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message 1: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Harvey (Sandrasstories) | 2 comments Hi! My name's Sandra, and I have a bit of a problem on my hands. I tried adding the sequel of my book, shown here:

Yet it went to the wrong author of the same name! :(

I was wondering if there was any way I could change this myself? I looked around the page and I couldn't see a way to change it. I got an error message saying that only one author pen name could be used. So in the future, whenever I try to add a book to my name, it will always go to the other author. This troubles me, and I was wondering if there is any way around it or to fix it? Thanks!

~ Sandra HarveyThe Secret World of Magic

message 2: by Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) (last edited Oct 31, 2012 01:47PM) (new)

Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) | 2 comments Working on. Looks like another librarian already got.

For future book adds, searches, etc. your author name is typed as, putting in spaces where ^ characters show, "Sandra^^Harvey" instead of "Sandra^Harvey" (if a third author Sandra Harvey has books on goodreads they'll become "Sandra^^^Harvey").

I know that's a bit odd; but, that's how goodrwads does.

Do you have a description you would like added to your series? Just post it here and a librarian will edit for yoi.

If you ever need the direct link to the series it's:

message 3: by Vicky (new)

Vicky (librovert) | 2459 comments Sandra,

Because there are two Sandra Harvey, your profile is actually Sandra^^Harvey (where a ^ is a space). In the future when you are adding a new book, it will go to your profile if you use 2 spaces.

I've gone ahead and moved this book over for you! :)

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Harvey (Sandrasstories) | 2 comments Thank you! I appreciate the help and info! :D

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