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THE SECOND WORLD WAR > 5. SECOND WW - February 16 – February 22 ~~ Book One – Chapters XI – XIII (169 -214)-Non Spoiler

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This week's reading is:

February 16 – February 22 ~~ Book One – Chapters XI – XIII (169 -214)

The Second World War, Volume 1 The Gathering Storm by Winston S. Churchill

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Sid (sidthomson) | 26 comments Earlier in the book, Churchill seemed quite positive about the League of Nations, and felt it could have helped prevent the buildup of Germany and Japan. His biggest criticism was that it was Wilson's idea, but then the US decided not to join, which made it less effective.
(Yes, I finally did get the book and am catching up).

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Sid, delighted to see that you have the book; I think I am leaning toward your view; I think that Churchill appeared positive at first or at least indicated that he was willing to be persuaded that it was good; I think that Wilson had a lot of issues not only with his own Congress and then Wilson lost his credibility when he was unable to move Congress and became ill; his health and his ideas failed at the same time. Monday morning quarterbacking is not always the total viewpoint; it would have been nice to have had a rebuttal from Wilson concerning the League of Nations and some of the partisanship that unfortunately he had to face during his presidency. It almost sounds like we learn from history that we do not learn from history.

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