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Discuss volume 3 here. Don't talk about later volumes. You can mention volumes 1 and 2, but try to talk mostly about volume 3.

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Seeing as this is the only MR I have the hard copy of, I got through these 3 volumes pretty quick. I mostly had to wait for them to come in, then I raced through them.

This was an interesting volume. I don't like that a big plot point was given away in the description on the back of the book though. Thanks for leaving no surprises there. However, it said nothing about the transfer student (whose name I can't remember).

Honestly, I'm not completely sure what Ichio's visit has to do with anything. I'm sure it'll play a role in later volumes, but for now it seemed pointless. But, I liked being able to understand more about how Yuki and Kaname became close and Zero's reaction after his parents were attacked.

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