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Will Mego (willmego) For general discussion and a place to post links and information you think helpful about the book or author, such as bio information and reviews...but nothing with spoilers please!

Deborah I guess I will post the obvious link: http://www.neilgaiman.com/p/About_Nei...

He's won a ton of awards and honors for his work.

Deborah | 983 comments Mod
I'm sad and feel apologetic. I didn't like this as much as the rest of you. Maybe the problem is my lack of familiarity with Kipling. Maybe I expected too much.

There are YA books that aren't just good YA books, but good books period. I can't help comparing him to Pratchett and feeling that Pratchett does it better. Maybe Gaiman was writing for even younger adults. Dunno.

I walked away thinking: Well, that was a nice little book.

Casceil | 1672 comments Mod
Neil Gaiman is not to everyone's taste. I liked it more than I expected to, and my husband and my daughter both read it, too, so it was fun to have something we could all discuss.

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Deborah | 983 comments Mod
I love Gaiman . American Gods is one of my favorites.

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