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More in the series?

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Esme Does any one if and when the next book will come out?

Heidi I've heard january or february 2013, but that was from a friend not an actual source . . .

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AA The Awesome I was wondering what is the second books name?

Esme what a long wait, I wish as soon as we finished books the next one would magically appear :)

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I just finished this! It was awesome and I can't wait for the next.

Leti Del Mar

Sandra August 27th

Esme so... far... away...

Fafa's Book Corner The second book is called Deception. I don't think the author has announced the date for when the book is coming out.

Fafa's Book Corner I'm pretty sure there will be three books in total.

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Esme ohhh YAY! :D

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Jess Nightingale I contacted CJ Redwine about this when I finished reading Defiance and her reply was:

Last year the UK released one week after the US release, so I'm assuming it will be close to the same schedule? I'll post when I know for sure!

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Jess Nightingale 27th August release in the US

Crystal I'm really excited for the next book as well. I saw a trailer on XBoxlive for a show called Defiance, and I really thought it was going to be based off this book. I watched the trailer only to find out it was just some show about aliens. I'm sure you all heard my heart shatter from where ever you are.

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Esme I did wonder what that smashing noise was... :)

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