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Did you think that Evan was going to break up with Hailey for Megan?

no and i dont know. but at the end i hated how even looked at her that way again. when he knew her and finn were "toghther of sorts". he just wants what he cant have

sort of. It all started when he was kind of opening up to her. He was saying things that he can't and won't tell others, so, I thought that the possibility of Evan and Hailey breaking up so Evan can start a new relationship, this time with Megan, is feasible. But, eventually, when Evan started to act like a jerk, I thought that, maybe, no. And I totally like how the book ended with Megan and Finn ♥♥♥ being sort of together :) how sweet :)

Yeah. I was kinda hoping Eva would leave Hails(lol) but after the party, i counted him off. Especially when Finn told Megan that he wasn't connecting with that girl he asked out. From that time in, i was on team MeFin (lol). But for real, i hated the ending. Maybe the author was thinking of making a sequel

Yeah, I really did think Evan would break up with Hailey. I mean at first I thought that they were meant to be, but as I kept reading I was like forget Evan. He doesn't deserve you Megan, you can have anyone of the other brothers. I hated the ending how all of sudden Evan was looking at her. It was like ahhhhhh.

i was hopping than he would i knew he was kind of attracted to her but i was happy that he dint she needed somebody to love her and he wasn't it and fin is the one who saw her for what she really was and didn't doubt her as much the ending kind of sucks

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