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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Yoffa (webbiegrrlwriter) | 60 comments So I thought of this for a couple of reasons and decided to just make a thread. I hope that's all right with the Moderators? Why do we need this thread? For one thing, we have the Are you an Author? thread so shouldn't we also have one for editors and proofreaders?

Robb Grindstaff, you're already offering editorial services, exploiting your 30+ years in journalism.

Vered Ehsani, aren't you also doing editing on the side? Or just book reviews?

I'm sure we have other editors or wannabe editors here, as well as some who'd like to be a proofreader (for pay), don't we?

Which brings me to another reason I wanted to start this thread: I'm looking to start proofreading and editing others on the side, both as a means to make some extra cash and so as to keep my editing skills honed. It's a lot easier to be objective with someone else's work than it is with one's own and I've been told over the years (gawwwd that makes me sound so old!) that I'm pretty darn good at critiquing when I set my mind to it.


I'd like to be an editor and/or proofreader for fellow Indie Authors. Part time. I'm an incredibly fast reader but my turnaround time would be influenced by a lot of other factors (what of my own I'm working on at the moment and when it's scheduled for release, what time of year it is--craziness around the Christian holiday season November/December/January, and other similar outside factors).

I don't usually proofread (or re-read and edit) my own posts here on Goodreads so I guess I might have to start doing that if I want to claim I can proofread.

Finally, until I get several books done that I can "advertise" as examples of my ability to do the work, I'll probably work "for free" (in exchange for a testimonial / permission to use the testimonial as marketing/advertising my services). This means newbies will flock to me but who knows, I just might discover some talent, a gem in the rough that just needs the polish of experience, eh?

I don't like it when an editor tells me the HOW to fix things but prefer just having a clear WHAT does not work and WHY so that's what I'll provide as a content editor. Sometimes, that includes a suggestion as to what or how to fix a plotting or pacing issue, but I won't rewrite anyone (other than myself).

I would prefer not to do line editing (aka copy editing) which I sometimes call "wordsmithing." I think it's the author's job to choose the words and an editor's job to tell the author if something's not working well. It's still up to the author to find something else that WILL work (better).

Please contact me via email (below) or here on Goodreads if you're interested in hiring me as a proofreader (someone to find your typos or correct your spelling/grammar/punctuation) or a content editor (someone to tell you when pacing or plotting or character development needs work). I can read/work on genres outside the areas of my personal taste but I prefer to work on romance (not paranormal), suspense, mystery, crime, military fiction, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy (not paranormal) or children's books (up to middle grade, not including "YA")


message 2: by Cassie (last edited Jun 26, 2014 09:50PM) (new)

Cassie McCown (cassie629) | 2 comments I am an editor/proofreader! :-) You can find out more about me and the services I offer here:

Gathering Leaves

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Yoffa (webbiegrrlwriter) | 60 comments Cassie wrote: "I am an editor/proofreader! :-) You can find out more about me and the services I offer here:


Gathering Leaves"

And I can vouch for Cassie being a very GOOD editor, too! She did both of my SciFi titles. Extremely flexible on customizing an author's needs. Thank you again for making it such a painless experience for me, Cassie.

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather | 3 comments I'm glad you created this thread, Sarah. However, I'm lamenting my unfinished editing website because I want to post it in this thread...

But I can't, so here's the rundown: I have a keen eye for errors, I excel in creating apt, active sentences, I ENJOY the challenge of editing, and I am flexible, responsible, professional, and smart. I prefer copy editing over content editing at this point in my career, but I'm open to everything.

I think submitting a sample page for editing is an author's best strategy for choosing an editor. Submit the same four or five page document to multiple editors, and see who does the best job.

It fascinates me that 99% of the editing websites and solicitations have errors/mistakes themselves.

If you are an author looking for a copy editor, message me. Let me give you the chance to see what I can do.

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Yoffa (webbiegrrlwriter) | 60 comments Hah, Heather that's a pretty funny stat about errors. Also interesting is that I'm just the opposite when it comes to copy vs content editing. I prefer the larger strokes of pacing and development over the wordsmithing of line editing (aka copy editing). I can do both, however, and find most authors are like me and prefer to control the content, allowing an editor to just polish off the edges. It's definitely interesting to see it from both sides!

I'm sure for proofreading and basic line editing, your suggestion of submitting a few pages to an editor or sampling of editorial choices would work to quickly weed out those who cannot, themselves, spell or punctuate. I'm not sure if it would necessarily demonstrate an editor's ability to improve plotting or pacing issues.

I don't have a web site up yet myself, so don't worry about that :) I'm actually going to close the Webbiegrrl's Writings blog next week to set something up! If I don't schedule it, it won't get done.

message 6: by Robb (last edited Oct 17, 2012 01:18PM) (new)

Robb Grindstaff (robb_grindstaff) Yes, I'm an editor. It supports my writing habit.

I always recommend to writers hiring an editor:
-- Get references you know you can trust
-- Get a free sample edit of at least 5-10 pages so you can see how the editor works
-- Make sure the editor is a good fit for you - for your voice, your style, your genre, your story

As Sarah points out, there are different types of edits. Editors may use different terminology also, so be sure to get a definition of what the editor will do exactly with any particular type of edit.

I also agree that editors shouldn't typically rewrite the author's work. Point out plot or character or consistency issues, or whatever issues show up, give advice and suggestions on possible options to improve those issues. For detailed line editing, I do change words or restructure sentences to show how to smooth out and improve prose and clarity. But I do everything in 'track changes' mode so the writer can see exactly what I changed (and why, because I'll explain the change in a margin comment). The writer can then accept or reject the change, or rewrite it herself to solve the problem. Any editing change I make is a 'suggestion,' hopefully most of them are good suggestions. But it's always the author's final decision.

Proofreading, or copy editing, is just correcting errors, doesn't address story problems or the writing itself, just fixes technical/mechanical problems with typos, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Like Sarah mentioned, I also started just critiquing friends' works, then doing a few edits for free to learn how to do it better and to build up some references. Today, 5 years later, I'm booked up with clients 3 months in advance. The explosion of self-publishing and indie publishing has created a huge market need for editors out there. It used to be that I edited for writers who wanted to polish a manuscript before querying agents. Now, it often goes from my edits to Amazon. That's created a whole different approach to editing, as well. Instead of one edit to help a writer improve a manuscript, I often do two or three edits, all different types of edits, on one novel until it's ready to upload and inflict on the reading public.

message 7: by Monica (new)

Monica Porta (MonicaLaPorta) | 196 comments Just chiming in to vouch for Cassie as well. She was the proofreader for both my published books :)

message 8: by Sarah (last edited Oct 19, 2012 10:09AM) (new)

Sarah Yoffa (webbiegrrlwriter) | 60 comments Robb wrote: "For detailed line editing, I do change words or restructure sentences to show how to smooth out and improve prose and clarity...."

See, Robb, I call that the same as copy editing. I'll admit I sometimes think proofreading is just correcting typos, nothing more, nothing less, no wordsmithing. That's my word for polishing up the words or sentence structure to smooth out and improve the prose or clarity, or to maintain diction (voice of the expositive) for the POV character.

I think wordsmithing is the single-most common MISunderstood activity. Why? Because although it is, technically, changing the readability of the text, it is not, as you say, impacting the story problems, writing itself or "big picture" issues that content editing or developmental editing might address.

I'm curious about something else you said, Robb, and it's possible it might be better to take this offline, I dunno. You decide and reply as you see fit. You said (my emphasis added to the point of interest):

"It used to be that I edited for writers who wanted to polish a manuscript before querying agents. Now, it often goes from my edits to Amazon. That's created a whole different approach to editing, as well. Instead of one edit to help a writer improve a manuscript, I often do two or three edits, all different types of edits, on one novel until it's ready to upload and inflict on the reading public."

My personal writing and editing style for my own books is recursive drafts--one pass to correct pacing and/or character voice, plotting development, similar "story arc" level problems; one pass to correct internal consistencies and do wordsmithing; one pass to proofread and clean up any missed typos. I think I made Cassie and my other readers crazy with this 3 times in a row reading but it has worked very well for me in terms of clean and polished manuscripts by the time I'm done.

My question is this, Robb, what are your different edits setting out to accomplish? Similar to my 3-pass method? And do you charge one flat rate for "editing" or do you charge for each pass, a different rate for the different activity? That is, do you give the Author the opportunity to pinch pennies and decline (forex) to have the expensive content editor also doing proofreading when there are free resources available to proofread after content and developmental editing is finished?

I'm pretty clear on rates (average, high, low) and for prolific writers like myself, it's darn expensive to be charged by the word, even fractional pennies, but I'm still trying to figure out how much to give an Author for the rate before I say enough is enough. I mean, there's a contractual definition of what was agreed upon and then there's "goodwill" and to be honest, people like Cassie and others have done a heck of a lot of "good will" work for me. I feel I need to pay it forward at times. Then again, I ran my own graphics and web development business for 5 years in the 90s. I know how much "oh just one more thing" clients can suck out of a Sole Proprietor. I never experienced what so many others did in terms of not getting paid or only getting part of the pay. I always had a schedule for both deliveries and payments, agreed upon up front and no one was ever dissatisified with my work but.... Authors are a different beast altogether :-) Being one myself, I kinda know.

Any tips you can give, Robb, would probably help not only new-to-the-field types like myself, but also help Authors seeking an Editor to understand exactly how this business works. Sometimes, I think Authors figure the title "Editor" is just a slick way for a Beta Reader to demand huge amounts of money for doing what others do for free. Education on the field as it changes can only be a good thing, eh? ^)^


message 9: by Heather (new)

Heather (ham1299) Yes, I'm an editor, too. I have worked for newspapers, Demand Studios (publishers of many websites, including eHow), and a few authors on their novels. While a majority of my experience and training is in copy editing, I will find and note any other issues I discover:

Plot issues
Character development

I have a highly effective editing process:
1. Straight read of the book. This makes me familiar with the book, the characters, the plot, and the author's writing style, making it so that when I edit, I can keep coming events in mind as I edit earlier sections in the story. This helps me notice inconsistencies, foreshadowing, etc.
2. Take a short break. Read something completely different to clear my head. This allows me to start my editing fresh and at the top of my game.
3. Editing read. I get out my red pen (or virtual red pen, if it's on my computer) and read through the book at a slower pace. I mark everything I find: spelling, punctuation, grammar, plot questions, character issues, etc.
4. Return to author. I leave it up to the author to accept or ignore any and all of my editing suggestions. This is your work. I'm here to help you make it the best it can be. I am always available to answer any questions you might have at any time. If you would like me to take another look at some parts – or the whole book – just let me know. I will work with you until you are satisfied that the book is the best it can be.

Some of the authors I've worked with:
Michael J. Sullivan
Our very own Kristen Taber
Bryce W. Anderson

Here is my (new) Elance profile:

One of my more critical (of editing errors) reviews:

message 10: by Robb (new)

Robb Grindstaff (robb_grindstaff) Sarah, I was referring to a process with 2-3 editing passes in which each pass addresses different aspects. Some writers want all of this, some only want or need one particular type of edit, or they have someone else to do the final proofread. Everything is tailored to each writer's needs and budget, and how each writer prefers to work (do they want me to edit the whole manuscript at once, or send them a few chapters at a time, etc). I do provide a set follow-up period after editing to handle all those 'one more thing' requests. I want to be there to answer questions and discuss things with my clients as they revise their manuscripts, but yeah, I can't still be answering questions a year or two later.

message 11: by Manuscript (new)

Manuscript Edit | 1 comments Hi, I'm an editor, for more regarding about our services and prices visit

message 12: by Heather (new)

Heather | 3 comments Hi,

I'm just popping back in to update my post with my new website: Please don't hesitate to dialogue with me, ask me questions, or send me your project du jour.


message 13: by Kayla (new)

Kayla West | 2 comments I am a proofreader who thoroughly enjoys this line of work. Here is the link to find out more about my services:
I have worked on the Plague Wars series by David VanDyke, and am currently working on another series that should be released later this year.

message 14: by Kayla (new)

Kayla West | 2 comments Kayla wrote: "I am a proofreader who thoroughly enjoys this line of work. Here is the link to find out more about my services:
I have worked on the Plague Wars ..."

I also do reviews if anyone is interested. Only honest reviews mind you, and I absolutely adore fantasy novels.

message 15: by Jim (new)

Jim Liston (Jimsgotweb) | 2 comments If you've tried to edit your own writing I'm sure you've found it's very difficult. You end up reading what you meant to write instead of what's written. You need to have someone look at your work before it's published or you run the risk of having a reviewer "slam" you on Amazon. I'm a published author and have done professional editing.

I will proofread your document and check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. I will also find awkward sentence structure and suggest corrections. Using the "Track Changes" feature in Word, I will send you the completed document with all changes made and the document for you to "accept" or "decline" each change.

If you would like an example of my editing, send me the first 500 words of your document and I'll edit them for free.

I look forward to working with you.

message 16: by Brittany (last edited Mar 30, 2014 08:03AM) (new)

Brittany | 1 comments I'd like to offer my proofreading and copy editing services to indie authors. I'm a professional writer and editor with over two years' experience at a publishing company. I am open to any genre. Please check out my website,, for more information. Cheers!

message 17: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Rae | 4 comments Hey, guys! My name is Nikki and I wanted to tell everyone about my new editing site for independent authors, Metamorphosis Editing Services. I've been writing and editing for over ten years and I love helping out my fellow writers. I look forward to providing affordable services and feedback while transforming your work into the best it can be!

Beta Reading: $.0015 Per Word:
This is one of the first stages of revision. If you aren't ready to have your piece completely re-worked and just want a second opinion on the plot, characters, and general suggestions, this is the package for you. We will read your manuscript and then send you extensive notes on how you can make your writing stronger.

Detailed Copy Editing: $.0025 Per Word:
Do you think your manuscript is fine as far as plot and characterization goes, but aren't sure about the grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, transitions, or sentence structure? With this package, we cover all of those things!

Proof Reading: $.0035 Per Word:
(For more than one read through, add $50)
Proof Reading is a combination of beta reading and copy editing. We will check over plot and characterization as well fix grammar, punctuation, word choice, and make line edits (sentence structure) suggestions. We will provide comments in the margin of the manuscript for specific suggestions as well as at the end of the piece for general suggestions.

Synopsis Editing: $35 Flat Rate:
If you have a rough draft of your synopsis or need suggestions for one you aren't sure about, we will do our best to make it clear, concise, and to the point. It is our goal to have people read your synopsis and grab your book!

Please check it out! : )

Website: http://metamorphosiseditingservices.b...

message 18: by Derek (new)

Derek | 1 comments Hello fellow readers and writers,

I've just joined this group as it seems ideal for me - I'm an avid reader of adventure, action and comedy (especially farces) and love talking about things I've read.

I wanted to post here to say that I am a proofreader and want to get into proofreading books for independent publishers. If you'd like to find out more about me, you can contact me through my website, which also gives more details about the proofreading services I offer:

Looking forward to chatting...


message 19: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Rae | 4 comments Hey, guys! Metamorphosis Editing Services is opening submissions for Beta Reading and Editing for February on!
Take a look at the site and email us if you have any questions!
Website: http://metamorphosiseditingservices.b...
Email us:
Here are the prices below! : )

Beta Reading: $.0015 Per Word

Detailed Copy Editing: $.0025 Per Word

Proof Reading: $.0035 Per Word

Synopsis Editing: $35 Flat Rate

We look forward to hearing from you!

message 20: by S. (new)

S. Gari (SJaneGari) | 1 comments Hello everyone. Just found this great thread, so I thought I'd chime in as well. I'm a veteran English teacher and traditionally published author. Editing is something that comes second nature, and like others on this thread, it helps to fund my writing habit. I've worked with screenwriters, short story authors, memoir writers and novelists.

I develop an individualized approach to each project that caters to the writer's needs and goals. Most often, I conduct line and developmental edits simultaneously for a manuscript, which consists of proofreading as well as critiquing the narrative arc, character development and point of view. I will also give my commentary on subjective issues like character credibility and the emotional impact of a story.

These days I am also getting more requests for help with query and synopsis writing and to prepare a comprehensive submission package for authors who are seeking literary representation.

You can learn more about me and my services at:!services/c...

message 21: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Rae | 4 comments Hi, guys! I'm an indie author and the head editor over at Metamorphosis editing services. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and professional editing for authors! We edit everything from small to large, fiction, non fiction, poetry, blog posts, and more! Please take a second to check out our website and email us with any questions. : )

Website: http://metamorphosiseditingservices.b...

message 22: by Momma (last edited Sep 21, 2015 08:01AM) (new)

Momma (MommaChaos) | 1 comments Hi guys! I just found this older thread as well! I have been proofreading for indie authors for the past few years. I have a few loyal clients who I do all their books. I would love to branch out more and start working with some new clients!

Here's my page talking more about what I do :

If interested, please email me :

message 23: by Monique (new)

Monique (moniquetheeditrix) | 1 comments Hi Authors.

I'm a freelance editor who has worked successfully on 5 full length novels and 2 novella's as a developmental editor and copy-editor. I have also proofread various novels and am in the process of editing a soon-to-be released debut novel. I am currently booking for the rest of the year.

I'm running a special offer for authors who decide to work with me from now through Christmas. Not only will I do a free sample edit of any 3-4 pages of your manuscript, but if you choose to work with me, an additional 4 pages (or 1000 words) will also be free of charge.

I generally charge per page, but I know a a lot of indie authors do not have a big budget for editing, so authors can request a quote for both per page and per word fees. I will then sign off on the cheaper quotation.

I respect the author's voice and only do rewrites with the author's permission.

I have 2 spots available for October, 4 in November and 5 in December.

For more on services and pricing, please see my website

message 24: by Tony (new)

Tony Held | 2 comments Am I an editor/proofreader? You bet I am. I have edited over 100 books since I opened Held Editing Services in 2012.
I am currently looking to work with more fiction authors who write the following genres:

Mystery (hard boiled detective, amateur sleuth, or police procedural-no courtroom drama or anti-climactic, ambiguous crime noir, please)

For fiction, I also work with fantasy authors (nothing too dark and brooding, please), literary (ditto), and sci-fi (nothing dark and Orwellian, please)

I offer copy, line, and developmental editing, as well as proofreading.

A word about the importance of hiring an editor. I know publishing a book is now easier thanks to the number of publishing platforms available on the Internet, but I cannot stress enough how the democratization of book publishing thanks to Amazon Kindle, CreateSpace, Lulu, and others does not mean your should skip the step of having your book edited first. Being an author as well as an editor, I can vouch for how thinking self-publishing means book editors are not needed can get you in a jam one, two, three when you hit "publish" and are quickly slammed by negative reviews or message board posts that rag you about typos, grammar mistakes, plot holes, and more. I tore my hair out over some of this during a doomed attempt to publish a short book on Lulu in 2012. If I had the wisdom to bite the bullet and hire a book editor, the only thing I would have had to face was the challenge of drumming up interest in my book, not being swarmed by nitpickers like mosquitoes.

If you are thinking "I need a book editor", or "What can a book editor do for me?", or "I've gotta get an editor for my book!", give Held Editing Services a try. And if you find me via Goodreads, you are eligible for %20 off on any editing service.

-Tony Held
Held Editing Services

Website: (New site coming soon)
E-mail: (FYI: I do not respond to mass bcc'd queries sent out to editors by authors seeking editorial services.)

message 25: by Authenu (new)

Authenu | 1 comments Hi all

I'm also an academic editor and have an expertise in substantive editing. So, i wanted to share my experience working as an editor & proofreader. I offer thesis and manuscript editing services to the research scholars and at times, i really feel more worried than being troubled by the writing skills of the postgraduates. There are such silly mistakes that i tend to get frustrated about the work like how would i manage to do that in two days when they themselves can't do it in two or three years. However, i complete the editing projects on time but that is not really the issue. The issue is how the scholars neglect the basic knowledge acquisition of language and sentences. And yes, we are here to furnish their writings but to whole new level and not just for improving their spelling errors.

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