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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (Willyoupleasegiveup) | 243 comments Mod
Where the Glee Club usually preforms their music and their dancing. They practice for the regional stages here, and if their lucky, Nationals. Drama Club shares the time in here. For the most part, the Glee Club comes in here after practicing a song many times, but they have to get down choreography.

Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (Willyoupleasegiveup) | 243 comments Mod
Miller quietly walked out on stage, a chair being dragged by herself. Her dark hair hid her iPod headphones. She listened softly to the song, singing with the song. It was Your Song by Ellie Goulding.

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Marissa walked onto the stage, she walked over to the piano and started playing and singing, 'Forever and Always' By Taylor Swift, not noticing Miller as she did this

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When she was done, she sat done on the edge of the stage

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Jake walks onto the stage, asking the band to play 'Somebody I Used to Know' by Gotye.

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Marissa turned on the stage so she was looking at him, she slowly stood and walked over to the piano

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"Hi," Jake whispered.

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She waved alittle "Good choice in songs." She said smiling

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"Thanks," Jake whispered. "You too."

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"Thanks." She said looking at the ground before sliding up and sitting on the edge of the piano

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"I'm Jake," he said. "And who might you be?"

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"Marissa. And as you can see I'm a Cheerio. But I'm also in Glee. What about you?" She asked

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"Jake. A Cheerio, huh?"

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"I knew your name, silly. I meant if you're in any clubs?" She asked chuckling "And yes a Cheerio, or does the uniform not give that away?"

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"I'm in football," Jake said. "And the uniform does give it away," he giggled.

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"You like to sing?" She asked

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"Yes," Jake whispered.

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"I can tell, are you in Glee Club?" She asked sliding off the piano

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"Yeah," Jake said.

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"So I'll be seeing you around." She said smiling alittle

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"Yep," Jake said, smiling.

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Jake turns around from Marissa, and asks the band to play, 'I Won't Give Up' by Jason Mraz and he starts singing. When he's done, he looks at Marissa. He then goes into the hallway. (leaves)

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She watches him leave before walking up to the band and telling them they could go. she pulled up a stool and sat down with a guitar, then she played 'When You're Gone' by Avril Lavigne. When she was done she just sat there for awhile

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Jake ended up hearing her, and looked into the doorway. Tears came to his eyes.

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She set the guitar down then jumped off the stage and sitting in the front row. She closed her eyes and sighed alittle

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Jake watched her, "Marissa," he said.

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Her eyes shot open and she jumped up, "Oh." She said sighing "It's only you."

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'It's only me,' Jake said, "WHere'd you learn to sing like that?'

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She shrugged alittle "I've been singing since I was little, so I guess from practice."

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"Oh i see," Jake whispered. "Would you ever want to a duet?"

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She nodded "That would be cool, any ideas?" She asked

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"I don't know," Jake said. "You pick the song."

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"I don't really know." She said shrugging

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"Just think, Marissa," Jake said.

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"Then you need to think too." She said jumping back up on the stage and walking around thinking

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"Alright," Jake said.

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"What about 'Don't Stop Believin' by Journey?" Jake asked

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"That's a really good song." Marissa said nodding

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"Alright,"Jake said.

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Jake and Marissa start singing Dont Stop Believing.

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When they finished Marissa smiled

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Jake walked away, and sang, "When I look at you" by Miley Cyrus.

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Marissa watched for a second before turning and running off the stage

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Jake heard her run off, and yelled, "Marissa, wait!"

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She didn't listen she just kept running she ran from the auditorium

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Jake ran as fast as he could. "Marissa, please wait!"

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She ignored him and ran to the football field

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Jake asked the band to play Be Your Everything by BoysLikeGirls.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Joan slipped into the room and looked around. Lots of seats and a stage. "Whoa," she murmured, walking further into the room.

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jake saw the girl walk in. "hello," he said.

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