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Questions > How to remove duplicate/obsolete author profile?

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message 1: by Paulus (new)

Paulus | 8 comments Hi,

My first post, so maybe just a newbie issue?

I've merged books from Ducth author Marcel Möring, who appeared to have two author profile pages.

On the obsolete profile I've now put a note referring to the correct profile page. However, it seems a better option to completely remove the obsolete profile. How can this be done?

Correct profile: Marcel Möring
Obsolete profile: Marcel Möring

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.



message 2: by Parul (new)

Parul | 191 comments Done.
What I did was edit the author's name in the duplicate profile to be same as correct profile's one. This way the obsolete profile gets replaced with the already existing and correct one.

message 3: by Paulus (new)

Paulus | 8 comments Thanks for your help, thanks for the explanation!

message 4: by Parul (new)

Parul | 191 comments You are welcome :)

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