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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (RHBray14) | 8 comments Mod
appearance:(picture pleasee)
from:(can be anywhere around the world)
backstory: (like how they survived an alien attack, family, why they are going to the safe house)

message 2: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (RHBray14) | 8 comments Mod
Name: Jamie
age: 18
gender: female
from: California
backstory: aliens had come and killed her parents (vicious!) and she was the only one who made it out alive and she went to the one place that was safe from these little feinds...the safehouse

message 3: by M.C. (last edited Oct 07, 2012 12:43PM) (new)

M.C. O'Neill (MCONeill) | 2 comments Name: Cambry Ray Arundell
Age: 19
Gender: Male
From: Chicago, Illinois
Backstory: Cambry was abducted when he was thirteen by serial killer Edmond Leeroy Starkey from the Old Orchard Shopping Complex. Unlike most who had crossed Starkey's path, Cambry was not murdered, but was "volunteered" by the psychopath as an apprentice. Years later, Starkey was apprehended after a four-hour shootout with the National American Police Forces. Unable to cut a deal with the courts, Cambry was sentenced to twenty-five years in the Joliet Correctional Supermax for aiding and abetting. One day during his work detail, the yard was lit with immense fire from above. The prison's walls were breached and this young man found freedom in a hostile new world.

message 4: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (RHBray14) | 8 comments Mod
((Sorry I was not home when you made your character!))
That's really good! And detailed, your missing appearance but doesn't matter. Once other people finally make a character you can start role playing

message 5: by M.C. (new)

M.C. O'Neill (MCONeill) | 2 comments Cool! It'll happen. I need to find a good pic that would suit Cambry well.

message 6: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (RHBray14) | 8 comments Mod
((Y'all should really make a character, I'm thinking about deleting the group since no one is even commenting))

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