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Flora Smith (BookwormFlo) | 91 comments This is a funny ghost story along with romance. It is hard to decide which thread this goes under so I placed it here.

This was such a fun read! And a perfect Halloween ghost story complete with warring ghosts and an English castle.

Kailyn comes to England thinking she's going to a job interview and finds herself in a competition to be the bride of the next Earl. I will admit, there were times in the begining when Kailyn really got on my nerves. She was not only a skeptic (which isn't so bad) but completely against love and marriage. Like it would be so horrible to fall in love with a sexy wealthy Earl. She acts like if that happens her life will be a disaster. Really? There were a few other things about her that just didn't seem realistic but I won't elaborate due to spoilers.

The story is fast paced and full of crazy antics Kailyn an Spencer come up with to get rid of the ghost. Some of which were so far fetched that you have to wonder how the authors came up with them. Kailyn is a great strong female character who is up against two strong female ghost characters and that makes for a great battle of strength and wits.

Overall a very fun read. Due to a bit of sex toward the end I have to say this is for the over 18 crowd. But, I would recommend this to any adult who likes a good fun ghost story.

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Monica Porta (MonicaLaPorta) | 196 comments It sounds like an interesting read :) I'll definitely give it a try. As for the genre, maybe paranormal romance?

Flora Smith (BookwormFlo) | 91 comments I considered PR but the couple involved were normal people they weren't involved romantically with the ghosts so I didn't think it qualified.

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Monica Porta (MonicaLaPorta) | 196 comments You're probably right. I shouldn't have offered any suggestion since I have genre-confusion-syndrome myself anyway :)

Flora Smith (BookwormFlo) | 91 comments LOL, its ok. All suggestions appreciated. I have genre confusion sometimes too and this book was particularly confusing when it comes to genre.

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Flora Smith (BookwormFlo) | 91 comments BTW I'm going to be giving away 2 Amazon coupons for this book starting tomorrow.


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Monica Porta (MonicaLaPorta) | 196 comments Cool!

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