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Kristyn (Kristyn007) I have not finished this chapter yet but I had to post before I forgot. I am seriously going to go look up transfusions during this time frame. I love how they called it the gruesome ordeal and how Arthur says since he gave her blood he felt like he married her. It is such a big deal! So different from today when you can just go give blood and its simple and it goes to a stranger.

I am a little upset about Mina. I know she is wrapped up in her new marriage and what Jonathan went through but I can't believe she wasn't more upset. Just a poor dear said and that was it! When Lucy died and they did the funeral my first thought was, where is Mina! She should be there! It's almost like their friendship wasn't as real as it was made to seem. They had been friends since they were children, right?

I also find the notion of 3 men being in love with her and all working together to save her crazy. Seems there should be some kind of bitterness there.

Kristyn (Kristyn007) Is the bloofer lady Lucy? I'm guessing she rises as a vampire considering she looked alive when they buried her.

So I watched a documentary on Vlad Tepes years ago who was known as the real Dracula. It was very interesting cause they talked to townspeople of Transelvania about their beliefs on vampires and the things they do to prevent one from rising. One, I believe, was to nail the coffin shut so nothing could get out. So if Lucy is a vampire how would she get out? Would someone have to be their when she rises to undo the coffin lid?

Also why turn Lucy to begin with? This Bloofer Lady is taking blood without turning. Or at least it seems that way. She's not focusing on one child. It seems as if they can feed without killing or turning someone. Feed once and move on. So why Lucy? Maybe Dracula has a thing for beautiful women. Seems to me the lady that he was staring at that day when Jonathan spotted him is next. Maybe that is the reason why the whole conversation comes about before when they say he has never loved. Maybe he turns these women thinking one of them will love him. But it seems to me they become something more monstrous than what they were before, like the three women at his castle, incapable of loving, but Dracula just won't give up.

Jennifer  | 285 comments I can see that I am way behind in my reading, but I have finally just completed chapter thirteen.

Kristyn, I was surprised by Mina's reaction to Lucy's death too. I am under the impression that she was left unaware of her illness and funeral until after she was buried though. Still, I expected more of a reaction from her when she finally did read about her friend's death.

Can't wait to see what the impact of those four blood transfusions will mean going forward.

I am learning so much about vampires from you guys.

Kristyn (Kristyn007) I love the fact that when reading different vampire books there are so many myths and types. I have never came across another vampire that can turn into a wolf or bat. Some books they can or can't enter a church, all cannot come near a cross. I am reading one now that says that only a believer can hold a cross against a vampire. If an atheist held a cross to a vampire, it wouldn't do anything. I have hardly ever seen one who can walk about during the day and only has powers at night.

I have to say one of my favorite twists on vampires in a book is based in Greek mythology to where the vampires of an ancient race pissed off Apollo for killing his human mistress. He cursed them to never be able to walk in daylight which is his domain being the God of the sun.

Amanda I had never heard of that before Kristyn that is really interesting.

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Jennifer  | 285 comments I feel like I am learning so much about vampires and I am sure that I will learn more when Catherine chimes in. I am really loving the vampire theme too, which kind of takes me by surprise because I haven't read any vampire books before.

Kristyn (Kristyn007) That's sherrilyn Kenyon's twist. It's paranormal romance but I love the Greek twist to it. It features a lot of Greek gods and all different creatures.

Amanda The Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) books by Charlane Harris are the only ones I have read and I was surprised how much I really, really enjoyed them. They are very different from the show though so try not to watch and read and hope for continuity.

Kristyn (Kristyn007) I have been reading the sookie books probably for the last 6 or 7 years. I was so excited for the show. The writers strike that year pushed it back a whole year and I was so upset. When it finally came on, I hated it!! I was so upset!

Kelley Armstrong's books which I also really love are becoming a show and I am excited but she is a Canadian author so her show is going to be aired on a Canadian channel. I've got to figure out how to watch it.

Catherine Crook Hello! :-) Amanda, have you read Karen Marie Moning's Fever series? Not vampires, but a paranormal series like NO OTHER!!! A must read, I am mad I waited so long to read them.

So my thoughts:

In today's world, that casual reaction to her friend's death would seem weird. I find that in previous times, ones world revolved around marriage and getting there. So, with that idea in mind, her reaction doesn't confuse me much. Neither does the multiple men trying for her attention. It reminds me of the scene in the movie, Brave when all the guys competed for the hand of the princess. In today's world, there would be bitterness, but back in the day it was known the competition was there.

The blood transfusions GROSS me out. Ekkk. And I was shocked and confused by the turning of Lucy. I just don't get why get. Hopefully it will come about later in the novel. (I am really REALLY liking this book!)

Amanda No I haven't Catherine I will look into that.

I agree with your interpretations on the changes in live and that affecting things.

I just figured his goal was to create a trail of chicks and possibly a posse. I mean he had several vamp girls back at the castle that we knew about. And who knows how many were hiding behind all those other locked doors.

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