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This thread will be for your creation of a teacher and teachers that the Mods will control. If you do want to create a teacher please talk it over with a Mod first, then we will see what we can do. Also other characters that are in a associations with the school will also be put here. Please and thank you!

{ worker creation profiles will be put up later when I or another mod has times to get to it}

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Laszlo (Steampunk) Age:29




Appearance:She prefers her human form, a tall person with dark hair and hazel eyes.

Personality:Amelia is friendly and loves her books. Some people consider her eccentric.

Family:She is an orphan

Short History:Amelia lived in an orphanage for a few years of her life until she was accepted into and elite boarding school where she developed her abilities. After that she went to live on her own.

Pet or favorite object:A cat, Physics and Epidemiology

Strengths:She remembers everything and is extremely intelligent

Weakness:Mean people

Crush or Bf/Gf:None

Can she be the school librarian?

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*** All teachers or any other workers will be approved by the Mods first!!! so please ask before you create!!!!!*******

Job: what teacher are they, or what is their job at the school




Powers: Please be aware that the teachers powers will be way beyond the students. if it is a history teacher then they will have more knowledge i guess.

Appearance: human form, and creature from.

Personality: two or more sentences, please.

Family: optional.

Short History:
Strengths: greater then most students.

Weakness: teachers will normally have higher tolerance or less weaknesses.

Single or married:


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Name: Jared Skull (Mr.Skull)

Job: Shape-shifter teacher.

Age: His body is 28 years old, he has lived for 200 years though.

Gender: Male

Species: Shape-Shifter

Powers: Jared is lucky he is one of the type of Shape-shifters that don't have to kill to become that person or animal. He can shape-shift into many normal animals and quiet a few mythical. He is good at magic because he has used some spell to get a few forms.

Appearance: human form, ignore snake...

his a creature form is what ever he wants it to be XD.

Personality: he is tough on students, but is one of the more car free teachers. Although he cracks down on students to master certain forms, he lets them have fun with it most of the time. He likes to chat and flirt with the girl students and teachers. He is happy most of the time, but you don't want to upset him, he'll eat you alive... literally. (jk) He doesn't remember most of his past, just waking up in a battle field.

Family: None that he knows of.

Short History: he has been in many battles and gone through a lot.He like to keep most of it to himself. He also used to be very dark and had a lot of demon friends that "worked for him".

Strengths: He has mastered all of his powers and forms. He is very strong and smart. He has a spell that made his nartural forms skin hard as rock

Weakness: Girls. impatient and Opel stone (birth stone). it weakens him, but he doesn't know that yet ;)

Single or married: single.

Other: His favorite weapon is a katana that his father gave him.

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Laszlo (Steampunk) Name:Dr. Jake Smith

Job:History of Magic Creatures




Powers:He seems to have a wider understanding of magic creatures than anyone else he has ever met.

Appearance:He prefers human form-a happy man with a wrinkly face. He is usually caught thinking.

Personality:Jake is a friendly man usually, but stern when he needs to be. He is respected by many.


Short History:After finding a huge interest in creatures, he began to study them. He eventually learned so much that he began to explain it all to everybody who would listen. Eventually he came down with a terrible lung disease, and he had to use a spell to prevent himself from running low on oxygen. It also makes it extremely hard to cast most spells. In case that spell wares off he always has some oxygen tanks near his desk.

Strengths:He is extremely intelligent.

Weakness:He needs help breathing and has trouble casting spells.

Single or married:Single

So, what do you think of Amelia and him?

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Name: Adrastea Echo Sorrows
(Everyone calls her Sorrow though, or if formal then Miss Sorrows)
Job: Dark Team Member
Age: She looks about 21, but is really about 150
Gender: Female

Species: Druid
-She's able to speak to animals.
-Control over elements, particularly earth, which includes plants and gives her a greater bond to animals.
-The ability to shapeshift into animals for a certain period of time.
Great Power- She was given the ability to make people fall in love. However that doesn't mean that her entire love life is up to her. She can't control if people fall out of love, and doesn't medel with everyone's feelings.
[image error]

Personality: Sorrow is a rather quiet person. Normally she keeps to herself and doesn't bother anyone else with her pressence. However, if you were to approach her, she most definetely wouldn't turn down a conversation. Unless of course you're one of those cheery, innocent types that are oblivious to the world. They sort of get on her nerves, probably cause she used to be one, and now she doesn't know how anymore. They always seem to bother her the way stupid people do. After all, who doesn't hate stupid people? They do stuff wrong despite knowing that it's wrong...

Despite being slightly aloof, Sorrow really is a kind person. She'll help out those in need, and would never dare abuse any sort of power given to her. However, you'll notice that all the kindness she does have, usually seems to have a sorrowful undertone. It's almost as if she's saying I'll do for you what no one did for me. She's also generally not a very flirty person. Well, not on purpose at least. Sometimes she will do or say things that might be classified as flirting without really meaning to.
Short History: Way back when, there was once a girl named Adrastea Eve Forest. She was kind to everyone she met, and didn't seem capable of hurting a soul, even if they were a vain. Her mother had been a kind woman who had unfortunatly died along with her son a few years before, and although this broke her innocent heart, Adrastea moved past this. However, shortly before her graduation, tragety struck her once more. In a cruel accident with a vain, her sister Penelope was torn from Adrastea's life, causing the girl to feel like she'd lost a part of herself. After all, the two of them had been the best for friends. This event would shape the course of her life literally.

From then on Adrastea became a bit less cheery, and more withdrawn. She'd also learned a new emotion. Hatred. Throughout the years since her graduation many things have changed for her. She fell in love, ad her heart broken, and even changed her name to Sorrows, giving her a new nickname too.
-Her powers
-Her speed and flexibilty, she might not be very adept at too many weapons, but at least in combat she can stay out of reach.
-She's good at thinking on her feet and making split second decisions. It's something she's learned after so many years on the job.
-She's got a talent for resisting things like vampire's compulsion.
-Generally if something needs to be done that most people aren't brave enough to do it, she'll volunteer. After all, someone's gotta do it, right?
-Her past
-Happy families, she's got a soft spot for them. If there's a chance that doing something will help create or fix a happy family, she'll do it no matter the cost.
-Love, she had her heart broken a whiel back, and since then anything like flirting has been sort of hard for her.

Family: Deceased
Mother~ Was killed in a wild father with her older son.
Father~ Died of old age.
Older Sister~ Killed by a Vain.
Younger Brother~ Was killed in a wild father with his mother.
Youngest Brother~ Died shortly after being born.
Single or married: Single at the current moment...


Name: Zephyr Shadow Runes
Job: History Teacher
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Species: Cat Demon
Powers: He excels in magic,and strength, plus he has better hearing than most humans.

Short History:

Single or married: Single

Zephyr needs work, but Sorrow's done...

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Samantha Arnold (NahteeraiSamanthaArnold) Name: Vera Irily (Miss Vera)

Job: The Human World and You teacher

Age: 21, but lived 99 years

Gender: Female

Species: Shape-shifter

-Can shapeshift into a wide variety of animals and a few mythical creatures.
-Knowledgeable about human interaction and different species.

Appearance: human form (the woman only :P):
[image error]

Vera is kind and understanding. She isn't very strict towards her students. However if they get out of hand, she can become very strict or harsh.
She loves visiting the human world because of she loves adventure.

Her mother and father died when she was 40. She is an only child.

Short History:
A few days after her 40th birthday, there was a fire in her parents home. The house crumpled to the ground and was completely destroyed along with her parents. When she was old enough she came here and got the job as The Human World and You teacher, because she had always been fascinated by the human way of life and world. Because of her fascination she became an expert in the human world, however they still surprise her which holds her interest in them.

- knowledgeable
- shapeshifting

- silver bullet
- blade through the heart
- decapitation
- her parents

Single or married: single

Other: Her class is pretty free, it isn't the boring desk and chair design. You get to do what you want as long as it's not disruptive and has to do with the class. She'll assign you work and expect you to do it.

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Samantha Arnold (NahteeraiSamanthaArnold) Name: Aurelia Arista Falrange (Miss Arista or Miss Aurelia)

Job: School Counselor.

Age: 22, 90 years

Gender: Female

Species: Fey

- speaks and understands several languages
- good at flying
- glamour
- a bit of the sight
- a bit of healing
- some spells
- at one with nature

Appearance: natural:
human: description

Personality: Aurelia is very kind and respectful. She's also very understanding. She also loves it when people come to her to talk things out, ask for advice, or even to just complain, because it makes her feel needed and noticed.

Family: Her parents with her younger sister live in Thicim town of the fey.

Short History:
She's always felt the need to feel needed or noticed. And having people seek her out to simply talk helped her feel needed. For those reasons she sought out to become a counselor.
She grew up in Thicim town of the fey with her parents as an only child. Her parents were very loving and kind. They taught her well. A few years before she left to become a counselor her mother got pregnant and she got a new sister, Luckybritt.

- Loving, kindness, and understanding
- Glamour
- speaks and understands several languages
- good at flying
- at one with nature

- kindess, lovingness, and understaning
- family
- cold iron

Single or married: single


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Sarah  (Oceanwhisper) Name: Mr. Perryda (per-ee-da)

Job: Communication Teacher

Age: Looks about in her early twenties, really 150yrs

Gender: Male

Species: Shape-shifter

Powers: Communication with animals, shape-shifting

Appearance: Human form- Tall, handsome man with black messy hair and blue eyes.

Creature Form- The thing he is turning into

Personality: Loving and caring and trying to give everything he knows to his students. He loves is kind to pretty much everyone he meets and you have to do something really bad to get onto his mad side, as he is a very forgiving person.

Family: --

Short History: His family died ages ago when he was 3. He was the adopted out and grew up there. He married Mrs. Perryda but concealed his secret from her. When she died he of course was sad, but had heard about a place that might want his help. He went up there through his life , taking alot of time and learning the speech of animals of all kinds. So here he is now, waiting for employment.

Strengths: Shape-shifting and communicating with animals

Weakness: Fighting viciously and getting mad at someone/thing

Single or married: Single


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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) ...Weren't there supposed to be no more girls?...

message 11: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  (Oceanwhisper) xD Soz, will change to a man

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Name: Niall Bones

Job: Dark team member

Age: body 19, lived 58 years

Gender: Male

Species: Pure Demon

Powers: Ones of the most skilled fighters to graduate from WDA in the past 3 years, Faster then most demons, very skilled at possession, also skilled with black magic.

Appearance: human form,
and creature from. (only him half turnd)
(full demon form coming soon)
Personality: thinks he con do just about anything. Doesn't like advice or people telling him what to do, unless its the Dark team captain. Likes to be in the wicked forest. Very flirtatious and surprisingly understanding. Likes to visit the school and is good at making friends, most of the time. Loves bubble gum and sleeps in late and stays up all night. Party lover. and struggles with what he is. His dark side always seems to come out at night. has a soft spot for people close to him.
Family: Luce and angel consider him their cousin, although he is not. They have history together.

Short History: Born a demon and was said his mom died giving birth. Stayed in the human world a lot and was a drug dealer. Had to move from place to place so humans wouldn't see that he didn't age. He once even owned a bubble gum shop. He lived in a town next to a family of pure demons and Cat demons. That town he worked in was attacked by three Vain. Him and the family's baby girl where the only survivors. He has been raising the girl ever since and the two are inseparable. The strange thing is she has never, not once, turned into her natural form and some wonder if she is even a mythical creature at all. Her name is Rain. Recently graduated from WDA.
Strengths: good fighter, strong, understanding, adventurous, and good with kids.

Weakness: - Rain (the girl)
- can't control his anger.
- can't cook (if that's a weakness XD)
- He isn't the brightest person
- bad at making plans
- has never actually killed a Vain, this is his first year as Dark team member.

Single or married: Not open for now.

Other: Rain Bones she is 8 and doesn't speak much, doesn't use her powers, and always stays with Nial, very shy and sweet.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Victoria wrote: "Name: Niall Bones

Job: Dark team member

Age: body 19, lived 58 years

Gender: Male

Species: Pure Demon

Powers: Ones of the most skilled fighters to graduate from WDA in the past 3 years, Fast..."

Can Nyx meet him?

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( I know there is a girl but i'll make two guys to balance her out and she's not to independent so thats why she doesnt have another own profile, she's more like big side character.))

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) (Why are you apologizing? You're head mod...)

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

(( I'll try but i'm on the slowest computer in the world.. y your right but still, i feel bad doing things that others can't))

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Samantha Arnold (NahteeraiSamanthaArnold) Laszlo wrote: "Age:29




Appearance:She prefers her human form, a tall person with dark hair and hazel eyes.

Personality:Amelia is friendly and loves her boo..."

She can be the school librarian. Can you please just fill out the form for teachers that Vic posted with her information. Thank you! :)

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Samantha Arnold (NahteeraiSamanthaArnold) Is Dr. Jake Smith or Mr. Runes the history teacher? I'm confused.

message 19: by Samantha (last edited Oct 29, 2012 11:48PM) (new)

Samantha Arnold (NahteeraiSamanthaArnold) Does Niall Bones teach a class?

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Samantha Arnold (NahteeraiSamanthaArnold) Name: Alistair Lefat (Mr. Lefat)

Job: Magic class teacher

Age: 100

Gender: Male

Species: Sorcerer

- spells
- potions
- enchantments
- illusions
- knowledge


He's strict and doesn't like his students fooling around or not listening in his class. He's easily irritable and is rarely in a good mood. However he is protective and never takes his anger out on his students.

Family: He doesn't have any.

Short History:
He never knew his family. He was an orphan and had spent his life going from one foster family to another. However each foster family always had a spellcaster. That person helped teach him spells and potions. All that he knows about his family is that he has fey blood in him mixing in with all the other species that make him a sorcerer.
Nobody knows why he's such a sourpuss. Everyone simply assumes that it's because of how he was brought up.

- magic (spells, potions, enchantments, and illusions)
- intelligence

- Battles
- Arrogance

Single or married: Single

Anybody can use him, I don't "own" him.

((Can you guys help me find a good picture for him please? Thanks! :D))

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Samantha Arnold (NahteeraiSamanthaArnold) Name:
Real name: Madfoltha Bithia
Fake name: Adrian Welt (Mr. Welt)

Job: Riders E.D. teacher

Age: 20 but alive for 89 years

Gender: Male

Species: Fey

- At one with nature
- Speak any language
- Understanding animals
- Glamour
- Knowledge

He's very kind and treats people the way he'd like to be treated. He's a very fun person to hang out with outside of class. In class he is strict and firm, so that nothing will happen (ex. animal/student gets hurt).

Family: All dead, except for his sister. His sister has disappeared.

Short History:
He grew up in a happy environment with a loving family. His family consisted of his parents, his 2 brothers, and 1 sister. All of them died in an attack by some demons except for his sister and himself. He survived because he was away on a trip at the time. Nobody knows where his sister is, because she is missing and assumed to be dead. Her body was never found.
After his family's death, he sought out for a job and found Wicked Dark Academy. He saw the opening for the Riders E.D. teacher and got the job.

- Understanding animals
- At one with nature
- Biology

- cold iron
- death
- family

Single or married: Single

Anybody can use him, I don't "own" him.

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Samantha Arnold (NahteeraiSamanthaArnold) Name: Rosetta Ilegretha (Nurse Rosetta)

Job: Nurse

Age: 70

Gender: female

Species: Elf

- healing
- archery
- intelligent
- heightened touch, sight, and hearing

Appearance: (woman only)
[image error]

She's kind, calm, and level headed. When people yell at her, she is able to keep a cool head.

Family: She has her parents, 2 sisters, and 3 brothers.

Short History:
She grew up with her family in Elegorania and still lives there.
She's always loved helping others and that's what got her interested in learning medecine and healing people. So now her specialty is medicine. Often creatures ask her why didn't you become a teacher instead of a nurse. To that she always replies because healing creatures is what I do.

- Medicine
- Healing
- Archery

- adaptability
- hand to hand combat
- sword fighting

Single or married: single

Anybody can use her, I don't "own" her.

(sorry, I know no more females. It's just school nurses are usually female. So I'm just used to it being this way, but I have nothing against male nurses. If you'd like I could change it.)

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Samantha wrote: "Does Niall Bones teach a class?"

Not yet but he might start teacher Riders Ed.

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Alyssa (Lyss) (Lyss4Music) | 67 comments I'm new here :) But I would love to have my first charrie to be a teacher! :D I write long posts, Plus minus 7 lines on average :) You can take a look at my RP group to determine my writing skills, Lol!


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Samantha Arnold (NahteeraiSamanthaArnold) Alyssa ~Team Delena 4 Ever~ wrote: "I'm new here :) But I would love to have my first charrie to be a teacher! :D I write long posts, Plus minus 7 lines on average :) You can take a look at my RP group to determine my writing skills,..."

Hi Alyssa! To make your charrie just follow the form up on top. :)

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Alyssa (Lyss) (Lyss4Music) | 67 comments Name: Adam Steel (Mr. Steel)

Job: Vain Defence and History

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Fallen Angel

Powers: Strength and speed. Combat Skills. Can enter into other people's dreams and influence what they dream.

Appearance: Tall, muscular. Dark brown hair, with dark, almost black eyes that seem like an abyss. Two, ragged diagonal scars over his shoulder blades from where his wings were ripped out.

Personality: Flirtatious, funny, intelligent. Brave and protective.

Family: None

Short History: Used to be one of the most powerfull of the Fallen and was a General in war. Lost his wings in battle, a few decades after falling. He kept his powers, aside from flying of course, and decided to put his skills to use and became a teacher at the Academy.

Strengths: Combat and Battle skills and knowledge. Supernatural strength and speed.

Weakness: His lack of wings. His shoulders are his achilles heel.

Single or married: Single


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Alyssa ~Team Delena 4 Ever~ wrote: "Name: Adam Steel (Mr. Steel)

Job: Vain Defence and History

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Fallen Angel

Powers: Strength and speed. Combat Skills. Can enter into other people's dreams and influe..."


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Alyssa (Lyss) (Lyss4Music) | 67 comments Great! :D Can he get a topic for his classroom?

message 29: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Arnold (NahteeraiSamanthaArnold) Yep I just made it Lyss!

message 30: by Alyssa (Lyss) (new)

Alyssa (Lyss) (Lyss4Music) | 67 comments Thanks!!

message 31: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Arnold (NahteeraiSamanthaArnold) no problem! :D

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