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message 1: by Oleg (new)

Oleg Linkin (Maledictus) | 35 comments Hi. I develop application for this service and have problem with autorization via OAuth.
When I do request on the with OAuth I get the answer with html code of the login page. I think that is not normal. Can you help me with proper way to use OAuth in this service. Thx.

message 2: by Oleg (new)

Oleg Linkin (Maledictus) | 35 comments So. I tested 2 oauh libraries, test this python code and this ruby code and all of them don't work.

Python code returns to me:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 16, in
raise Exception('Invalid response: %s' % response['status'])
Exception: Invalid response: 401

ruby code returns:
/home/magog/.gem/ruby/1.8/gems/oauth-0.4.7/lib/oauth/consumer.rb:216:in `token_request': 401 Unauthorized (OAuth::Unauthorized)
from /home/magog/.gem/ruby/1.8/gems/oauth-0.4.7/lib/oauth/consumer.rb:136:in `get_request_token'
from test.rb:5

Any ideas? May be something wrong on your side?

message 3: by Oleg (new)

Oleg Linkin (Maledictus) | 35 comments I understand, that for authorization I need url, which gives me necessary rights, but all failes on and I got 401 status code. Where is my mistake?

message 4: by Kyle (new)

Kyle | 6 comments I am having the same trouble, did you ever figure out what was causing this issue?

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