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♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) We will try our best to keep this list updated.

Roy Glade - (King)
Quintessa Glade - Queen
Asrai Glade - Oldest Princess
Mayria Glade - Second oldest princess
Ravenna Glade - Fifth oldest princess
Ryska Glade - Youngest princess
Champagne Erised - Villager
Will Dorsson - Minor palace guard
Lace Fleet - Street-rat/thief
Maria Dischane - Theif
Steffon Blackfyre - Lord
Robert Blackfyre - Squire (inherited title of Lord)
Elisia Elle - Nobleman's daughter
Allison Lockhart - Noblewoman
Emma Books - Servant
Sir Duncan Oaktree - Knight
Cassandra DeClare - Servant
Karl Wolfkin - Hunter/Woodsman
Ri-kia Corian - Apprentice/Palace cook


Alister Koralis - King
Calen Koralis - Second oldest prince
Aryssa Koralis - The Princess
Maeve Godslayer - Knight
Steven Alexander - Knight General
Ryan Simmons - Knight Captian
Holly Fastbow - Bodyguard for hire
Varg Bowfly - Nomad/Bard/Ranger/Scoundrel
Naomi Stealth - Assassin
Faderick Mistvader - Noble
Kyle Lombaris - Knight
Eddard Stark - Swordsman
Ava Staretson - Warrior
Kheldred Mearas - Knight
Claire Rune - Servant
Jerome Cropking - Merchant
Amaya - Orphan
Richard Mearas - Knight


Xilvar Atra - Mercenary/Spy
Elenor Fey Seraid - Servant


Eliza Marie Montgomery - Second Oldest Princess
Samantha Nightshade - Fisherwoman
Melinda Litus - Merchant's daughter
Lily Light - Merchant's daughter
Avery Wooder - Thief
Madeleine Potter - Merchant's daughter
Baylee Fisherman - Fisherman's daughter
Serra Blair Baker - Yeoman


Reuben Stryker - Self-proclaimed ruler


Celine Dominique Basinette - Prince
Ioan Sanryder - Desert guide (officially that is)
Astoria (Ria) Glass - Lady of the Court/Assassin
Fala Harp - Commoner
Salahaladin Shazad Abboud - Lord
Shalia Ehra Abboud - Lady


Farah Forestyne - Knight
Jellal Alphonse Cnidaria - Eldest Prince
Novazandra Careena Torquela - Blacksmith's apprentice
Ariadne Danae Danae - Peasant/Servant
Jepzail Conoscenza - Villager

Wanderers (Don't have a kingdom to call home)

Eric Raisasson - Wanderer
Barbara Dedrea - Thief
Revin - Unknown
Liana Jest - Troubadour
Diablo de Gigante - Warrior/mercenary
Xaren Elcaiz - Rogue Knight
Elzir Krackaes - Rogue Knight
Raizen Armatae - Rogue Knight
Valshe Shiki - Jester
Neko Shiki - Valshe's servant
Wulfstan - Caravan guard
Serza Wildwood - Wanderer
Quellon Sunderly - Master Scholar
Shayera Hawthrone - Wanderer
Garek Entariin - Mercenary
Dae Ilfirin - Refugee from other lands
Canter Freewind - Theif
Mitsikune Haninozuka - Noble
Elektra - Noble

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Please, if your character is not on the list, or you would like to make a royal, please comment here. :)

message 3: by Lucyfir (new)

Lucyfir | 11 comments I only created one character and will only stick with one character until he dies. When he dies, I will create a new one. It's the format I'm used to sticking to when I roleplay. It allows for more character development and more detailed actions.

message 4: by Sage of Souls, General of Bellurn, King of Tamor (new)

Sage of Souls (SageofSouls) | 366 comments Mod
While that particular style is efficient, having only one character does not necessarily mean that other characters could not develop just as much as that one character can, nor does it mean that that character's development would be hindered due to the possession and roleplaying of other characters. In most cases, such interactions actually allow for more options to be opened up, as it not only allows for a more personal and specific interaction and relationship between those characters, as each of those characters is designed to the letter in your own mind and you know those characteristics fully, as opposed to them belonging to someone else's imagination, but also gives you a wider range of activity and involvement within the group as a whole and allows you to see more of the world and interact with more characters, allowing you to reflect back to other characters and modify or develop them to be able to relate to other peoples' characters in a way that would not be possible if you did not first have another character(s) interacting with them, first. I will not refute or deny such a style of roleplaying (as it is not my place to do so, and, even if it was, I would still not do so), as that is your choice, but I would encourage you to add another character or two to your party for this group so that you may better experience the group as a whole. Ultimately, the choice is yours, however, and I respect either choice. I'm only trying to help promote activity and allow people to have characters open and ready or soon to be ready for other people to be able to interact with in the group, rather than having them sit there and wait for someone to finish, which could take days to weeks to months, depending on the person's or those people's activity within the group or on Goodreads, altogether, thus allowing a larger spike of activity that lasts longer than a smaller one would, while at the same time promoting word-of-mouth advertising to other people through the group’s current members based on the amount of activity and the quality of the group as a whole.

message 5: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod
My character, Tarn Praetorius Hyde, is not on the list, just so ya know.

message 6: by Sage of Souls, General of Bellurn, King of Tamor (new)

Sage of Souls (SageofSouls) | 366 comments Mod
You hadn't been active. XD

message 7: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod
Ok. I am now. And sorry for not being active,my charrie only got approved recently and I was only notified by a message I didn't get until yesterday, but I like this group and may even make another character, to be more active.

message 8: by Sage of Souls, General of Bellurn, King of Tamor (new)

Sage of Souls (SageofSouls) | 366 comments Mod
.............................I'm not going to say it anymore after this. If anyone thinks that that's how we operate in this group, then I'll let them just sit there. You don't need to be approved to start RPing!

message 9: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod
Yes, I realise that, and have since yesterday, hence I then became active. And, even if you don't need to be approved, I still, for some reason got a message from Tabi telling me I had been approved. I am sorry to force you to reinstate the lack of need vis a vis approval.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Because you asked if your character was on the list, and I said yes, it was. I assumed that you had been reading the updates on the rules and stuff to see that approval was nixed here, but I guess I assumed too much. My bad. ;p

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The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod
Sorry, and Hello?? You're still here???

Then be mod and sort this sorry lot out, I'm doing what I can, but that's not so much.

((Disclaimer: This user formally apologises for any perceived slight upon the authority of the reader; this is purely coincidental. Thank you [come again] ))

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) I've been on vacation, which I did tell people of in the group. I'm here now, so what are you telling me to do? I'm just trying to make sense of what's been happening the last few weeks I've been gone so please bear with me.

message 13: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod
Ok. I for one never knew bout the vacation, but hey *repeats disclaimer*. S'all good.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Ok. Well I did post about it several times...but as you said, it's all chill.

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The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) So do you have a character free, since I'm open with a few myself.

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The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod
Ummm... Kind of. I have a dude who has a grudge and is recruiting a force to prove his worth. He already has 4000 horse from his noble father. ((I don't even know if that's allowed))

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Um, I'd say that's a lot from one person...a thousand would be more like a reasonable number. I have a mercenary girl who he could meet if you want.

message 19: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod
Ok. 1000 'tis. I now have to go on an editing campaign. Meanwhile, he's anywhere in Bellurn, or at the Bellurn/Divessa Border.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Alrighties. I'll have her pop up somewhere there.

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The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod
Ok. Where, particularly?

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Where would you like? I don't want to butt into another already active RP session.

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The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod
Ummm *looks* There's a northern forest?

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Sounds good. :) I'll post there, then I have to leave for today.

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The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod
Ok. Have a nice real life.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Is the Northern forest you were talking about in Bellurn, or Tamor?

message 27: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod
Bellurn. Soz.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Mkay. I shall post there in a minute :)

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The Phantom (ZeroSummations) | 484 comments Mod

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