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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (Willyoupleasegiveup) | 243 comments Mod
Any Requests in places or songs?

message 2: by яєуηα™ (new)

яєуηα™ (reynaTM) Can you make the Lima Bean?(The coffee shop)

message 3: by Mari Frost (new)

Mari Frost Save your breath the mod isn't active anymore

message 4: by яєуηα™ (new)

яєуηα™ (reynaTM) So, what about the group?

message 5: by Mari Frost (new)

Mari Frost Some people are still active but not many of us.

message 6: by яєуηα™ (new)

яєуηα™ (reynaTM) Does the mod come online at all? Not just on this group, but just on Goodreads in general.

message 7: by Mari Frost (new)

Mari Frost I don't think so, at least not since April

message 8: by яєуηα™ (new)

яєуηα™ (reynaTM) :(

message 9: by Trey (new)

Trey | 1693 comments There are a few people here. :)

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