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Copy and paste the format below and delete the "." (the dot) from the HTML format. Characters do not need to be accepted by a mod, but if we ask you to change something, please do it. Keep in mind that these gods/goddesses act as the children of the real gods, so their parents would be alive

<.b>Age:<./b> Teens
<.b>DOB (Date of birth): <./b>
<.b>Powers:<./b> Only 2 at the most

<.b>Appearance: <./b>Please no anime pictures.

<.b>Dressing Style:<./b> optional

<.b>Personality:<./b> 5-8 sentences

<.b>Likes/ Dislikes:<./b>

<.b>Background History:<./b> 5-8 full sentences

<.b>Strength and Weakness:<./b>

<.b>Family: <./b>
<.b>Other: <./b>

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Name: Mikayla (Kayla)
Age: 17
DOB: June 13
Gender: Female
Powers: Goddess of Water


Dressing Style:
(view spoiler)

Personality: Kayla is very kind and caring. She loves to help anyone who asks for help, whether she knows them or not. If you mess with her or her friends, you face her wrath. She can be a little moody like er father at times. Usually if she's in a bad mood it means she's had a bad day, and vice versa. For the most part though, she is always in a good mood

Likes/ Dislikes:
✔ Water
✔ Music
✔ Color Blue
✔ Ocean
✔ Chocolate
✔ Books
✗ Liars
✗ Cheaters
✗ Bullies
✗ Pretenders

Background History:

Strength and Weakness:
✔ swords
✔ riding horses
✔ talking to horses
✗ archery

Posiedon (dad)
Amphitrite (mom)
Crush: open

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☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (Thalia98) | 21 comments Name: Marissa (Rissa)
Age: 16
DOB (Date of birth): May 1
Gender: female
Powers: telepathy and control of anything that has to do with water

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=pretty...

Dressing Style: trendy

Personality: Rissa is very kind and caring. She loves to help others. She also protects her friends and family. Sometimes this trait can be a weakness, but she doesn't care. Her friends and family are all that she has, she couldn't bear seeing them injured.

Likes/ Dislikes:
✓ anything that has to do with water
✓ the color blue and purple
✓ books
✓ archery
✓ her pet hellhound
✗ people who think they are better than others
✗ rude people
✗ monster

Background History: She

Strength and Weakness:
✔ archery
✔ sword
✔ daggers/knives
✔ powers
✗ hubris
✗ hand-to-hand combat

Family: Poseidon and Amphirite(parents)
Crush: open
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: open
Other: her pet hellhound's name is Caspian

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Name: Auralee (Aura)
Age: 16
DOB (Date of birth): February 2nd
Gender: Female
Powers: Goddess of the Night

Appearance: description

Personality: Aura is the quiet, observant type. She's nice, unless given reason not to be. She's quiet, unless spoken to. She is constantly searching for weaknesses in people, finding out their flaws just in case the need ever comes up.She loves the arts, simply because music and art is the one time where she can't use her powers to help her. Both subjects send mixed messages, and she doesn't know why, but she loves the fact that she doesn't have total control there. That's why Apollo is her favourite god.

Likes/ Dislikes:
✓ Swords
✓ Books
✓ The stars
✓ Cold air
✗ Obnoxious people
✗ Fire/Heat
✗ Morning

Background History: To be rped

Strength and Weakness:
✓ Swordplay
✓ Archery
✓ Battle Strategies
✗ Hand-to-hand combat

Family: Nyx and Morpheus

Crush: Open

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open


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Selena  (Selipoky) | 36 comments Name: Rachel(Rae)
Age: 17
DOB (Date of birth): August 1
Gender: Female
Powers: Can mind read and control wind/air


 Dressing Style: (view spoiler)

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Will :) | 1 comments Name: Pherenike Alachanti
Age: 16
DOB (Date of birth): July 24th
Gender: F
Powers: Speak to those who died in battle,and super strength

Appearance: description

Dressing Style: optional

Personality: 5-8 sentences

Likes/ Dislikes:

Background History: 5-8 full sentences

Strength and Weakness:

Family: Eris (mother)
Ares (father)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open


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Nice everyone!

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Tab Defarge | 245 comments Mod
Name: Xena Guerre
Age: 17
DOB: July 18
Gender: Female
Powers: Discovering the Truth and Can Communicate with certain deceased Military Leaders

Appearance: http://us.m.yahoo.com/w/search/lp/web... (turn hair blue and remove smile)

Dressing Style: Jeans and T-Shirts

Personality: She is bitter, caustic, sarcastic, and an all round misanthropist. She hates failure but does not mind mediocrity. She enjoys thinking about life. She dislikes most people but aspires to do something to be remembered

Likes/ Dislikes:
+Being by herself

Background History:

Strength and Weakness:

Family: Mother-Persephone Father-Ares
Crush: open
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: open

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Name: Titus
Age: 17
DOB (Date of birth): June 30
Gender: Male
Powers: God of Hunting (inherited from his mother)


Dressing Style: Hoodies, jeans, the usual teen guy stuff

Personality: When you first meet him, Titus may seem arrogant and cocky, but in reality he is nothing like that. He is actually always looking on the positive side of things and trying to make people laugh, even if it means being cocky. However, when he or his friends are threatened he gets deadly serious, but never loses his cool and rarely loses his temper.

Likes/ Dislikes:
+ Hunting
+ Being in the forest
+ Swimming
+ Being the center of attention
+ Making people smile
- Moody people
- Vanity
-Being embarrassed
-Being alone

Background History: Titus had grown up in a mountainous area surrounded by a forest. He used to play and hunt in the forest for food since his adoptive family were poor and where the lived was in the middle of nowhere. It was in the forest where he befriended a wounded phoenix, which helped him discover his real heritage. Despite his location, Titus always managed to visit his (now ex) girlfriend who lived miles away. His hunting skills came from his mother Artemis and his good looks and love for girls from his father, Adonis.

Strength and Weakness:
+ General accuracy
+ Agility
+ Traps
+ Knots etc.
+ Navigation
+ Climbing
- Makes rash decisions
- Feels powerless when alone
- Hand-to-hand combat
- Falls in love easily

Mother: Artemis
Father: Adonis
Crush: Mikayla (at the moment)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Other: Titus befriended a phoenix who often visits him with words of advice

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Johns Name: Ellie Dae Finn
Age: 15
DOB: January 23
Gender: Female
Powers: Growing things and making things die (Plants, that is.)

Appearance: description

Dressing Style: Mostly just whatever she throws on.

Personality: Ellie is a very charasmatic girl that seems to care about everyone around her, even if she hates them. Wait, no. Hate is a strong word and she can never ever hate another soul! It's nearly impossible. She's a people person that can't betray or lie to anyone, since her emotions can be read on her face like an open book. She doesn't say anything bad about people, but she'll go rant about them in her red notebook, the one she hides underneath her bed. That is where you'll find the Ellie that has all the hate and all the secrets and all the things that she wants to hide from everybody. Maybe even herself. She's not very secretive; she just likes to not mention certain things. And she's not very observant, which makes her a little forgetfull.

Likes/ Dislikes:
+ Plants/Outdoors in general
+ Green
+ Archery
+ Painting
+ At times, water
+ Gardening
- Overly bright people
- Exsessive clingyness
- Yellow
- Horses
- Lightning
- At times, water

Background History: Ellie grew up on a winery in Los Angeles, California, since one of her adoptive parents was the son of Dionysus and thought that he could make a living off wine and still drink as much as he wanted to. That didn't work. They soon went bankrupt and the Finns were forced to move soon, since Ellie kept killing all the grapes when she walked by them occasionally. She never meant to do any harm, so, after awhile, she would grow them back and her father wouldn't know what happened. Then, when they moved, Ellie just assumed that was the reason. She didn't really know that they were going to abandon her in the woods. Not that she holds that against them; she'd probrably abandon herself if she had the option. So Ellie lived in the woods for a few years, growing her own food and catching her own game, since she'd taken a few archery lessons. And, well, Persephone and Demeter came to her one night, telling her of her parents. The conversation still imprints itself into her head(view spoiler). After she had spoken with her mother, Ellie finally understood why she could make plants die and come alive again.

Strength and Weakness:
+ Archery
+ Running
+ Being persuasive
+ Gardening!
+ Degardening (Get it?)
- Swimming
- Racing chariots or pegasi
- Music
- Her friends
- Green eyes :3

Family: Father - Hades; Mother - Persephone
Crush: ...
Boyfriend: ...
Other: (view spoiler)

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Kristi~Lost in My Own Head~ (derek1) | 1 comments Name: Kalika
Age: 16
DOB (Date of birth): February 18
Gender: female
Powers: weather and can control the elements

Appearance: [image error]

Dressing Style: whatever she puts on

Personality: She can be a bit distant and she sometimes has her head up in the clouds. Shes a friendly person though and likes to help others. She is a loyal and true to the end kind of person.

Likes/ Dislikes:



Background History: Kalika grew up on her own pretty much. Her adoptive parents had rejected her when she was 12 due to her powers. They are partially emotionally based which causes problems. She started living on the streets. A few years later, she had learned how to use her powers. That was when Hectate appeared to her and explained her who her parents where and why she could do these things. Kalika refused to believe it but after time accepted it. She then wound up here.

Strength and Weakness:

Strengths: her powers
her courage
her stubborness
making people feel better

Weaknesses:: Her emotions
Her thoughts

Father- Apollo
Crush: open

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❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 11 comments Name: Samantha
Nickname: Sam or Sammy
Age: 16
DOB (Date of birth): April 14
Gender: Female
Powers: Can see a move/attack before even made, can shift into a wolf or any forest creature

Dressing Style: Skinny jeans, short short jeans, tank tops, flannel shirts, and hoodies

Personality: Sam is a stubborn, doesn't take shit from anyone kind of girl. She is a huge tomboy, she hates dolls, dresses, and anything girly. She can sometimes lose her temper and is determined. But when you get to know her better she is really sweet, caring, lovable, protective, and sometimes shy.

Bow and Arrows
Tough guys
Country music

Wimpy guys

Background History: Sam hated her adoptive parents. They were the worst to her ever since she got there. The only good part was spending time with her older step-brother, Austin. They always spend time with each other playing with plastic swords, or just hanging. One of the saddess days is when he left for the army. After 5 month when he left again, the army messenger came to their home, reproting to them that Austin died combat. Since then, she has never been the same.

Long Range Combat
Close Range Combat
Throwing Knives

Talking about her pass
Talking about her older step-brother

Mother- Artemis
Father- Ares
Crush: (Anyone want to be crushes together?)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

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Jace McHale (Jace_McHale) Name: Fiyra (Fuh-year-uh)
Age: 15
DOB (Date of birth): May 5
Gender: Female
.b>Powers: Can heal when she sings, Can change her eye color with her emotions

Appearance: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm634173696... (Or just google pictures of AJ Michalka

Dressing Style: usually a t-shirt and leather-ish jacket, bootcut dark colored jeans, Black boots

Personality: Likes to act cute, flirts a lot, trys to get on the good sides of people. Always treats people with respect unless given reason not to, can be impulsive if something or someone toys with her emotions the wrong way, talks to herself when she feels completely alone. She loves music and is somewhat confident in her bubbly mask personality (like: singing randomly, dancing in corridors... etc.) She is very loyal to people she trusts and sometimes she is hurt by those people. She gets emotional sometimes for not really any reason

Likes/ Dislikes: Likes: Most music genres, flirting, dancing, shooting arrows
Dislikes: Make-up (She believes people who wear make-up are insecure), Rap and Screamo music, people who think they're pretty but ruin it by acting mean and snotty, mean people

Background History: She had loving adoptive parents and she had always known she was adopted because she didn't look anything like her parents. She was in choir at school but she always felt out of place with all the mean girls in her class so she never sang much. She had a few friends but they were good to her, never hurt her feelings. She was kind of a teacher's pet but couldn't help it as she was naturally nice to most people that didn't make her angry. She almost always felt out of place like she didn't belong but she tried to make it work and didn't let it get in the way of things she liked

Strength and Weakness: Strengths: Singing, smiling, ambidextrous (is both-handed, great for playing guitar), she has good hearing
Weaknesses: Coy/Lech(prone to intimidation), soft heart-ed and doesn't like to hurt anything, Puniman (can't hit hard)

Mother: Aphrodite
Father: Apollo
Crush: Anyone?
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open to any gender (I just figured since her parents are Apollo and Aphrodite it would make sense. You know?)
Other: She adores stuffed animals and cats (But mostly cats. She owns three.)

Julia, dude call me JJ Name: Carmella mhya
Age: 14
DOB: febuary 11
Gender: F
Powers: can controll fire, can make the wit or smarts of a person be gone.

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&am...


Dressing Style: jeans, t-shirts, boots, sneakers
Personality: she has the power... just not with poeple, she's better with cars, matal, from who her dad is. She's a strong reader. She'd rather think cars as people, she loves music, very old music. 50's - 90's.

Likes/ Dislikes:
likes: metals, building, music, outdoors, fresh air, books, drawing.
disliks: makeup, time, it's to fast. big dogs, great danes, mastives ect.

Background History: her "father" and she were poor, when she found out her real dad was here she took a bus as far as it would take her, she walked the rest...

Strength and Weakness:
strength: buliding, climbing, stoping a fight, writing, speaking.
weakness: swimming.

father: Hephaestus
Crush: none
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: none
Other: can play many band intruments.

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✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) Name:Chibiterasu
Age: Puppy
Gender: Male
Powers: Celestial Brush abilities, is the Child of the Sun.
Personality: Much like his mother, Chibiterasu is benevolent, helping all those in need. He is loyal to his friends and determined to protect his partners as shown when he jumped in the way of multiple blasts in order to defend Kagu from Sen and Ryo. Unfortunately, he inherited several of his mother's "bad habits" such as a low attention span resulting in him staring into space when being spoken to, which sometimes leads him to go to sleep.
Likes/ Dislikes:
Likes: Nature, sunlight, helping those in need, being appreciated.

Dislikes: Demons, darkness, backstabbers, nasty people.

Strength and Weakness: Chibiterasu is incapable of swimming.
Chibiterasu does not form a trail of flowers after him as he walks, although he does create a short trail of plant growth behind him.
Chibiterasu can also communicate with ordinary animals, something Amaterasu has not been shown to do. Chibiterasu can't regenerate his ink pots like his mother can (possibly due to him being a puppy), requiring Spirit Ink to replenish them, although when he runs outs, after a short time, he recharges three ink pots. Chibiterasu is unable to jump more than once or jump off walls, unlike Amaterasu. Chibiterasu does not have an Astral Pouch, so consuming food only restores his health. He also cannot rejuvenate himself if he dies.
Family: Mother: Amaterasu
Crush: Open
Other: Chibiterasu Celestial Brush's ink takes on the rough apearance of charcoal rather than smooth ink.

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 11 comments Awww that is adorable!!! :D

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Lightwood Name: Emmett
Age: 17
DOB (Date of birth): December 21st
Gender: Male
Powers: God of Eclipses

Appearance: http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q8...

Personality: Emmett is shown to be a caring, loving and protective god who would go to lengths to fight for the people he cares for, humans and gods alike. He likes to fight back no mattter what. While he does possess the determination and the desire to be apart of Greece, what he longs for most is a peaceful and a normal life.

Likes/ Dislikes:
+ Music
+ Reading and Writing
+ Running
+ Rain
- Being ignored
- Poorly written books
- Sissys
- Thanatos

Background History: Eight to ten months earlier, Emmett had been living in Chicago with his adoptive parents in an extremely large apartment building on the 100th floor. His daily routine is typically spent alone, usually involving a long jog, followed by school. After five years of uninterrupted peace, Emmett's family went for a vacation in Miami. The day Emmett came home a letter from his parents lay on his pillow.

Strength and Weakness:
+ Extremely fast
+ Hand-to-hand
- Archery
- Falls in love to easy

Erebus (father)
Nyx (mother)
Crush: Sammantha
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: open

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❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 11 comments Hey vampires werewolf you want to be crush with my character and rp together?

message 22: by Lightwood (last edited Dec 08, 2012 07:43PM) (new)

Lightwood Sure, Sam is a cool character. And I will RP as soon as my character is approved.

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 11 comments Samantha and I don't think u need to be approved do u?

message 24: by Lightwood (new)

Lightwood Don't you have to wait to roleplay until your approved.

message 25: by Lightwood (new)

Lightwood Nevermind, no one else waits. Sure....so where to?

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 11 comments Hm..hold give me a sec

message 27: by Lightwood (new)

Lightwood Ok

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 11 comments Weaponology maybe

message 29: by Lightwood (new)

Lightwood No problem
Should i post first or would you like to?

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 11 comments Sorry! U please

message 31: by Lightwood (new)

Lightwood ok

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✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) It took me awhile to find a pic of Chibiterasu that didn't look like this;

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 1 comments Name: Alexios Akhilleus
Age: 17
DOB (Date of birth): June 10
Powers: God of Grief, unlike many have believed his power is not inflicting the pain of grief but taking it away...His name means Defender of the people in Grief. His powers are to take grief away and to inflict it's pain on those most diserving and sometimes people get the best of him. Occasionally, during a fight he gives out burst of grief taking grief from those who seem emotionless during the worse of time and causing such grief to random individuals they go insane.


Dressing Style: Emo skinny jeans and v necks mostly.

Personality: He is charming and rather clever and sly. He has been known to trick people often...but only to cause something good to happen in the end. He has a habit of helping people feeling sorry for them. He hods grief in his hands but he is seen always trying to have a smile. However, random outburst of anger sizzle up and he causes more damage than need be.

Likes/ Dislikes: He likes people who worship him during the times of great grieving as he has a way of consulling the gods to help someone...

He hates it when people give him the title of Lord of the suicidal, King of sorrow, God of silver tongue theives.

Background History: Born on the isle of Elisium. This land was sacred to the dead who can choose to be reicarnated the last part of heaven. He was raised by the furies who tened his needs as his mother and fathers alliance together would have been seen as repulsive and disgraceful. He grew up in the land of the dead some bit wearing off on him but he seemed to grow pitty for the dead and soon learned of power he possessed. He was able to make pain go away. He instantly was taken to Olympus to begin his training.

Strength: his powers
Weakness: he sometimes gets in too much trouble.

Family: Father: Crius The least individualized of the Twelve Titans, he is the father of Astraios, Pallas and Perses. Mother Aphrodite
Crush: open to both genders
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: oepn

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Hylla | 2 comments <.b>Name Annalissa
<.b>Age 13
<.b>DOB december 21st
<.b>Gender f
<.b>Powers Changeing aperance hair colour eye colour cloths ect compulsion getting people to do what you want

<.b>Appearance: long black hair black eyes 5'8

<.b>Dressing Style Loves long older fasion dresses

<.b>Personality: Analissa is a very secretive person.
She enjoys helping her father whenever possable. She also likes reading her family history. When she goes hunting she always writes about her techniques that day and how she can improve. She also hangs around Athena alot to learn new things

<.b>Likes/ Dislikes:<./b>

Likes Reading writing singing acting hunting and spending time in forests

Dislikes Any threts to her family or friends

<.b>Background History: When Annalissia was born she was born in the underworld in persephones gardens.
She enjoys spending time there. When she was young she was always in the under world with either persephone or Hades. Later she traveled to olympus and often goes back and forth between Olympus and the Underworld. Now she enjoys hunting on earth.

<.b>Strength and Weakness

strength archery powers and agility
weakness her hatred of hurting any living creture

<.b>Family: Father Thantos Mother Eos

<.b>Crush Can't have one
<.b>Boyfriend/Girlfriend Cant have one
<.b>Other: Nobody

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Jada (JadaAriadne) | 192 comments Mod
Name: Ariadne-Persephone (Most people just call her Ariadne)
Age: 16
DOB (Date of birth): 9th August
Gender: Female
Powers: Princess of the Underworld. Power over death (can resurrect, touch can kill[plants, not people... well not Gods anyway... but that was obvious] etc) and the Underworld, (Underworld is totally Ariadne-Persephone's element, she can do pretty much anything there... including leaving to go to Earth...) and the power of invisibility (it helps when you're sneaky).

Dressing Style: This varies, but tends to be shorts and girly tops, chiffon is a favourite... She can do the whole flowy dresses and stuff too, not into high heels though!
Personality: Ariadne-Persephone is charming, pretty much everyone likes her... Not surprising considering her family though. She is very sneaky, clever, undeniably funny, confident and ever so slightly sly at times. Practical jokes are like her second nature. Well, practical jokes and spying. But if you had the power of invisibility, wouldn't you spy sometimes? Plus after what happened to her mother she knows to watch her back, anything could happen and leave you in a very strange situation... Oh, and Daddy's girl? Guilty as charged.
Likes/ Dislikes:
Practical jokes,

Annoying people,
Being last to find out things,
Excessive amounts of nature, (I mean, her mother is already a big enough fan as it is!)
People with no sense of humour!

Background History: Ariadne-Persephone was born whilst Persephone was visiting Demeter and then returned to the Underworld with Persephone. She spent time growing up in both the Underworld and Earth, visiting Olympus sometimes. As a child she was free to explore the Underworld and played with the Erinyes sometimes, who despite what you might have heard are actually quite nice! She was raised around all different beings... So she doesn't spook too easily. Finding out she had powers and was a Goddess didn't come as much of a surprise... She'd been expecting it for a while.
Strength and Weakness:
Her ability to spy (invisibility helps) makes her helpful to be on the good side, she's determined and smart which is good... Most of the time. Funny and confident and then to top of her strengths her power over the Underworld is pretty cool too!
Sometimes her confidence can be viewed as cocky and her temper isn't one of her best qualities... She can be pretty emotional and has to get to the bottom of things.
Father: Hades
Mother: Persephone
Crush: Doesn't have one... at the moment.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Single
Other: Fluent in English and Sarcasm. (Doesn't use sarcasm all the time though.)

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█║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (sirsly) Name: Aaralyn Thompson |Air-UH-lin|
Age: 14
DOB: December 21
Gender: Female
Power(s): She being the daughter of Hephaestus, cannot be damaged by fire as well as create it by thin air, she can work at an enourmous speed. With tools at her reach anytime she'd be a great person to hold onto.

Dressing Style:
When Lazy:


Likes/ Dislikes:
+ The truth
+ People who are loyal
+ Animals
+ Photography
+ Forests

- People who lie
- Society
- Relationships - bleh -
- Abusers
- People who talk too much

Aaralyn was actually very fine with life, living with her little brother in a house, with a aunt in the back of the house. Immobile. She took care of Eric, the only person who she truly cared about.

There was a bully, living next door. He used to drag Eric from the porch to the stand-up pool, where he'd drown him until he would have to fake-dying when Aaralyn was gone at school. Aaralyn was a good sister, but there was a fire. Unfortunately Eric didn't inherite the gift.

Strength and Weakness:
Aaralyn is good at using persuasive words, and is one of the most dedicated person you'll ever find. When you become her friend, no one will ever ever hurt you.
She doesn't think-- she just acts. She hits a little too hard, talks a bit too much, and paces. She bites her nails, etc. She isn't the best girl in the world, but she isn't the worst. She's still got a little repairing to do.

Family: Dead, as we know, Hephaestus is the only family she has left.
Crush: Open
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Single
A bunny named Volicy, it's fur is as hard as metal. She found it during the fire, in a basket beside the lamp light on her street.

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Name: Jordan Royal
Age: 15
DOB: 13th December 1997
Gender: Male
Powers: He can control sea monsters and minor control of the sea.

Jordan has blond hair, not cut very often, and bright blue eyes.

Dressing Style: Either casual (t-shirt and jeans) or steampunk (when Dave takes over).

Personality: Jordan is very quiet and antisocial, especially when speaking to the rest of the resistance. He is truly a tech wizard, ready to do anything with computers. Jordan was born into great poverty, abandoned by his parents which forced him to run away. He was kidnapped by the Resistance, who saw him as someone they could use. He has been with them ever since, acting as the technical genius. He used to be sent out to steal from the Sues, but this ended badly and he took the job as the tech wizard. You could say he prefers computers to people, as he believes that computers can be fixed but people cannot. He is above average intelligence, but isn't bright enough to be called a genius or a prodigy. Are you kidding me; he talks like he has just swallowed an encyclopedia and a dictionary in one gulp! Jordan can act like an underdog without realizing it and these traits bug people. It doesn't bug people as much as his dual personality; his other side is Dave, a hyper, talkative, cheerful boy; the total opposite of Jordan. The worst thing; he's steampunk. Often Dave takes over for at least half an hour; Jordan is considered crazy because of him. He got Dave after something going wrong on a quest to the Underworld (he suspects it was Hades' fault) and the spirit of Dave attaching to him. Dark and depressing, he is somewhat of a pessimist. He is secretive, has no friends and doesn't speak much; people think he's strange or mentally handicapped.
Likes/ Dislikes:
+Apollo's Classes
-People thinking he's crazy
-His nervous breakdowns

Background History: Jordan Royal was born on a misty, cloudy day on the 13th of December. At least, that's what he thinks. Jordan knows absolutely nothing past the age of ten, when he was abducted due to his adoptive parents (famous scientists). He suspects someone did something to him to give him amnesia, as he has no relocation of his early years in the sleek modern-designed house the scientists owned. The leaders of the gang who abducted him, Ma and Gramps Smith, took a shine to the handsome young lad and kept him, even after the scientists sent double the ransom offered. (Eventually the scientists used their last penny as ransom for their boy Jordan.) But then Ma Smith died, knife murdered, and Gramps, who had never wanted Jordan in the first place, and believed he was the reason Ma died, began to beat him. Ethan ran away after he began to starve the boy. On the road he met his mother disguised as a middle-aged gypsy woman, who guided him to Olympus Preparatory. That happened when he was thirteen. He went on living at camp, blissfully unaware that the woman was his mother. He then went on a quest into the Underworld to retrieve 'something Hades had dropped'; he found it, but he had the added complication of Dave. The spirit from the early 1900s had latched to him and took over him every now and then; they are the worst moments Jordan has ever experienced. Nothing had even came close to the pain of another being taking over his body, and never did.

Strength and Weakness:
+Controlling water
-The Underworld (there is a 99.99 recurring % chance that when anyone mentions the Underworld, Jordan will have a bit of a nervous fit and Dave will take over)
-Hand-to-hand combat
-Sword stuff

Keto, mother
Triton, father
Elise Royal, adoptive mother
Johnny Royal, adoptive father
Mavis 'Ma' Smith, sort-of-guardian
Jim 'Gramps' Smith, sort-of-ex-guardian

Crush: Violet Faith
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Other: He has nervous breakdowns/fits on a regular basis.

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Um...some of these profiles don't make sense. Artemis hasn't got any children, she's a maiden goddess.

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Can we only have one character per person?

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No, you can have as many characters as you want.

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Name: Audrey Quinn Lite
Age: 14
DOB: 12th January
Gender: Female
Powers: Goddess of History, so she can remember historical facts. Bor-ing. However, she also has healing powers.


Dressing Style: It depends, but Audrey is often seen in t-shirts or linen blouses, and almost always jeans.

Personality: Audrey can be stubborn to the point of arrogance. Loyal though, and honest to no end. Kind and generous, she is though very unfriendly and anti-social. Audrey is fearless, ready to do anything to belong somewhere.ers, who she loves more than anything. A real risk-taker, she is a character of her own, always trying to please all without knowing she will not please herself doing do. She might seem like a wimp but don't let that fool you; she knows karate and judo. She's highly intelligent and has a quick memory for facts; she can also solve practically every puzzle there is. Some argue she could have done so much and gotten a degree in whatever she wanted (her adoptive parents wanted her to take a degree in law), but she is happy just with her art. Creative minded and a nice person to be around at heart. She is often explaining things to others and is very patient. She uses proverbs a lot for some reason and is extremely calm. Audrey is a really nice person, always making friends, even if others deem them unworthy of friendship. However, she never trusts anyone until they prove themselves to be worthy of her trust. She is very creative and is a brilliant artist, and can sing very well too. She is very musical, with a soft, piercing singing voice. She gets ill often from stress about her family, and in her heart believes her parents are still alive; she will never give up on them or their safety. Fierce and stubborn, but also insanely curious - sometimes too much for her own good. She doesn't allow herself to be ordered around too much-scratch that, she's never ordered around! Everyone she knows who could is afraid of her fiery temper, which softens to no people on Earth. Audrey can be rude though.

Likes/ Dislikes:
+Jelly beans
+Her parents
+Ice cream
-Children of Zeus

Background History: Audrey's adopted parents were very rich and she went to a private all-girls school. She took a drama elective and was happy having money, but soon she wanted to live normally. Words could not describe how pleased she was when she first came to Olympus Prepatory.

Strength and Weakness:
-Technology/Forge Time
-Making friends

Apollo, father
Clio, mother
Gill Quinn, adoptive father
Melissa Quinn, adoptive mother
Cho Quinn, adoptive sister

Crush: OPEN!
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Single

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Margie   (claussmargie) Name: Melody Jill Yel
Age: 17
DOB (Date of birth): July 3
Powers: Can run really fast with great endurance

Appearance: http://cdnimg.visualizeus.com/thumbs/... (With out the piercings) Blue eyes, Freckles, and long red hair.

Dressing Style: Jeans, T-shirt, tennis-shoes, hoodie, running shorts/t-shirt

Personality: 5-8 sentences

Likes/ Dislikes:

Background History: 5-8 full sentences

Strength and Weakness:



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Andi (FemElvesArcher) | 20 comments Name: Natasha Hexem
Age: 17
DOB (Date of birth): June 13
Gender: Female
Powers: Can make people turn against each other

Appearance: http://comicsworthreading.com/wp-cont... (or google Anna Kendrick Pitch Perfect)

Dressing Style: Very alternative and everything you would expect from a trouble-making daughter of Eris

Personality: Very insecure about her body and being around others. She has a very put-off attitude that make people usually avoid her. She a dreamer and a romantic but doesn't show it and wear a poker face usually. She can be friendly but she isn't optimistic and she can have a very bad temper if she loses control over her emotions. She can be impulsive and mostly has no regret of her actions

Likes/ Dislikes: Like: Fighting, when she intimidates people, dark chocolate, hot cocoa, gummie bears

Background History: She grew up with her mother, Eris, on Earth as mortals. Nat didn't know she was a goddess until her mother told her when she was ten. Nat grew up the rest of the time hiding herself from mortals and getting into/ starting fights. She got in a really bad fight one time when she was thirteen and lost. She had bruises all over her body and her mother helped Nat home where Nat's father (second mother), Até (goddess of mischief) showed up and spoke with Eris. They both decided Nat should go to Olympus Prepatory, so here Nat is.

Strength and Weakness: Weaknesses: She can accidentally make people mad without meaning to, she hates it when people make fun of her moms, she hates it when people make fun of her for liking other girls, not creative, dishonest, unforgiving
Strengths: hardworking, open-minded, brave, always gets things done on time, organized, intelligent, talented at ignoring people who bother her

Mother1: Eris
Mother2: Até
Crush: (Anyone? She's a lesbian keep in mind)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open
Other: she likes music

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Jace McHale (Jace_McHale) ((Kasey, Nat with Fiyra))

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Anyone want to be Jordan's crush?

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Jace McHale (Jace_McHale) I can make him someone. Or Kasey can make someone

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Oh, would you? That would be so nice! :D

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Jace McHale (Jace_McHale) You're welcome, I can't right now but I will. Just be patient

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Jace McHale (Jace_McHale) For Jordan ;)

Name: Violet Faith

Age: 14

DOB (Date of birth): May 17

Gender: Female

Powers: Can make small lights glow in her palms

Appearance: http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN... (pretty little liars! And Violet doesn't wear makeup, she's more of a natural beauty person)

Dressing Style: form-fitting white t-shirts and dark blue jeans

Personality: Violet can get very attached to people or things because of her abandonment issues. she acts very calm in most situations and isn't afraid to ask for help. Violet never believes someone when they say she's beautiful but may reluctantly agree if they pressure her too much about it. Violet isn't very confident with her power and feels she is worthless because she can't even make a big light, just kind of a soft glow in her palm.

Likes/ Dislikes:
+ Scary Movies
+ Writing
+ Animals
+ Organizing/Cleaning
- Sports
- Meat (she's a vegetarian)
- Warm Weather
- Group Activities

Background History: Violet grew up with two pairs of foster parents because she was told her parents were killed in a double homicide. Her first pair of foster parents abandoned her and just took her in for the money her supposed parents left her. The second pair was nicer and cared about her and took her in when she was five. They had an older son, Blaze (10), and had a pair of twins on the way (one boy one girl), Skylar Dylan (Sky)and Ashton Vanessa (AV). People liked her at school even though she never talked to them. Her younger siblings loved her and Violet helped Ashton with the electronics she was interested in and soon Ashton was called AV. Skylar was more distant from Violet but liked her when they watched clouds and the night sky together, Violet called him Sky. Blaze was always Blaze to Violet and was somewhat quiet around her. Once Blaze made some bad choices and Violet had to help him run away, she ran away with him. Her and Blaze were hiking in a woods when running away and Blaze got attacked by a wolf. Violet couldn't help and fell to the ground, giving off a glow that scared off the wolf. Violet didn't know the about the glow and so she doubts her powers. Violet was guided to the Prepatory by a man (her father) who said he knew a place where she could stay and get help with the grieving over her lost brother.

Strength and Weakness:
+ Book Smarts
+ Responsible
+ Talented (Art wise)
+ Attractive Physically
- Weak Physically
- Kind of has a Short Temper
- Kind of Cowardly

Mother- Hebe (goddess of youth)
Father- Aether (primordial god of light)

Crush: Jordan Royal

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No one yet

Other: Mortal police are still looking for her but have found Blaze's mangled body, when angry talks in a very sweet tone, she draws and writes and is kind of OCD about it because drawings have to be in one folder and stories in another or else it's hard for her to sleep, adores children and when in relationships thinks about children but seldom talks about her thoughts on children.

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