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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 896 comments Mod
I know it's been a while, but for our eighth contest, I want you to write a fictional story. The picture below is your setting, and this is a scary story (think Halloween). The words nightmare, sense, alarm, damp, and body must be used and in bold. Don't think of the picture as a rubric though... let it inspire you. And think out of the box, if you want.


1. It must be at least 300 words (anything less will be deleted and disqualified from the contest) but no more than 1,000 (anything more will be deleted and disqualified from the contest). No exceptions.

2. No commenting on others' stories. Only writing entries will be accepted in this thread. If you want comments on your stories, post them in the Critique folder.

3. No sex scenes.

4. Keep cussing to a minimum (it's ok if a word slips out here or there, but please keep it PG-13)

5. Have fun and DO YOUR BEST! And vote for the winner!

Entries are due by Saturday the 27th.

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Emily | 168 comments Let Me Go

Never let me go.

Whispers echo through my head as my arms and legs become numb as I lay awake in my bed.

Never let go. I visualize Cody’s face before my eyes. These are the words me and my boyfriend say to each other.

My vision is hazy as I stare at the ceiling, like I’m seeing through someone else’s eyes.


I suddenly sit up pin straight in my bed, the sheets falling around my stomach and legs. This action confuses me because I didn’t use my own will to do it.

Without my desire, I slip out of bed and stand unbalanced on the cool hard wood floor.

I am being controlled.

I thought we would never let go.

The words that whisper through my head seem odd because I’m not the one thinking them. It’s Cody’s voice that is bouncing around in my mind.

Are you listening to me, Kaylee?

My heart beats hard in my chest as a shock of surprise rings through my veins.

“Cody?” I whisper in the quiet of my dark room.

You let me go.

Before I can even wrap my brain around what’s going on, my body unwillingly runs down the hall and out the back door of my house. Cody’s possessing me.

“How—” I begin, but then my mouth is clamped shut by the force of Cody’s energy occupying my body.

Don’t ask questions. Just keep walking.

The damp air of the night makes goose bumps appear on my skin as I walk down a street in my neighborhood, dressed in a thin pajama top and cotton pants. The October leaves on the trees are all orange, red, and yellow, forming an arch above me.

Suddenly my feet stop moving and my head tilts downward so I see what lies in front of me.

Cody’s body is lying on the side of the road…dead.

Stunned, I take in a sharp breath. “C-Cody? Wh-wha—”

My throat dries up and tears start to form behind my eyes. There’s blood seeping from my boyfriend’s stomach and his green eyes are glazed over, staring unseeingly upward.

All at once, the air becomes too thick and my head starts to spin. It seems as if all of the crispy red leaves on the gravel transform into puddles of crimson red blood around Cody’s body, filling the length of the street. This has to be a nightmare, but by the heavy beating in my chest, I know that it’s not.

A stained hatchet and a Halloween mask lie next to him.

It’s too much.

This is all too much.

All I want to do is fall to my knees and sob, but Cody’s soul doesn’t allow me to.

“Wh-who did this to you?” I ask, a little too loud, the sound ripping though the hum of the crickets.

He wanted you to see. Cody’s voice sounds vulnerable and ashamed. That’s why I came inside of you; to bring you here.

“How did the killer tell you to get me if you are dead!?” Hysteria is bubbling inside of me now and tears stream down my cheeks, but I don’t feel them. I don’t feel anything.

He’s a ghost, too.

“A ghost killed you? Tha-that’s impossible,” I say, my voice cracking.

Then it dawns on me of who could have done this to Cody. The only person who would want to. The only person I know who had a reason to, and who is dead. A ghost. It feels like an alarm is screaming and pounding in my eardrums with the realization.

My ex-boyfriend did this.

My lips quiver from the memory of Hunter. He died last year in a car accident.

Cody uses his power over my actions, and I walk to the mask beside his body and pick it up. Turning it around in my hands, I see printing scrabbled across the back in a black marker; if I can’t have you, no one can. –Hunter.

I was right.

“You jealous jerk!” I shout up at the black sky. “Why couldn’t you leave us alone!?”

Feeling abruptly comes back to my numbed arms and legs, and a weight feels like it’s been lifted off of my body.

I sense a heartbreaking pull as a shimmering transparent silhouette emerges from my chest and floats beside me. Cody’s spirit suddenly illumes in a blinding light and disappears before my eyes.

I’m letting go, Kaylee. Goodbye.

I gasp, defeated, and am left in a bitter chill with only the sound of rustling leaves against the gravel sidewalks to keep me company.

In a late response to my screeching at Hunter, the Halloween mask lifts from my hands by an invisible force, almost like there is no gravity, and a haunting, deep laugh booms in my ears; a laugh that shouldn’t sound like Hunter, but somehow fits.

As the mask fades high into the sky behind the mist of fog, so does the evil laughter of a murdering spirit.

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Cecilia (DrCicle) My Best Friend’s Bust

Charlotte walked through the woods. She was heading home from a party at Jeff’s, her boyfriend’s, house. She was so tired that she kept stumbling every few steps. It was so peaceful there. Even though it was kind of damp that it still had that Halloween feel.

A while later, Charlotte heard movement behind her. She was instantly alarmed . She walked faster but it wasn’t enough. Out of nowhere, a wolf the size of a smart car jumped out, its red eyes glowing in the dark.

Charlotte began to run as fast as she could. She was never the best runner, mainly because of her knee injury when she was 6. The wolf jumped on top of her growling and snarling. She shouted a blood hurdling scream but stopped half way through when she could sense someone close by. Out in the corner of her eye, She spotted Kyle, her best friend, walking out behind the wolf, with a smirk on his face. This was automatically a nightmare to her.

“Down boy” Kyle said to the wolf. It whimpered and went into the woods behind her. Charlotte was stunned, panting for air. “What the-? Why did you-? How did you-“She stammered as she tried to analyze what just happened.

“Just shut up and get in the bag.” He said, pulling out an empty brown bag from mid air. She shook her head and inched away from him, clearly terrified.

Kyle chuckled, evilly, as he stretched out the bag for her to fit. He ran over to her, stuffing her body into it. Charlotte struggled for her life to get out of that bag. She could tell that she would never see her boyfriend again, never see her friends again, her family………Kyle ran out of the open and into the woods, never to be seen again.

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Goose Hunt

Crimson leaves littered the trail I stood before. I took one step forward; they crunched under my boot and whooshed across the ground with the breeze. I focused on these leaves intently. A few moments passed. Then I remembered what I was doing.

“Go get Belladonna,” my seven-year-old cousin Taylor said to me.

“Get her yourself,” I shot back, pointing to the section of the wood her pet goose had vanished into.

“No, Holly. I’m afraid of that part of the forest.”

“What? Your house is surrounded by forest. If you can play in the woods then why can’t you go search for your stupid goose?”

“It’s just this part of the forest that’s scary. And you’re older so you aren’t afraid.” She folded her arms. “Belladonna is not stupid. She’s a prized goose. Now go bring her back.”

I glanced over my shoulder and spotted Taylor’s house. It stood atop the hill that I stood below. Up there was Taylor, anticipating my return with her precious Belladonna.

Lousy goose. Taylor only loved it because it won prizes. The goose could come back on its own, or she could buy a new one if it didn‘t.

Only, no matter how rude I was to my little cousin, she had me wrapped around her finger. And that’s why I was here, walking down this trail, looking for her lame pet.

It was chilly. Shivers walked up my spine and I could feel my cheeks go rosy. I kicked at the red leaves below, gazed at the orange ones above and wondered how long I’d be walking in this forest for.


Mist began to settle around me. I could see a setting sun, fractured through the branches. After I confirmed that I could not see the end of the trail, I decided to turn around and head back. Not once on my journey had I encountered a single animal, let alone a goose.

But then a white head emerged from the fog.

I stalled for a minute. Belladonna’s head flicked left then right as fingers of vapour spun slowly, slowly around her. I almost cracked up at such a ridiculous scene. Instead, I lunged forward.

The goose was too quick. She darted further down the trail and soon became enveloped in fog.

“Oh no you don’t!” I shouted, too irritated to try any other tactic than to sprint after Belladonna. Under a thin layer of fog I could follow a patch of purple: the bandana tied around her neck.

A string of curses spilled from my mouth. I’d lost her. I paused right there to decide my next move, but first I noticed that it had gotten drastically darker since I’d last checked the sky. Where was the sun? Gone, that’s where. The bold autumn colours had become blues and blacks. It wasn’t totally dark yet, but it was night. Was anyone looking for me?

I dropped to my stomach and snaked along the ground under the mist. Maybe I could spy Belladonna this way.

Something thin and icy cold swept across my back. So icy cold it left my skin numb. I jumped up immediately and whirled around, alarm shooting through my nerves.

Nothing was there, of course. I crouched back down and continued my hunt.

It wasn’t a goose I came across, but instead, a perfect white feather. I scooped it up and clutched it in my palm. There was a second one about a foot ahead of me. I collected it, too. And then there was another. I followed the path of feathers as a sense of confusion built within me. Sometimes another frigid cord would slip by. For the first few times I hopped up, but then told myself I was being a wimp and ignored it.

The path of feathers continued until they went off the trail and into the trees. There, I located the purple bandana. It was speckled with red. Startled, I snatched it up, and another few threads of cold passed.

Not just a few--many were there. They slithered over, no, around my body. I could feel them circle my arms and legs and torso, and worse yet remain on me. I stood, but they dragged me back down. I fought, but they immobilized my limbs. I shrieked, and they slunk into my mouth and filled it entirely.

Tears sprung to the corners of my eyes as I rolled and flailed. The taste of the damp, solid-yet-not creatures in my mouth made me gag. I didn’t realize I was being dragged until I was pulled upright, out of the mist.

I screamed, but every time I did one of the threads tightened around my throat. This was dreadful, nightmarish, terrorizing.

You’re older so you aren’t afraid.

How right you were, Taylor, to be afraid of this place.

My fingers clawed at anything they could reach. I got one hand free and brought it to my mouth, but I wasn’t able to yank more than a few monsters out before having my arm bound to my side again.

More of the cords were appearing, writhing like tentacles. The further into the woods I went, the more there were. They increased and increased and very soon they blacked out everything. They emitted a buzzing sound, like a bug infestation. Was that what this was? Insects from another country?

And there was Belladonna.

Or, at least, what was left of her. The cord creatures that touched her bore rows of nettle-like teeth--they were tearing the goose up and devouring her flesh. Her white feathers were stark against all the black. Remains of other animals were occasionally visible, too. Ribs, a tail, a head, a paw. And was that a human skull…?

Then, very suddenly, I was dropped. The beasts that brought me here released me into their swarm, fled from my mouth and allowed me to screech. Screech, I did, as I was enveloped.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 896 comments Mod
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