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2012 Reads > CA: New cunning method to make short story format more popular

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Gary Jamieson (gapjam) | 2 comments Haven't I just finished reading a collection of six short stories? Admittedly very well written and engaging short stories but I feel I was dragged along by an expectation of a grand resolution which didn't eventuate or maybe there is a hidden part holding up a bedpost somewhere?

Steve Mary | 10 comments For me, this six story are really related and that's the point of this book.

This six stories cannot be read alone, as each character cannot live without the other. We are not alone. Our lives depend not only on ourselves. We are bound to each other by our actions. That's what I understand of the book. So this form of "collection of short stories" is very important. That's the whole point of the last page with the droplets and ocean's metaphor.

Charles Brokaw | 1 comments It's more like a well crafted mix-tape. A playlist of stories that both complement each other yet contrast nicely.

I loved that each story was a different genre. I think the author was showing how each genre presented a set of themes differently.

David(LA,CA) (DavidScharf) | 327 comments Maybe a little too cunning for its own good.

Big spoiler block coming in here.

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