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is it wrong to be in love with a character in a book?
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ok so this discussion can go for any book but i just chose a book that i loved. i loved this series sooo much! People say team derek or team lucas. but is it wrong to want either one as your boyfriend? dont get me wrong i am team derek all the way but he and lucas are both very cute or thats what i got from the books :)I would be happy with either one of them more of derek but still. why cant i have a boyfriend like that? why he cant just pop up in my life and ask me to marry him? haha anyway is it wrong cause after all they arent real or if its not who would you want to just pop up in your life:)

Hey, I don't blame you! I secretly wish I had two smoking gott guys fighting over me like that!! Lol, i can't decide...

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Jul 07, 2013 10:16AM

I don't have a side. Both guys did something that I don't like. I 99% don't fall in love with characters. I'm more like this guy would be perfect for this girl. Sorry, I get crushes on real guys.

It's fine! i dont fall in love with a lot of the guys in books, but if they sound really awsome then yeah i will

i guess its just the way c.c hunter describes them they both seem so perfect

lol, no. Im in love with a lot of book characters but i know that that will never happen :/

Haha not at all! I'm personally team Lucas, or I was until I read the end of the fourth book! Whispers At Moonrise. I can't wait for the fifth book to come out.

OMG thats sooo true but i want her to choose Lucus. she and him go a long way back and in the end of the secong book AWAKE AT DAWN he is a jerk to kylie and Lucus will be whatever and whoever she wants him to be.

no way, i fall in love with most of the guys in my books lol. i'm team Derek all the way. Derek just loves her no matter what see is. Lucas on the other hand feels too controlling and he really wants her to be were. i dont know i don't like him

I have seen so many comments about how the reader are in love with the character in this book, which shows how successful this book it. There is no right or wrong about feeling in love with characters, because that's how good books effect the readers!

no its not i fall in love with so many characters, adn if they were real i wound't know who to choose!!!<3

nah, nah, nah, it's not wrong! i have million and zillion of ficticious crushes ;)

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