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message 1: by Jessica (last edited Feb 18, 2009 04:23PM) (new)

Jessica (jessicareading) | 34 comments Mod
Due to popular demand, we're opening up the contest to Twitter! You can now either post your story using your Goodreads status updates or on Twitter.

A few important notes:
* If you are using Twitter to tell your story, you still must officially enter the Goodreads contest by posting a link to your Twitter profile AND your start date/time in the ENTER THE CONTEST HERE topic in this group. If you do not, we will never know your story happened!

* All Twitter story posts (from first post, all story posts, to last post) must begin with #goodreads. This will enable us to find and read your story on Twitter.

* Don't forget to synch Goodreads and Twitter, so your friends in both places can read your story. On Goodreads, select "my account" from the "hi [your name:]" dropdown list. Select the "apps" tab and enter your Twitter account info to synch up!

message 2: by Sheila (new)

Sheila | 6 comments Probably a silly question: Does #goodreads count towards the 140 characters?

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessicareading) | 34 comments Mod
Sheila wrote: "Probably a silly question: Does #goodreads count towards the 140 characters?"

Unfortunately, yes. Sorry to cut into your writing space, but it is a necessary evil for finding the stories on Twitter.

message 4: by Sheila (new)

Sheila | 6 comments Okay. Thanks.

message 5: by Sheila (new)

Sheila | 6 comments This is probably an even sillier question. I've noticed some people using #goodreads and others using @goodreads on twitter. I used #. Is that a problem?

message 6: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (mercmom42) | 1 comments I don't get it. is the # html code? Should it be showing up in the post? Or just Goodreads as a link or what?

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