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My character's parents are divorcing. Anyone have any info on this topic?

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Unfortunately too much! What kind of information do you need?

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Well ... my character's parents are really different, and his mom knows this.. how should she talk to him about it? How, exactly, does this divorcing thing happen? Do they go to a courtroom or something? How do they tell who gets the child?

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oh, and also, what are some of the reasons? I have my character's parents fighting over taxes. Not really fighting, but arguing about what they should do. His mom is sick of being with his dad. Is taht a good enough reason?

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Veronica (v_a_b) | 2889 comments Mod
Well, I would say that if you are sick of being with somebody and never really want to be near them, let alone be romantically involved with them, then my guess would be yes.

And how his mom talks to him about it TOTALLY depends on the mother character and the son character. I mean, is it an open, free-to-talk relationship? Or do they have difficulties talking to each other. Is the mother shy? Is the son shy?

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The mom is quiet, not really shy, and she thinks before she talks. The son is the main character, and he's similar to her. But sometimes he's sarcastic and stuff.

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Ashley (ashocalypse) There definitely needs to be a lot of arguing between the parents leading up to the divorce. And it doesn't have to be yelling, it can be that one parent is always nit-picking on the other one, or that their conversation is kind of broken - the elephant in the room. A real believable divorce is a relationship that has broken down over time, not just after one disagreement.

For me, my parents I guess had talked about it with me, but I was seven so I didn't really pay attention until one day my mom said something about Dad moving out and I was all "Wha...? Oh."

As for divorce court and whatnot, my personal experiences can't help as my parents are technically only separated, not divorced.

Hope this helps.

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Veronica (v_a_b) | 2889 comments Mod
Most kids that I know with divorced parents do get to see both parents. Probably the only time that one parent gets total custody and the other parent doesn't get to see their kid is if one parent is abusive or in jail.

The situation probably also depends on how close the parents live. For instance, the situation would be different the parents lived in different states versus if the parents live one town apart, or in different parts of the city.

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Oh, yes, that helps, thank you!
My only question now: the courtroom thing. Does the child get to go? What does the judge say?

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Veronica (v_a_b) | 2889 comments Mod
I'm not really sure, because the stuff I've told you is from other people/logic(with how close the parents live). I would try to find somebody who has gone through that kind of situation.

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