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Sam/Applejack♆ | 217 comments Mod
Here, you can create your characters. Follow the guidelines from below, but delete the "." from the HTML format. They don't need to be accepted, but mods can ask you to add things or remove them if it doesn't follow the guidelines. So copy and paste but delete the "."s. Remember, be creative and have fun!

<.b>Full Name:<./b>


<.b>Age:<./b> Ages 12 through 17

<.b>Gender:<./b> Male or Female?

<.b>Year:<./b> Years 1 through 7

<.b>Pureblood or Other?:<./b>

<.b>Appearance:<./b> Please use a picture or link along with a description.

<.b>Wand Appearance:<./b> What does their wand look like?

<.b>Personality:<./b> 5+ lines

<.b>History:<./b> 5+ lines



<.b>Boyfriend/Girlfriend:<./b> Ask First!



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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Full Name: Sybella Hart


Age: 15

Gender: Female

Year: 5th

Pureblood or Other?: Pureblood


Sybella is quite a pretty girl. She has a natural beauty but doesn't realise it herself. Her long blonde hair falls just above her hips when out, but she usually wears it pulled back in a ponytail. She has bright blue eyes, flecked with violet around the pupil, perhaps her most distinctive feature. She's average in height and slimly built. She's one of those annoying people that, no matter how much they eat, they never get fat. She has long legs and she has fair skin. She never bothers with makeup, as she claims "it wastes too much time!".

Wand Appearance:

Sybella has a bubbly personality and she's constantly happy. She has a calming aura about her and people always feel at ease around her. She's quite adventurous and her curiosity is forever getting the better of her. She's kind of destructive, though, does not mean to be and it's clear where she has been. Sybella has always loved animals because she grew up on a farm. She's great with people, but is quite shy when meeting new ones. She's had a big family all her life and loves them more than anything else. Sybella is a family girl and she always looks out for them, no matter what.

She is a friendly girl, so easily befriends others, though isn't always the one to make the first move. At times, she can be lost in her own little world and usually has to ask someone to repeat what they said to her because she didn't catch it the first time. She's the type of person who doesn't worry about herself and there is hardly a time when she becomes self-centred.

Despite her bubbly exterior, Sybella is very sensitive, so you really have to watch what you say when you're around her. She's a helpful girl and if someone asks her to do something for them, she never hesitates to oblige. She's easily influenced, but is not one to trust others when she meets them the first time. It can be hard to earn Sybella's love and attention and only someone very special would be able to win her over.

Sybella is energetic and she can never sit still for long stretches of time. She always has to be moving, and she can't be in one place for too long, otherwise she becomes restless and skittish. In her free time, she would prefer to be writing or reading or outside then sitting down in front of the TV or playing a computer game. She's the outdoorsy type and usually spends all her time outside rather then being cooped up within the confines of a building. She's not popular and doesn't aspire to become it. She's happy being the person she is and, for the most part, doesn't care what others think of her.


James (Dad, deceased)
Aida (Mum, 42)
Corey (Brother, 22)
Carlos (Brother, 20 (Twin))
Lauren (Sister, 20 (Twin))
Jake (Brother, 18)
Toby (Brother, 17)
Thomas (Brother, 16)

Crush: Open

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

Sybella has a cat named Eida


*I'll do her history when I get the chance.

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depletive | 571 comments Full Name: Cedric Diggory

Nickname: Ced

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Year: 5

<.b>Pureblood or Other?:<./b> Pureblood

Appearance: [image error] Cedric has brown hair and grey eyes. He dresses impeccably nice and always has his Hufflepuff uniform on in school. He wears a yellow shirt outside of Hogwarts to show his support and usually wears jeans with the shirt.

Wand Appearance: Cedric's wand is 12¼", Ash, unicorn hair

Personality: Cedric is kind and gentle. He loves the game of Quidditch. He's a great guy to be around and is a very good student. He is proud to be a Hufflepuff prefect and he is very responsible. Cedric isn't very enticed by girls who flirt with him, he'll take them as friends, but the relationship stops there. He is patient, and always owes back a favour immediately when he gets the chance.

History: Cedric grew up as a regular wizard kid would. His father, Amos Diggory, is a great father and wizard who was slightly competitive when it came to Cedric. Cedric lived up to his father's standards as a child and continues to do so. His mother was not as urging, and Cedric looked, and still looks, to her when he needs advic.

Family: Amos Diggory, Mrs. Diggory.

Crush: Open

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

Pet: None

Other: None

Sam/Applejack♆ | 217 comments Mod
The picture doesn't work.

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depletive | 571 comments Ugh! Wait a sec. I'll fix it.

Sam/Applejack♆ | 217 comments Mod
Just do a link cuz that one doesn't work either. :/

message 7: by Johns (new)

Johns description There you go, Cedric Diggory! He died to become a sparkly vampire. *Tear*
----> http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__c...

Sam/Applejack♆ | 217 comments Mod
Haha thanks Raine!

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Johns Heheh no problem. Now, I shall work on my Hufflepuff.

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Johns Don't judge me, I'm bored out of my mind. -_-'

Full Name: Ellayne Dae Finn

Nickname: Ellie or Ella; Never her real name

Age: Fifteen

Gender: Female

Year: Five

Pureblood or Other?: Pureblood

Appearance: description
Eye Color: Deep green
(view spoiler)
Hair Color: Honey blonde
Height: 5'6"

Wand Appearance: [image error]

Personality: Ellie is a very charasmatic girl that seems to care about everyone around her, even if she hates them. Wait, no. Hate is a strong word and she can never ever hate another soul! It's nearly impossible. She's a people person that can't betray or lie to anyone, since her emotions can be read on her face like an open book. She doesn't say anything bad about people, but she'll go rant about them in her red notebook, the one she hides underneath her bed. That is where you'll find the Ellie that has all the hate and all the secrets and all the things that she wants to hide from everybody. Maybe even herself. She's not very secretive; she just likes to not mention certain things. And she's not very observant, which makes her a little forgetfull.

History: Ellie lived the normal life of an average witch until she was five, which was when her father died of a fatal wreck off of a broomstick. It wouldn't've even happened if Delphina, her mother's owl, hadn't gone missing that day. Long story short, Roxanne remarried a few years later when Ellie was nine, so Mo became her father and Samuel became her brother. And she loved them both like she'd loved her actual father and brother (If she had one). But her older sister Lina disapproved of her mother remarrying and just ignored everyone altogether, including Ellie and Sam, who did nothing wrong. Things went smooth and she went to Hogwarts the year after Sam.

Samuel Johnson (Step-Brother, Gryffindor)
Lina Finn (Sister, Should-be-Hufflepuff. She didn't want to go)
Roxanne Finn (Mother, Hufflepuff)
Devon Finn (Father, Hufflepuff, Deceased)
Mortimer Johnson (Step-Father, Gryffindor)

Crush: Open

Boyfriend: ...

Pet: Light; Snow owl; 3
(view spoiler)


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Tess Sullivan | 15 comments Full Name: Tess Sullivan Knobeloch

Nickname: Sully

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Year: 6

Pureblood or Other?: Pureblood


Height; 5'7"
Weight; 127lbs
Eyes; Hazel green
Hair; Auburn
Other; Freckles

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wand Appearance:

Wood; Ashwood
Core; Essence of Unicorn hair

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Personality: Tess is a battle of contradictions. She is a person who seems shy and refined before she opens up to you, but once she does, you realize she's crazy. Despite this, she is well-liked and likes well in return. She gives whatever she can whenever possible and hates to be the barer of any bad news, but this does not mean she won't deliver or doesn't have a fiery temper and a knack for getting in to a fight now and again. The best word agreed on by all to describe her is effervescent, though her darker side is that if you hurt anyone she cares for she will show the remnants of the Celtic warriors and Germanic tyrants that decorate her heritage.

History: Tess was born in to the magic of the theater- or more correctly phrased Hollywood. But she and her twin brothers charmed life ended shortly after it began when her mother, the prosperous, and privately witchy, Beth Sullivan was driven in to a tree half-way across the world in Australia while filming a television show there on location. Since the resulting severe brain injury stole from her the ability not only to think creatively, but also her gift of witchcraft, her mother has since been lost in deep depression. But the following year Tess and her minute younger brother Jack received their Hogwarts letters and have done their best to live down their dark wizard fathers name and make their mother proud.


Mother: Elizabeth Annette Sullivan (Beth), Hufflepuff
Father: James Joseph Knobeloch (Jim), Slytherin
Brother: Jack Sullivan Knobeloch, Hufflepuff

Crush: Cedric Diggory, Fred Weasley

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None

Pet: Spunk

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Other: Patronus is a rabbit. Favorite color is celadon green.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments Full Name: Andrew Howell

Nickname: Drew

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Year: 6

Pureblood or Other?: Muggle-Born

 photo Danisnotonfire_zpsd480de0f.jpg

Wand Appearance:
 photo Wand3_zpsf4ffd95b.jpg

Personality: Drew is only a Hufflepuff because he can't hurt a fly. He's a dork and he's very sweet but he's not an innocent Hufflepuff. He is extremely inappropriate and will not hesitate to make a joke. He is only moderately intelligent, as he can get the work done but he's an extreme procrastinator. Andrew, though, despite his charmingly antisocial personality, can also be quite sassy. He will get in your face but he refuses to use violence. He doesn't really know why he was put into Hufflepuff himself, but the people in his house aren't giant twats so he's alright with it.

History: Drew grew up as a muggle and didn't discover what Hogwarts was until he got his letter. Growing up, he lived in places like Manchester and London, but he was always really awkward. Since he is muggle-born, he is addicted to the internet. His first year to Hogwarts killed him because he couldn't find a wifi hotspot for his laptop. He was always considered weird by the people he knew, but he did have his true friends and that was what counted. He always went after girls who were way out of his league, as he was always at the bottom of the popularity chain. He loves anime shows, video games (like Skyrim), and the internet, which can all be found in his muggle home. He was ridiculed at Hogwarts for a while because he seemed to be having withdrawal symptoms from the internet, but now he has a few friends that he can count on for anything. [I know this is just mumbling and makes no sense, but this is his history xD]

Darcy Howell (Mother)
Evan Howell (Father)
Caleb Howell (Brother, Gryffindor)

Crush: None/Open

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None/Open

Pet: Gylfie, his female owl, whom he loves very much.
owl photo: White Owl winterwhiteowl_zps98d5f42a.jpg

Other: Drew's patronus is a llama. xD

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 217 comments Mod

message 14: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn | 112 comments xD I figured.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments There I'm done. :D

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jenny | 333 comments Jaidyn wrote: "Full Name: Andrew Howell

Nickname: Drew

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Year: 6

Pureblood or Other?: Muggle-Born


Wand Appearance:

Personality: Drew is only a Hufflepuff becaus..."


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jenny | 333 comments Even if his name is Drew. Still. Just. complete awesomeness. Seriously.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments Sobriquet. I'm so proud I know that means nickname.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments Full Name: Arizona Grizel Baylor

Nickname: Blaze, though it's more of a mocking name she's learned to love.

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Year: 6

Pureblood or Other?: Pureblood

 photo Bluegirl_zps1daee679.png
Arizona is a perky little blond with a cheerful appearance to match her cheerful personality. She has very long desert blond hair that correlates well with her azure eyes. Her irises have gold flecks that sprinkle across them, making her eyes her favorite feature. Long eyelashes line her eyelids, and thin, light eyebrows sketch along her forehead. Her cheekbones aren't prominent, but they're noticeable enough. She's very skinny, and her bone structure is small. She's only average in height, but it's okay because she's taller than a lot of first years at Hogwarts. She seven tattoos, all of which are on the sides of different fingers. Each one represents the seven deadly sins, and each sin is written: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

Wand Appearance:
 photo Wand2_zps337cb04c.jpg

Personality: Arizona is seen as probably one of the most innocent Hufflepuffs around. She is polite to strangers and professors, and can never really bring herself to disagree with them, even if they are wrong. She has problems with authority and, instead of getting mad, she cries. She just starts crying and weakly yelling, which is often the reason she gets mocked by her friends. Arizona is the type of person who can walk up to anyone and instantly be friends with them, regardless of their house or personality. She's just strangely likable. Oddly enough, she returns to a shy state when someone else suddenly introduces themselves, because she likes to be the one in charge. Arizona is academically intelligent, but sometimes she's a little slow on logic. Overall, she is a kind soul who loves to laugh and is very funny. Arizona loves children, and is an amazing listener as well as being super patient. She has a short fuse, so be sure you're carrying tissues.

History: Arizona, despite growing up in England, was named after the U.S.S Arizona, a United States battleship. She never really asked for anymore information on her name, because when she asked, she was little, and the United States thing made sense to her. Her entire family is pureblood, but she has never prided herself on it. She, like Timmy, had a rebellious phase, and she, like Timmy, got a few tattoos. She doesn't regret them though, so it's alright.
At Hogwarts, she was always a popular Hufflepuff, but among other houses, she's not exactly known. She has been a apart of some crazy adventures with her best friends, Drew and Timmy. Though she wouldn't exactly like to specify (because Dumbledore had just a *few* talks with them), there have been some things that everyone knows about.
The summer before she turned fourteen (before she got the tattoos), her sister fell ill and died, and Arizona went through a lot. Hence the seven sins on her fingers; all of those were eventually a part of her grieving process.
Eventually she got over it, and now she's fine, receiving high marks and high praise.

Lupa Baylor (Mother, former Gryffindor)
Didacus Baylor (Father, former Ravenclaw)
Sirius Baylor (Brother, 21, former Ravenclaw)
Mirabella Baylor (Sister, deceased)

Crush: Erm...

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Ermenum...

Pet: Arizona has a cat, Lily.
 photo tumblr_mfjtqojU5O1s10wi8o1_500_large.jpg

Other: Her best friends are Drew and Timmy.
Arizona's nickname is Blaze because of how red her face gets when she cries. BUT only her best friends call her Blaze and it's only when she's angry, and eventually cries. Her patronus is a hare/rabbit.

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Jaidyn | 112 comments She's pretty amazing.

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Please stop spamming! :(

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Jaidyn | 112 comments It's not really spamming...It's like...5 comments.

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Is it a character? No. Therefore, it's spam.

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