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message 2: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn | 112 comments Caspar strolled into the class as if nothing had happened in the last few moments in the hall. Professor Trelawney greeted him as she always did when he walked into the room. "Good morning, Sybill," he said with a smile. She was especially biased when it came to him. When it was found he was a "Seer", she took interest in him, he being the only one in his year.

Taylor followed quickly behind, giving the professor the same greeting, yet getting no where near the same response. Tay grumbled as she took a spot next to Cas.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments Cas giggled at something Taylor whispered in his ear. He smiled broadly as Professor Trelawney walked about the classroom. Tay noticed something move in her peripheral vision and turned, finding the girl from earlier. She made a disgusted face and turned back to Caspar, where she whispered something else in his ear. Of course, both began to laugh hysterically.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments Caspar flinched as the sound hit his ears. It was loud, not unlike he and his friends. He kind of felt bad for the slut. But he knew if he said anything to Taylor, she would slap and probably knock some sense into him. Still, she looked lonely.

Taylor waved her hand in front of his face to try to snap him out of his trance. "Hello? Earth to Cas?" she tried. She rolled her eyes and punched him in the arm.

Realizing the lesson was moving forth, he sprinkled some herbs into a bowl, his natural seeing ability already giving him a clear vision. It was the sign of the dragon, his patronus.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments ((Forgot to mention, Taylor speaks Parseltongue.))

Caspar threw his bowl to the side, the sign not telling him much. Next, Taylor took her turn. From what she could tell, it was a snake, but that never meant much. It was always a snake in this class.

Cas murmured "Legilimens", and suddenly he was able to delve into Angie's mind. He wondered what he would find, reading her thoughts and all.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments ((TAYLOR NOT ANGIE. SWEPT TO TAYLOR))

Caspar listened in on Angie's thoughts, turning to her in real life and widening his eyes, not that she could see him. He turned back to his table and focused on her mind. But he couldn't help but think, Do people really think I have a relationship with Taylor? He was seventeen, she was fourteen. Awkward.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments Cas's head whipped to the side as a loud crashing sound assaulted his ears. "Merlin's Beard!" he yelled, obviously caught off guard. Tay shot daggers at Angie and Cas withdrew himself from her mind. Caspar recollected himself and continued to stare at the table, wanting to forget everything he had just mentally heard.

"What's wrong with you?" Taylor asked him.

Cas couldn't answer.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments ((Hatred.))

Caspar couldn't help himself; he began to laugh, and then Taylor started to giggle, and in a moment the whole room was a massacre of laughter. You didn't just walk out of class. Even Taylor knew that.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments ((But my Gryffindor character is busy...Maybe my character's cat can help. xD))

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Jaidyn | 112 comments ((But I have a Hufflepuff dude. He's amazing.))

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Jaidyn | 112 comments ((Drew is not a gay amazing. xD Just finish your guy. DO NOT MAKE HIM MATTHEW BASED))

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