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Margaret The author has written an interesting story, and its very nice indeed to have a bright, intelligent heroine, but the book does drag here and there. I am very interested, however, in the things she says and theories she sets forth about the relationship between Mathematics and other disciplines such as Music, Psychic Abilities, the formation of our own ideas as we grow, and the development of Man in general.

Adri I loved this book and have read it a number of times. Loved the way the book went from historical times to modern day and vice versa.

Adri Hi Adri, My actual name is Adriana, but it was abbreviated by my parents. Not often found here is South Africa

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great book I dont know how to play chess but who cares the book is great

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Adri Adrianja wrote: "Yeah. It's a pretty unique here in the U.S. too. People can never pronounce it right do to the j. What's Africa like?"

Hi Adri! Africa is an interesting place to live and I love the city, Cape Town, in which I live. The people are amazing and there are such diverse cultures that one can certainly never be bored.

South Africa is beautiful. You should visit if at all possible.


Angel / YA rules!/ i love this book. never mind that i don't know the first thing about chess... i enjoyed reading it.

Adri I wish I could travel, maybe later in life. There are so many places I would love to see: Machu Pichu, Scotland and the aurora borealis, Italy, Ireland, Canada. For now I will have to rely on National Geographic and the pcitures that friends take.

Ndungu I really enjoyed the book and the plot of the book was amazing.

Karlene Elliott-mclean I have read it about three times now and I am not tired of it. It's as if every time I read it I see something new. I don't understand the game of chess but I followed the logics of it. It's really enjoyable.

Christie I read The Fire first after stumbling upon it by accident and then got this one out of the library, and having read both back to back I really love the way each book connects to the other and yet has a separate and distinct plot and characters. As for The Eight, I thought it was really great the way Neville told two different stories at the same time and interwove them with each other. And I learned a lot about the French Revolution too, so that was cool. Makes me want to start playing chess more often.

Louise I met Katherine Neville a few times whilst working for her publisher in London. We published the UK edition on August 8th 1988 and had a great launch party as I recall. If you research Katherine you will discover that she is an immensely talented woman with expertise in many diverse arenas. The Eight still remains one of my all time favorite books.

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Felicia Ferguson This is one of my all-time favorite books and is always one I recommend when someone is looking for a book to disappear into for a while. The only section that I wasn't crazy about was the Two Poets. Given their position near the end of the storyline and the lack of pertinent details they relayed, they were not necessary and made the book drag a bit. Katherine Neville did a tremendous job tying all of the threads together. And from what I understand, she is credited with beginning a new genre that Dan Brown and others now write.

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