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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 540 comments Mod
The place is scattered with dangerous tools and machines, designed to torture and harm.
The scientists work to learn the origins of supernaturals and extract the center of their difference to use is as weapons and ways to improve their warriors.
Every supernatural that is brought in, never comes out.

message 2: by Kayla (new)

Kayla (kittykat801) Kyra walked around nervously awaiting her next experiment.
"What could it be this time?" Kyra quietly said to herself.
"Ohhhh~ my dear Kyra! My favorite Tester!~" Dr. Fawn sang happily.
"What is it this time Fawn?" Kyra asked the odd doctor.
"Why, my dear Kyra, since you were the strongest Tester to withstand the acidic potion we gave you, you are the lucky one to test our newly invented Voltage Collar!" the insane medic exclaimed.
"What?! You are insane!" Kyra exclaimed, while trying to find a way to escape.
"Oh my dear Kyra, just hold still, this will only hurt a lot," the doctor said with a maniacal laugh.
The guards pinned Kyra to the testing table, and cuffed her down.
"No! You will pay! All of you!" Kyra screamed.
Those were the last words she said before the collar was wrapped around her neck.
"Oh~ how great will this invention be~" the doctor sang.
He then pushed the button that would torture Kyra and would blink out the lights in her system.
"Where am I?" Kyra thought to herself.
All she could see was dense forest around her. Then she heard a rustle of leaves behind her.
"I won't hurt you..." Said a dark, hoarse voice.
"Who are you and where am I?" Kyra asked.
"You are in the World of the Half-Dead," it answered, "your body is down there alive, but the voltage fried everything."
"So I'm half-dead?" Kyra asked.
"Correct. But I have an offer," the strange voice said.
"Go ahead, spit it out," Kyra urged.
"Well, I will send your soul back into your body and make you half-dead, or a zombie, if you agree to share your host body to store my battle techniques, for I too have unfinished business on Earth," it said.
"Sounds fair, but I will share, as long as I have access to your battle techniques," Kyra offered.
"Deal," and with that, the strange apparition disappeared, and you opened your eyes, to find yourself alone in the same testing room. Kyra felt a strange, dark, violent feeling.
"Hmmm, I believe I should pay the doctor and his guards a visit," she said, and she smirked with her newly razor sharp teeth.
It was believed later, that there was indeed one creature to leave the lab, that is, CREATURE.
Kyra then went on to join the rebellion.

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