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What are your theories on why Percy remembered Annabeth while Jason remembered nothing?
Lauren Lauren Oct 28, 2012 10:58PM
I think that Percy remembered Annabeth at the beginning because he still had the Curse of Achilles, and she was his mortal point. It'd be kinda hard to forget your tie to the world. And, well, I don't think losing the Curse (which caused him to remember her in the first place) would cause him to forget her, since Hera couldn't wipe his memory twice.

because he is just better

Because it was too strong a memory to erase fully. Rick said it in his Q&A.

Maybe because Percy thought of Annabeth when he got the Achilles mark (or, whatever) when he was dipped in the River Styx, like how she was his anchor to life.

cuz percy knows who he belongs with

Eternal love....
also, Percy thought of Annabeth while bathing in the river Styx, so since he still had the achille's curse that's how he probably remembered her.

I think he should remember Annabeth to make things move smoother, unlike Jason.

because it was TRUE LOVE!!!! Jason and Reyna...well, I just feel sorry for her.

Jason didn't have an equivalent of Annabeth - someone whom he cared about more than anything.

It makes a more intense relationship for the two of them thru the course of the stories so that the end of the Mark of Athena hurts more and makes you want the next book even sooner. Besides, think about how much more it would make Percy hate Hera if she made him forget about the girl he loved? That wouldn't be good for business.

Percy is just too dang awesome to have all of his memories wiped!

I think that Hera wanted Percy to remember Annabeth so she didn't wipe that memory and also the curse of Achilles.

deleted member Oct 29, 2012 12:15PM   0 votes
Because he loved her so much!

This is going to sound Super cheesy but I think the reason Percy didn't forget Annabeth was because he loved he so much and the memory was to strong to fully erase

Yeah 2 things

What Lauren said, in The Last Olympian, Percy neede a mortal point, if you forget it, that would just be weird.

And also, this may sound cheesy but Percy DOES love Annabeth alot, maybe it was a memory too strong for Percy to forget about.

I had this theory that Hera left him his memory of Annabeth. Cause, Jason didn't have much of a choice about going to Camp Half-Blood and his sense of duty would've made him do it, but Percy could've been tempted to go to the sea and be safe. But Hera knew if he had a memory of a loved one he'd know he's have to go to Camp Jupiter to work out what was going on so he could find her.

As Hera said, Percy's unpredictable - but not with his friends.

Kerri I really, really like this theory
Jan 03, 2015 10:04AM

I think it was because Percy needed an motive (Annabeth) while Jason didn't need one as he never really had a "true love". Or because he was a roman.

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Aditi hahahah
May 01, 2014 07:13AM

Percy remembered anabeth and Jason remembered his sister I think Hera left memories in their heads that would be useful to her

wow this is the good question unfortanately i have no answer

Annabeth was too important of a person for Percy to forget! But poor Grover :'( He was forgotten 3

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