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Book Issues > When number of pages doesn't match ISBN number on here

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Mette (metteius) | 5 comments I'm reading this book at the moment and I only now realized that my version, with this ISBN number, has 426 pages but on the page for it there's only 356 pages (or somewhere around there).

I am a goodreads librarian but I was just wondering if I can actually just go ahead and change it? Someone must have gotten the 356 pages from somewhere. What do I do?

message 2: by Stefani (new)

Stefani (steffiebaby140) | 36 comments The page number could have been unput incorrectly from a different ISBN, from a different edition on accident, from an incorrect import of data. Lots of page numbers are incorrect.

Since you're holding the book, you obviously are aware of how many pages there are lol. So absolutely you can change it.

message 3: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 32623 comments Mod
According to the log, someone changed it, actually. I undid that change.

Mette (metteius) | 5 comments Excellent! I'll go change it then. Thanks :) Didn't want to continue reading past 356 before it was changed haha.

Mette (metteius) | 5 comments rivka wrote: "According to the log, someone changed it, actually. I undid that change."

Oh! Cool :D Thanks!

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