something after finding out the 'Truth'. Third is Harry which is very unlikely.
There can be the possibility of Tony and Claire joining forces to thwart Catherine's plan or it can also be Claire an Phil pretending to be a couple to thwart Catherine.
Whatever it is, I certainly can't wait for The final Installment. Seriously, 2014 can't come any sooner!

F 25x33
Daria And of course the fourth possibility is Simon. Is he really dead?
Sep 23, 2013 12:52PM

I also wondered if the husband was Tony as she never mentioned his name. I found it strange that she titled the chapter 'Afterward' and not 'Epilogue' - does this have some meaning??? I have replayed these books over in my head, so many times, that i think I am becoming deranged !!!!

Aleatha shouldn't make us wait till later this year or possibly 2014 to publish book 3... I will be dead of anxiety by then LOL

I just finished Truth and I have no doubt whatsoever that she is with Tony.

It has to be Tony or else l will die on the spot if its Harry, l feel it started with Tony and she should get her happy ever after with him not anyone else. book is coming out in October this year so just cant wait for it slowly dying....

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