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Independent Reading Book: Term 1

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Rebecca | 3 comments Mod
You have spent every night reading for at least 20 minutes. After reading you have found quotes in your book and reflected on the quote. By now, you should have completed a novel. You now have an opportunity to make a recommendation for your book. Make three claims about the book you've read. Support the claims with evidence from the novel. Finally, give the reasoning as to how this quote supports your claim. (See Ms. Richardson's Book Report for an example.)

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Rebecca | 3 comments Mod
I read Marcelo in the Real World. I would highly recommend this book.

The protagonist is honest and easy to identify with. Marcelo has a high form of Aspergers. This creates an inability for him to lie or put on a front. Because of this "disability" Marcelo allows the reader to expereince the world through the eyes of someone who is far more vulnerable than the "average" person. Marcelo's vlunerablity made me as a reader want to protect him from the cruelty and dishonesty of others. It was this desire to protect Marcelo and my own reflection about how I treat others' vulnerablilites that made me really like Marcelo as a character and made the book strong.

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Sarah Delpino | 1 comments I read Coraline over the first term. I chose this book because my English is not really good and I thought it would have a simpler vocabulary and I could understand all the story, I noticed that the book can be classified as horror, it was a little scary to me when the author describes the "monsters" and the situations that Coraline, the main character, was forced to face.

Coraline is an interesting character, I constantly found myself trying to understand her reasons, she is just a little girl but she has a incredible courage and strength, she also know who she is. This way I feel that I connect to her, I believe that I am confident and courageous as well. As an evidence of her beliefs and strength is that we can read many times she saying what does she like or not or what does she want or not, she knows how to make her point and this is a quality that I appreciate.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this book, in my opinion makes you think, about gratitude, family, mutter, because all problems that Coraline have in the plot is caused by her desire to have somthing better than she already had. In the first chapter she made it clear when she keep saying that she was bored, she wanted something "different" to do, something more interesting, I do not really know her reasons but I think this is something normal for kids in her age.

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Sinthia Cassandra | 2 comments I read Good As Lily. I would recommend this book.

The protagonist is a teenager,different in her own way so I understand her because I'm kind of like that to.I feel like I'm kind of like her because I feel the same way.
"My stomach was mighty disappointed"
I get that feeling a lot.When I see my grades,friends and family make up stuff.So my stomach is mighty disappointed it feels funny.So I know how it feels to have that feeling.

"It's a positive thing to help people".
"working side by side" pg.40
I picked this one because someone by your side working or helping you out.It's like having someone there for you.which I really don't have or someone that works with you.That's why I picked it because I feel like I don't have a person there for me.

I know how it feels to have this feeling
"Oh my god I am so nervous" pg.141
Yea it's something that just happens.I got nervous when we had to perform in front of parents and students.So it's the same thing there going to do.So I understand what it feels and you really feel nervous a lot.

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ser eh dah (hserehdah) | 2 comments I read a book called Frindle for first term.I like about this book because it was funny story also is about student and teacher.It about student who makes a lot of trouble and make teacher mad.In this book there is one student who makes a lot of trouble maker and he also smart.he name is Nicholas[nick]and his was fifth grade student every one in the school likes him cause they think he cool..there is one teacher is the most scary everyone in school scare at her.The teacher name is Mrs.Granger.she teach language art.

Every one in school using a new idea from nick new idea. nick name pen a frindle so every one thinks that a great word to using,and makes Mrs.Granger mad. Mrs.Granger makes kids to stay after school.and write 100 words frindle. Than Mrs.Granger asked kids who idea is it?student say that it was nick idea and Mrs.Granger asked nick why you call pen instead of frindle. nick say that dictionary are just make up by people so i made my new word.i love how nick use his new idea.

the conclusion for my opinion i think this book is a great book. sometimes is hard for me to learn new vocabulary difficult to say it to understand the big word and so many letter, nor very good to make teacher get mad for using a new word instead of using pen. some times new word an help you understand but is difficult for people to understand what you mean or can be a big problem.

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Pa Bawi (PaBawiThang) | 2 comments I chose this book named (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) When I was in Cottonwood High School, my teacher wanted me to read this book but I thought this book is just a diary book of little kid and boring book, so I didn’t read it. But a lot of my friends from East High were reading this book, and they want me to read this book too and I checked it out from Library and I started to read this book the first term of school. I like about this book because the book is awesome and Greg is funny. Also Greg has just started 7th grade and he is looking for a way to raise money and trying to get the girl named (Holly Hills). However, Greg has not deal with his dad always bashing him to get fiit, go outside and played with his best friend Rowley. One day his dad decides to send Greg to a military camp to teach him how to behave and respect to others people but he still made some trouble at the camp.

My favorite quote in the book is, "I'm basically one of the best people I know." I really like the quote because I think he tried harder in every what he did. He is smart, good thinking and follows his dream. Also it shows how fascinate Greg is himself. He is really demanding and I think he deserved the best.

This book is the best I had never read before. The authors did job on writing style and how he was able to turn a book into a "diary." The book is written from Greg's point of view, so basically a first person point of view. I also liked that the fact that the writing looks like it is handwritten. And it has a picture on every each page. I just love this book.
I would recommend this book to my friends who like reading books for fun.

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Elisandro Cisneros | 1 comments I chose "Because of Romek A Holocaust Survivor's memoir" my sister in law said that "it's a good book and that i need to read it." i Thoth that it was not a good book so i did not read it for a weal but after a weal i looked it up than i sow how meany people liked it so i read it. This was my book for the first term of school. I like this book because it shows you the world of some of the people in germane and how much people did not like people that are different then them it gives you a more under standing of the laws that they had.

my Favorited part of the book was when "David Faber" had to dress up like a girl. Because when he was going to mess with the Tran takes if same one was coming he had to act like a girl so now one will suspect a thing that he is doing the why that he had to dress was to put on a dress,a wig and some makeup so he can look like a real girl.

my favorite quote from the book is "By the rules of ware, they couldn't kill me in a pow camp. but here, they can do anything they want." i like this quote because (POW) miens prisoner of war so Jewish people would go to this camps so no one would heart them or there kids. they can not heart them because Germany, France, Great Britain, and the United States made the law that people in the camps can not get hit or taken to a laber camp if they were not in the pow camps the germane solders can do what aver they want to the Jews.

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Juhyunglee | 1 comments I choose this book named The Beast. I would recommend this book.

I think this book is the specific book in my life. I mean only English book. When protagonists knew a fact that was about ghosts are in amusement park. The author wrote about what they felt about a fact. These parts are making me to think ' this book is the specific in my life'. Commonly, those are not important part, but this book described very specific that was about what protagonists felt, after they knew a fact. This book make me to feel as same as protagonists.

I think this book make me to review about collaboration. When protagonists met with a problem.It showed how they solve a problem with each other, also it showed a process that was about how they collaborate with each other to solve a problem. They were sharing with their opinion and their experiences. These part make to review collaboration and it made me to think ' I want to join their group and I want to share my ideas with them'. It made me to felt sympathy when they were sharing their idea. I agreed their idea and opinion, also I refute when their ideas are not same as me.

This is so funny book. There was a part that was James worried about his mom`s nag, because his mom said "If you finish prepare to come back to home then you need to call me". He did not call to his mom and he imagined his mom was nagging to him. I also felt sympathy with James, because I had same happen and experience with him. It made me to laugh and I thought 'James gonna kill by his mom'. This part was funny to me and it made me to imagine a happen that is same as James. This part is my favorite part of this book.

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Serhtoo | 2 comments I read the book call A Boy No More. I chose this book because the title of this book sound really interesting. This book is about 14 year-old boy name Adam and his family. Adam lost his family in Pearl Harbor attacks. Adam's family has left Hawaii and moved to Bakersfield, California. Move to a new place is hard for Adam. He family have to facing alot of problem. Also its about the bond between two friends and a wild adventure. Every where Adam go he alway talking about Pearl Harbor.

Some of the quote are relate to me. The quote in this book that relate to me is, " I know he's gone, I know I'm never going to see him, but sometimes I can't help thinking he got free somehow and he's going to come home." This quote remind me of my dad. My dad is karen army. When my family move to USA he don't come with us. I think i never see he again. My dad he really good father. He fight for karen people to get freedom. One day i going to be like his. I going to finish high school and went to college and study meidcine and become doctoor. After than, i going to reture to my country and be like my dad.

In conclusion,I think Adam is really good boy. He is smart and good to be he friend. Davi want Adam to take a letter to he ancunt to help he father. Davi father have be put in jail because he born in Japan. At those time the USA against Japan. Adam help he friend Davi and make her mom worry about he. Its make Adam a good friend.

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Nai Syde | 2 comments I read ''A Single Shard'' over the first term. I would recommend highly this book because this book is rich in the details of life in a small village on the west coast of Korea during twelfth century. The protagonist in this book is very poor but strong and hardworking.

My evidence are ''... take the child to the bridge, where Crane-man would care of him'' page9, line 8-9, and ''... glean the fallen grain from the harvested fields. Only then they would taste the pure of rice and its solid goodness in their bellies'' page4, line 11-16.

The protagonist's parents were dead and there was a highly contagion disease in the village and the monks took him to bridge which was outside the village and lived under it. The readers would feel sorrow on his unlucky fates and poornesses. But he was hardworking and strong enough for his life and meals with friend. The protagonist and his friend went to every harvested fields, gleaned the fallen grain and collected it for their meal. The readers would feel the hunger and hard time that they experienced.

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Myat Win | 2 comments I started read “Somewhere in the Darkness” book since first day of school which is last week of the August. I chose this book because of I interested on the book’s title and stimulated me to learn how the character in this book was lives in what kinds of darkness. I thought this book would be about who involved in crime and growing up around gangs members. It was my first prediction on this book. Actually, the book is about a father who prison in 9 years does not want his son to think that he was a bad guy and trying to explain that he did not commit for killing people.

Jimmy the main character is very smart, strong and respectful. He is just a fourteen years old and he has a good enough courage. He lives with his grandma and he has no idea about his parent. He is brave because his mother died and his father had gone to prison. In this way, I can see how he could feel without parents. Once again, I wonder my parents are gathering and how they care about me.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book for someone who has a hard life, family problems, and went through a very interesting time in their life that was unexpected. It is a great book if you connect with book but you won’t like it if you do not have same background as main character in this book. This book is also good because it shows you no matter what happens in life you can still achieving your dreams. Jimmy was very strong and brave because his mother died and after his father died so it was very hard for him but he still kept going on. I cried at the end.

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Shadiya | 2 comments Kira-Kira is such beautiful piece writing that touch my heart. It's the one of the loveliest books that I ever read my entire life. This book make me cry at the end. "page (221) "She said she hated me, and I told her I hated her. I made her cry." This part make me cry. A little girl lost her sister and her best fried, they were best friends. They create a sense of happiness and brightness around themselves.When I got this book first I didn't like it, but when I reading farther I couldn't stop reading. And how suddenly got sad and the happiest gone. I could feel the pain in my deep heart.Even thought some of the word I couldn't understand, however I enjoy reading no matter how hard was the words. This story while sad, is full of hope. As me reader make me to protected Lynn so everything good be perfect.I recommend that every one around the world should read this book Kira-Kira.

Katie is interesting character, "“I cried and cried. For a while as I cried I hated my parents, as if it were their fault Lynn was sick. Then I cried because I loved my parents so much. Then I didn't feel like crying anymore" Katie has an incredible courage. I believe that i couldn't be like her when i was little kid. she is so smart and strong. It reminds me one of my fried that was exactly like her. I feel like i have little connection to her.

This book make me sad. Being close to my own sister makes it hard for me to think about losing her. I admit it every one will die one day, however it's really hard to imagine that. I could feel Katie pain and how goes. how her older start taught her the first word Kira-Kira which means Glittering or shining. they had good time together, however I don't have no sibling but I could feel it from my deep heart. How hard it is when you lose some that you are very close to the person. She is such brave girl. THE END!

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Mario Garcia | 2 comments I read a book called "Scott Pilgrim" its a graphic novel, becuase it was grapihc novel I could finish a book in three days or so or finish it in day if I wanted to and I did so, I read all of the books I'd rather read again becuase the book is funny, it has suprise, secrets, and has action Like video game. Also he has to defeat seven evil exes of his new girlfriend if he wants his relationship to last. The protagonist is kinda reminds of me.

In this book protagonist had lots of of great friends when he needed help he coopoprate and calborate on how to defeat foes and enemies he had to face even though he thought the world will turn on him or he thinks he is going to die. So at the end of the series he finaly gets to be with the girl of his dreams who gets in his dreams.

This book made laugh and more intrested when I kept on reading the book. I had lot in common with the protagonist like we both like video games, we both have great friends, we both like to sleep alot, and we both are low on cash. Also what made me think about making me read more of this book more was when the protagonist wanted to forget about the mistakes he's made ever made and move on with life. One his of mistakes was going out with one girl then going out with another girl that he really loved because the first girl was easy but the the new girl hard becuase he had to fight for her to earn her repect(wich he did), and the ending was great.

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Guadalupe Perez | 2 comments I read a book called "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian," I read this book because I found it interesting. The reason I found it interesting is because it's about a Indian boy named Arnold he tries to find faith so he can do better in school then his parents did. He and his family were in poverty and he lived in a "Rezervation" were all the poor Indians lived.

Indians an white people were separated they lived in different city's the Indians lived in a "Rez" (place were poor Indians lived in)and the white people lived in "Rearden" (its a place were rich people live in)In school people build Arnold because he was a kind of a nerd. So they picked on him a lot because of his looks and his smartness and he had a best friend named Rowdy, he was a one of those kids that are tough in the outside but in the inside hes sweet and he protected Arnold so everybody was scared of Rowdy but then after a while Arnold went to a school in rearden because he didn't like the Rez no more.

He went to an all white school and nobody liked him because he was an Indian. The white people didn't like Indians and some of the kids started calling him names because hes Indian and then he meet a girl named Penelope. She was the most popular girl in school and Arnold liked her, they started to talk and to hang out more and then later on they got together. Arnold started getting popular because he started going out with Penelope they stop making fun of him and then he just turned out a regular boy and made his dreams come true.

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Tharin Senacharoen | 2 comments I read book called "Lyddie" over this term. I read this book because i found it interesting. The reason i found it interesting because this book is focuses on one woman who goes to work in a nineteenth-century factory her name is Lyddie. I would highly recommend this book because The story is believable, and gives the reader a strong sense of time and place, focusing on a young protagonist who overcomes great difficulties.

Lyddie is a strong women and she has courage to be the person she want to be in her life,"Will you wait, Luke Stevens? It'll be years before i come back to these mountains again. I won't come back weak and beaten down and because I have nowhere else to go. NO,I will not be a slave, even to myself." This quote is very strong because this character has a incredible courage and strength, she also know who she is. she even admitted that she will not be slave to anyone, not even herself. I found my self connected to this character because I has courage to be the person I wanted to be when i grow up.

In conclusion, I think the author did a pretty good job with the story it show me that Lyddie has a sad background story, but she keep her head up and fight through the sad moments that happened to her in past. My favorite part of the story is when Lyddie decided to go to college and she say to herself that she not going to be slave in the town she came from or be slave to herself. In that part it made me smile because that is the best thing I ever read because most people this day drop out of high school and less people go to college every year. Sometime it hard for me to understand the words because Lyddie spelled the words wrong in the letter from the book and I had hard time reading it.

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Tae-gyung Yoo | 2 comments For this first term I read a book called "Matched". I highly recommend this book to those who want to read a fantasy book like "The Hunger Game". There are three things that I liked about this book. First, the plot of this book was very interesting. Second, while reading this book I could reflect on myself compared to the main character Cassia. Lastly, I liked the love story in this book.

First, the plot of this book "Matched" was very interesting. In this book every boy and girl goes to a banquet when he/she becomes older than 16 and gets matched to a person whoever the government decides on, which makes the life of the protagonists miserable. Cassia, without giving up, fights the government over the system that the government imposes on its people in order to make justice come true. What I liked about this book was that the book showed to the reader what real courage is like. Being brave seems to me is that people make efforts to change what is wrong instead of just hiding it.

Second, I was able to reflect myself compared to Cassia, the main character. She is a very brave girl. She tries to protest against the government for the fulfillment of justice.
I thought that if I were Cassia I wouldn't be able to fight like Cassia against the government. Instead, I might just give up everything and follow what the government forces me to do. I thought that I should be more courageous to speak out against something wrong and also put it into an action.

The last thing I liked about this book was the love story between Cassia, Ky and Xander. Especially I liked the love that Xander gave to Caissa. Even at a moment when Cassia says to him that she loves Xy he respects Cassia's decision and tries to help her. This made me think about what a true love means between man and woman and also more broadly, among human beings.

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Luis Hernandez | 2 comments I read a book called diary of a wimpy kid I recommended this book I read this book because I saw that movie and I wanted to read the book and I found the book interesting, I found it interesting because that protagonist talks about the school, that bad things and that good things.

The protagonist say stuff the really happens in school, "By the way,let me give you some good advice. On the first day of school, you got to be real careful where you sit. You walk into the classroom and just plunk your stuff down on any old desk and the next thing you know the teacher is saying I hope you all like where you're sitting, because these are your permanent seats.

I really like this book because it make me laugh and the protagonist its easy to understand and it say stuff the happens at school true stuff, and my favorite part is when they got a job in the morning crossing kids and they get free chocolate and they get to miss some minutes in math class and I like it because I read stuff about school and now I know what are good stuff and not do stuff that I don't like.

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Sachin Suthar | 1 comments I read this book called "Hatchat" over this term. This book was adventurous. For example Brian was going to visit his father in a small aircaft, but all of the sudden the pilot of the plane had a heart attack, forcing Brian to take over. The plane crashed on the island. Brian had a lot of pain in his leg as a result of the crash. This was to be first of many adventures Brian would come to meet.

Brian was so hungry because there was no food and he was getting weaker and weaker. Naturally the first berries he found, he consumed. Only to discover that this berry was poisonous. This is just one example of how Brian ran into many adventures. Other examples include when he was infected by a porcupine, or when he struggled to avoid the cold.

Eventually these challenges Brian ran into led him to want to give up. However Brian eventually finds the determination to cope with the challenges and fight for survival. The hatchet plays an important role in the book, whether for better or for worse.

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Angelica Molina | 4 comments Ms.Bess a loving teacher who made a difference on the school with no name her stories made me have the rare opportunity to see life through the young eyes of a child living in a family homeless shelter.
"I have taught math, reading, and self-worth. Though the lives of these children I have learned the difference one person can make and what happens when nobody steps up to make a difference."(page 180) Ms. Bess is the kind of person that inspires me to study and me a difference on the world. i want to be like her.

Jenny a homeless teen who fight against her homeless life. I love how She goes through million things but she never gives up. Live haven't been fear to her but that's not a impediment for her to stop trying. "I'm come second now. The baby needs are first" she said after she told Ms. Bess she was pregnant I suddenly realized that it was nothing new to her; her need had always come last and now she is giving the little she has to her baby not caring about her.

Danny's story broke my heart into millions of little pieces. Danny is a 15 years boy who has the bigger heart ever, the kindness guy i have met. At first he was acting rude and kind of respectful but i suddenly realized that she was just afraid to get hurt one more time. After meeting Ms. Bess his attitude changed. Ms. Bess discovered the lovely person he was inside. when Ms.Bess was taking him to a high school to try to the weaseling team and she got pulled over by a cop because the children where outside of the car and Danny said "but Sir", " i farted and we'll all die of suffocation if we get back in" (page 22) making the cop smile and letting them go.

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Eddie | 1 comments The book that i like most is The graveyard.I think that the book is vevy good because in chapter are interesting of what they say.Some part of the chapter i did not undestand because i did not pay attention but right now i now whats happening in all the chapters.

Other thing that i liked is on this part is when Scarlett said to Bob about deffending him on chapter 6.The book have some picture that is interesting some time the picture can show more than the writting says.

I think that the last part of this book is going to be imotional,why because some thing is comparing about what is happening in the real life.Something that this book is interesting is the actor they have a good thing to express of what they saying and thats the thing that i liked.

The thing that this book interesting is that in the picture and words can express of what they saying thats the other thing that i liked it. i reccomend that this book is so interesting it show much that you like. The fist time that i read i did not undersatnd but when i read chapter 2 it was more complicated and i think that now the book for me is to more explane for me.

I think that this book is comparing about what is happening in our life. Some part they don't but some part they are. The thing that i don't like is when person got kill or people they die. but we now that all of us we need to die.

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Seungju | 2 comments I read the book "Holes" by Louis Sachar. I recommend this book because This book is about the different kind of Juvenille,Camp Green Lake.

"most of people think If they put Bad kids in the dessert and let them dig a 5 feet height hole everyday, They will turned into a good kids."
I think this part satririzes most of peoples' stereotype about 'bad kids' and Just digging a hole, 'Bad kids' can't turned into a good kids,The thing 'Bad kids' need is could be help, or counseling, and Bad kids can changed into Good kids by that small things. Some kids do bad things because of they're poor or they could have problems with their families, We can't just forced them to dig a deep,wide hole everyday, so This quote made me think about many solution of treating Bad kids.

"My name is Mr.Sir. I don't want you call my lastname." Said Mr.Sir
"You can run away, I won't gonna shoot you, and I won't gonna stop you.we don't have any guard tower,we don't have any fence." said Mr.Sir
"Do you know why? Because you can't find water during you run away, and you don't have food, and It's 300miles far apart with any boundary." He said
"I won't gonna run away" Stanley said. "That's a good Idea" Said Mr.Sir. "and One thing, Be careful with Warden."

I chose this part Because this shows about the Camp Green lake,the name of Juvenille, and It shows that how weird place is there, The administrater doesn't want kids call his lastname, and They can't never run away, and Mr.Sir didn't gave any information about Warden, just says Watch out Warden. So this part makes readers to feel curious and interesting, and reminds Camp Green Lake is not an easy place.

"Zero could not be alive." he realized. "But what if he is still alive?"
"This is really crazy"Stanley said. He was never been drive, But how hard would it be? "This is Really Crazy.
" He took a deep breath and jumped into the Mr.sir's truck.

I chose this quote because Stanley can do anything to find his friend, even if He can get a citation, and Even if He stole the administrator's car, and He think about he will drive to his friend even if he has never been drived, so This quote shows us His mind about his friend and He can do anythig for his friend. In that kind of situation, most of people think like "My friend could be die, but I can't find him because I can get disadvantage and It's stupid thing to sacrifice myself for friend" and most of people being selfish, But the Protagonist try to find his friend even if he can get citation or kind of that disadvantage, so this part reminds me am I a good,true friend to my friends like Stanley-the protagonist?

I recommend this book to people who is interest in Adventure kind of stories, and likes reversals in the stories. and This novel is maded in Movie, so I also recommend you the movie "Holes", You can read small parts of book and see the movie and understand the whole It will be good to the people who is hate to read long,boring book.

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Mugisha Jesus | 1 comments Over the last 2 month I have been reading a book called " born under a million shandows". In the book there were many quotes spoken. In the book I came upon a quote that saids "if you save someone, you're will save them to their until lives". After reading this book I clearlly understood what the book was all about. The life of fewad will soon be changed when mariya enters his house as a housekeeper and Georgia in love as his mother gets married. As an 11 year old fewas was facing so much challenge during his life, knowing to much information and having to keep them secret. If you can give it a try, you will too see how this book should be read by any age.

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Lene Marlene | 1 comments Over the last 2 months I have been reading a book called " The Breadwinner ".The Breadwinner is a children's novel by Deborah Ellis. The title of the book refers to the role of the protagonist 11-year-old Parvana who is forced by circumstances to be the breadwinner for her family in a war-torn Taliban-era in Afghanistan. In this book 11 years old Parvana lives with her family in one room of a bombed out apartment building in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital city during the Taliban rule. Parvana's father a history teacher until his school was bombed and his health destroyed works from a blanket on the ground in the marketplace, reading letters for people who cannot read or write. One day Parvana’s is arrested for the crime of having an education and the family is left without someone who can earn money or even shop for food. The family grows desperate only one solution emerges. Forbidden by the Taliban government to earn money as a girl Parvana must transform herself into a boy and become the breadwinner.

The big idea or theme from this novel is that it’s hard to live in a country where you and your whole family have to share one room. What I know is that it’s hard to live this kind of life. In Taliban-era Afghanistan girls cannot go to school they have to stay home and help their mother’s and they wasn’t allowed to go outside. Men’s use to cut off their wives legs to sell them, because their husband’s would ask them why they need legs if they are not going anywhere. This is really painful because seeing your husband cutting off your legs and your daughters legs and go sell them just for both of you all to survive. People live lives very difficult and have a lot different cultures and religions. We can never live our lives like the way we want because it’s really difficult. I can compare my life story from back home in Africa to Parvana’s life story. Women’s and girls’ wouldn’t go to school because of the war and they weren’t allowed to step their feet’s outside. They always inside and they die of hunger because their husband’s will be far away from their families to another city searching for a new life for their families.

I really enjoyed reading this book it was my first book I ever read and finish. The reason why it’s because it had a lot of pain and sadness parts and I didn’t want to stop reading. Whenever I get an hour break at home I always grab it and read it. Fears and tears were a lot because this little girl Parvana was doing everything she could to help her family and find a way they will survive. In this generation we are living in I don’t think there would be anyone of us wants to be like Parvana like how brave she was. Parvana was just 11 years old and she did lot things for her family. She wasn’t in school because girls weren’t allowed to study, or go outside. “The Breadwinner” was one of my best books I ever read in my life and if I get a chance I will read it and read it over and over again. Parvana must have lot things to regret in life, but she can’t do it because she did it for love and that’s what makes her a stronger young lady. I want to be like how Parvana was because I liked her a lot and the things she was doing. Parvana helped me to understand how life is in different way's to survive it. " The Breadwinner " it was the best book I ever read.

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