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What DID Gideon forget in Eva's apt in Book 1?

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Ilana among all the other amazing stuff in Reflected....we never found out what Gideon forgot in Eva's apt in Bared to you right? i wonder if we'll EVER find out!

Sonia i was wondering the same thing!!!!!!

Deon Sylvia Day posted somehere...don't remeber where.. that it was not important to the story. So it might not ever come up. I think it was to drive home the point that he already had a key to her place and if you read Reflected you saw where Eva GAVE him the key to her place as a gift.

Ilana oh i didn't see that she posted that. i think that it made for some good conversation though.

mind you in book 1 Eva mentions that she never actually 'gave' him keys - he made copies. it's not until later that she gifts them to him. although at the time that he made copies, HE gave her his key to his apt....

Rustys I think he went back inside to punch Cary for being a jerk!

Paris        (kerbytejas) I thinks its because i really didn't matter to the story line

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Mx3 She posted that he went back to gets his meds for his sleep problem.

Lisa Balli Sylvia Day posted on her page that he forgot his medication

Terry I thought of that today when I was doing a re-listen of the both audiobooks back to back. It seemed important to the end of 1st book, but it's never mentioned in the 2nd. Glad to know it was his meds ( wait--he didn't have a stash in his penthouse? Hmm, I think Gideon was way too careful to not cover his bases in that regard.)

Megan I am a pretty big poster on Sylvia's message board. She said it was his sleeping pills. What he went in for was irreverent though, it was to show he had a copy of her key to her house.

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