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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

This is for those of us who may have issues coming up with characters. If anyone wants he/she may post a character of their own making for others to use in their writing.

1) character must have basic characteristics. Name: Gender: Age: Discription:(in words please, no pictures) Personality:
2)once a character is posted someone has to ask to claim it, the character's creator accepts or declines the request until someone gets the character.
3) After a character is claimed it gets a bold claimed above its name (it will be up to the maker of the character to come back and update that), along with the claimed at the top of the post the user's name should be posted along with it, the person who claimed it.

message 2: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (ZeroSummations) Name: Fili Varekson
Age: 76
Race: Dwarf
Weapons and gear- Rune-Axe, Throwing Hammers, Master Rune of Protection
Description: Short, stout, bright orange hair (traditionally in a mohican but this is negotiable)
Personality: He's a slayer, any gamer should know what that means. (Or Google 'Dwarf Slayer') Seeking his doom against something Big and Evil he does this because of some gross misdeed in his past he is trying to atone for.

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