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Soon-yiHearto ((u can start here))

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Raccontail licked himself clean.

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Soon-yiHearto Friskystar came out of her den

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+Blue+ (MistyMoon) | 104 comments Mod
Moonpelt, slept in... 'zzz'

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Soon-yiHearto friskystar turned around. "oh, hello snowheart" friskystar said dipping her head back in return

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

RAccontail padded up to his leader and Snowheart.

message 7: by Soon-yiHearto (new)

Soon-yiHearto "yes i have" friskystar said. "hello, raccontail" friskystar said dipping her head in respect of her warriors

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+Blue+ (MistyMoon) | 104 comments Mod
Moonpelt wakes up, 'hunh?' she hears talking outside.

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+Blue+ (MistyMoon) | 104 comments Mod
Moonpelt got up and streched, then started out of the warriors den. 'Hello Friskystar' she dips her head respectfully. 'Are the patrols out, do you need me to take one out?' she asks.

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Soon-yiHearto "no the patrols havent left yet, but they should" friskystar said dipping her head again. "here come graytail and flowerpaw goin out on a dawn patrol" the leader said

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments Fireclaw walkes out of his den he blushes when he sees Snowheart,but then he walkes over to the nursery.((hi Moka))

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments ((hi Mizore))"I'll go"Fireclaw said.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments Fireclaw went to the nursery to check on the kits brfore he went on patrol.

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Soon-yiHearto "ok then. the night patrol will be fireclaw and snowheart, but in the mean time, i need u 2 go get some more fresh kill. the elders will be waking up soon and we should be ready 2 feed them." friskystar said.

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Soon-yiHearto "ok" friskystar said.

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Soon-yiHearto "yes. ill be heading out of camp in a few mins. so wat ever u need 2 do, do it now" friskystar said walking 2 the rock that stood in the center. she climbed on it and looked at the sun threw the trees

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments as the sun went down fireclaw went out of his den to go see Snowheart."Snowheart where are you?"fireclaw whisperd.

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Racoontail walked out of camp to hunt.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments "ok im coming lets go on patrol "fireclaw said.fireclaw walked over to snowheart.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments Fireclaw followed."First,lets check the thunder path"fireclaw said.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments So they went to the thunder path they did'nt see anything but they could smell riverclan cats on the other side.

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Raccoontail was chasing a rabbit when he ran into Snowheart. "Fox Dung!" he hissed.

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"I was about to catch some prey. You watch it!" Raccoontail snorted.

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"You were in the way and even a deaf cat could've heard me chasing the rabbit" he shot back.

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"I was trying to catch prey. I wasn't expecting a cat to be standing in my way" Raccoontail grumbled.

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"Aren't you supposed t be watching for cats" Raccoontail pointed out.

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Raccoontail roled his eyes. "Sure, whatever you say" he growled.

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"Stupid furball" Raccoontail hissed.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments "racoontail be qwiet as i said theres river clan cats on the other side of this path!"Fireclaw hissed.

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"Snowheart was talking to, mousebrain" he growled.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments ((mousebrain isnt here were on patrol))"we will tell the leader amidaitly!" Fireclaw said.

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"Tell 'em what" raccoontail asked not wanting to get in trouble.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments ((dude mouse brain snt here WE ARE ON PATROL!!!!!!))"Friskystar we smelled riverclan cats neer the thunder path!"Fireclaw explained.

message 34: by Earthbound(Alec A.) (last edited Feb 15, 2009 02:05PM) (new)

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments "isnt that right Snowheart?"fireclaw said as he turned he noticed skyeyes he blushed but then he remembers snowheart then he turned to her and blushed.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments ((well my cat has a crush on you so i need to do somthing at least))

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments (( i know in real life but theres also no such thing as cats as clans so lets just let me blush))

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments ((sorry if you think i was mean i just want to do something))

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments ((i know that just let me blush in the role play please))

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments ((ya))"we have to do something fast!"Fireclaw said.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments "I'll take a parol of cats to the area friskystar"Fireclaw said.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments "Snowheart come with me i wnt to talk to you private"Fireclaw said."its about racoontail i dont trust him:" fireclaw said. "this is secrete hats why i told you please dont tell anyone.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments Fireclaw alkes into his den sadly and then lays down to think.

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+Blue+ (MistyMoon) | 104 comments Mod
moonpelt was back in the den warriors den trying to sleep 'hi fireclaw how are you? I am deciding to go on the patrol or stay here... whats wrong?'

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments "nothing its just that.....i have my suspicions on someone."Fireclaw said.

message 45: by Sam (new)

Sam Sparrowtail came out of the warrios' den. She yawned.

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 41 comments "moonpelt i need to think."FIreclaw said.

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Soon-yiHearto friskystar saw sparrowtail. she walked over. "good morning"

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+Blue+ (MistyMoon) | 104 comments Mod
'Ok Fireclaw I'll leave.' Moonpelt walks out of the warriors den. She gets ready to go hunt.

message 49: by Soon-yiHearto (new)

Soon-yiHearto friskystar sees moonpelt. "moonpelt" she called

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+Blue+ (MistyMoon) | 104 comments Mod
'Yes Friskystar' Moonpelt says as she walks over to her leader.

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