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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily Townsend (ArtyEm) | 4 comments The isbn - 9780988517905 - came up as the title, I guess I put it in the wrong box, and now I don't see a way to edit besides posting here. Can someone help me??? Also, I see the user name has to match and there are already a few Emily Townsends. Can someone let me know how to switch myself to "Emily S Townsend" then how to add my book with me as the author? Thanks so much, sorry if all this is obvious, I have clicked and clicked and I don't seem to be having much luck.

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Townsend (ArtyEm) | 4 comments Okay, sorry, now that I am in the librarian group it seems I could edit the title.
My last problem is where to upload a cover image.
Sorry to be so slow at this!

message 3: by ❂ Jennifer (last edited Oct 21, 2012 02:51PM) (new)

❂ Jennifer  (jennevans) | 871 comments Emily - I'd be happy to fix your book record - but I need to know the title of the book. :)

Never mind -looks like someone fixed the title - it's showing up as Where do you find it? I've changed the author name to Emily S. Townsend per your request above but you've just changed it back. Do you need assistance or have you sorted yourself?

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily Townsend (ArtyEm) | 4 comments okay, thanks all - cover there, title correct. Phew!

message 5: by Susan (new)

Susan (beachgal12) | 11 comments Emily wrote: "okay, thanks all - cover there, title correct. Phew!"It can take a little time to know how to add a book in correctly. My suggestion is to have the web site for the book publisher open at same time you are trying to create a book here. Using a copy/paste from the publisher site can help you not end up with typos in book author/title. Also the #'s are there for all the edition types. On most occasions, one does need to look at other sites to double check book #'s. Library of Congress is an excellent site to fact check from. Also, my advice is never try to add a new book to GR if you don't have a lot of time to carefully check & double check your info. Another good tip is to always go back and check your entry after it's been in the system for a few hours to see if you do have any conflicts with say another epub having been entered for same title but wrong #'s. This can be fixed with librarian privileges, but again only do this if you are very familiar with the title and author's works as well as how the GR combine and/or delete functions work. Be sure to read the librarians guide here a number of times over and reference back to it often.

message 6: by Emily (new)

Emily Townsend (ArtyEm) | 4 comments great advice, Susan, thank you!

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