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Rafael L. Hello, everyone. I have just downloaded the epub file of Sense and Sensibility from Project Gutenberg and I found it strange that in my e-reader it is only 266 pages long. I know sometimes the page of the ebook may contain many more characters than the page of an actual book contains, but I thought the difference was just too big to be ignored. Every edition that I have seen is more or less 350 pages long, if I'm not mistaken.

Have anyone read the same book from Project Gutenberg? May I trust it is complete? I don't want to get to the end of the book and realize it is missing a piece, but if I check the last pages and the book is indeed complete then I'm afraid I might spoil everything. You can see how difficult my life presently is.

All I know is that the book has 50 chapters. Many thanks!

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Tonya My phisical book has 50 chapters and 309 pages I don,t know if that helps. When I downlowd books on my kindle there is an info page before you download that tells you how many print pages are in the book. I don't know if your format offers that.

Rafael L. Hi, Tonya! I'm new with e-books and didn't know this feature existed. My device isn't the kindle though, and I couldn't find anything similar in mine. Thanks for the tip though!

I've compared the first chapters of the e-book with a printed one in a book shop and it seems it is indeed complete and unabrished, so I'll just carry on for now.

Thank you!

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Dee sometimes the page count - especially in epub files - depends on the size you have the viewing etc set to - there is very rarely hard page coding done into PG files

Jennifer I have the same e-book from Project Gutenberg but I can't see a number of pages in my e-reader, just I think it also depends on the device and the application used.

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Yes, the Project Gutenberg download is the complete novel.

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