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End of book question *Spolier*

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Debra Lochridge I just finished the book and the very last paragraph has me a little confused?

Is it Perry that she is chasing through the woods? What would he be saying that she "needed to hear?"
Maybe this was an obvious conclusion but I needed more confirmation. Anyone?

Amanda Burns i hope its Perry she's chasing lol, but seriously, when i finished the book i was just like what...was that??

Debra Lochridge I figured it was but just wasn't sure.
I thought I had it all figured out...
How the second book would go. I guess not.
Besides, now that I think about. If he recieved the violet flower there is no way he wouldn't go searching for her.

Amanda Burns I know me too, tht whole exchange at the end was a little bit confusing lol I seriously cannot wait until the next book!

Rashika (is tired) I believe it was Perry she was chasing because she said "telling her in tones as warm as fire" and thats almost how she described Perry's voice. :)
and also in the synopsis of the second book it says that Perry and Aria are reunited, so yeah i am guessing thats what happens here. :)

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Joey I hope he said that he loved her! that would have been so sweet!!

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Yeah it was Perry and he's telling her, "in tones as warm as fire, the words she wanted to hear." Not needed to hear. In the peek of the next book he tells her, "You're here, I can't believe you're here. I missed you so much"

Rashika (is tired) Joey wrote: "I hope he said that he loved her! that would have been so sweet!!"

Yeah he said he missed her but i also wished he had told her he loved her. she needed to hear it. :/

Erin i think it was Perry as well, if you read into the context clue's it explains a little easier that it was Perry and because he asked where she was so... :) thats what i think

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