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message 1: by Roger (last edited Oct 19, 2012 10:21AM) (new)

Roger Cave | 215 comments I'm having to do this on my mobile' because all of a sudden I can't sign in through windows XP. My password is correct and I've tinkered with settings on explorer tools' but no joy.

Any ideas anyone?

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments Signing into Goodreads?

It seems to be arsy with wanting Facebook details for the past couple months.

Try downloading Firefox or any other browser and deleting IE.

Your system will be much quicker and more responsive.

If you have queries or need help, pop back here. We have no lack of geeks. :)

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael (MichaelDiack) | 185 comments I agree with Firefox! IE should be erased and wiped out.

Michael Cargill Cargill (MichaelCargill) | 2951 comments Although I use Chrome, IE9 isn't too bad really.

message 5: by Roger (new)

Roger Cave | 215 comments Thank God for Firefox, I'm back in, but still no joy on IE!

message 6: by R.M.F (new)

R.M.F Brown | 4128 comments I had trouble signing out! They wouldn't let me esscape. Agree with the above - ditch IE the first chance you get.

message 7: by Paul (new)

Paul Turner (PaulJTurner) | 22 comments I am using Firefox and the Facebook login sometimes hangs. If I refresh the page, however, I am logged into Goodreads so not quite sure what happens there.

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