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Soon-yiHearto make ur characters here

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Soon-yiHearto name: ichigo
age: 16
gender: female
personality: friendly, caring, kind, nice, sweet, smart
animal: irmote wildcat
attacks: ribbon strawberry surprise and ribbon strawberry check
crush: masaya
otherS: is a mew mew, fights aliens(evil), turns into a cat, ears and tail pops out when nervous or excited
works: works at cafe mew mew

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+Blue+ (MistyMoon) | 104 comments Mod
Animal: Blue Lorikeet
English Weapon: Heart Arrow
Japanese Attack: Ribbon Mint Echo
Mint is the rich ballet girl who's parents are usually away, leaving her lonely. Though she can be a typical snobbish brat she ends up getting along with Ichigo who she did not think highly of in the beginning.

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Soon-yiHearto Katie that would be zakuro

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