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message 1: by Jaimey, Co-Mod (new)

Jaimey (jaimeygrant) | 409 comments Mod
I've noticed some members are having timing issues in regard to catching free eBook offers. By the time they get the email about the new discussion thread, the free offer is over.

I'm not entirely sure how Goodreads works their email or notification system since I typically ignore both. But the way I see it, there are two possible things that can be done here:

Members with free book offers can post 2-3 days before their book goes free, thus allowing other members to receive the email in time.


Members who want free books can check the site itself (; making sure it's on the "discussions" tab instead of the "updates" tab) each day to see what new 'free book' discussion threads have been posted.

Now, when it comes to those who use mobile devices to check their email and/or Goodreads, I'm not sure what to do there. Anyone who does, please share your thoughts on the matter.

Questions or comments? Please ask them here.

message 2: by Abigail (new)

Abigail (Handmaiden) | 50 comments Announcing that a book will be free 2 to 3 days before it actually is makes the most sense to me. Members who are interested in free books could check more frequently, true--but sometimes it's just not possible to do so.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

It is hard to find the ebook listing before the free days are over, especially if you have a busy schedule. This always ends up being my reason for missing out on books -- my schedule.

I think that announcing it earlier would help, or maybe lengthening the duration that the book is free by another day or so, so that there's a bit more time for readers to become aware of it.

message 4: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cclblue) | 19 comments The real trick to catching free books for readers is to receive notifications from goodreads as soon as they are posted. Most of us recieve a summary of posts at the end of the day or week. This keeps our inbox from getting too cluttered. However goodreads will allow you to change your settings so that you get an e-mail the moment something is posted. I've caught lots of free books this way. Eventually I changed my e-mails to a daily digest e-mail b/c I was getting too many e-mails. Now I miss some free books b/c The author's post actually shows up in my daily e-mail a day late.

This group also has a facebook group. I get those e-mails as soon as someone makes a comment. I like it when authors post there b/c all the info is right in the e-mail. The notifications I was getting from clean romances required me to click on a link that took me to the web page to read updates. This process was a bit slow on my ipod. With the digest at the end of the day, I get everything right in the e-mail. Hope this all makes sense!

message 5: by Jen_C (new)

Jen_C (Jen_CWhatFreeTime) I check every day for freebies but it can be hard to know if they are clean sometimes.

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