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message 1: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) If you have any groups that you want to reccommend to your friends, put them here!

message 2: by Sam (new)

Sam Warrior Fans

(for the warrior cats lovers of course)

message 3: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) I LOVE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 4: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) ooooo I have a group to reccomend!!

message 5: by Sam (last edited Feb 09, 2009 04:39PM) (new)

Sam What group!?

(nice pic)

message 6: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) (thanks! I luv mice they r so cuuutttte!)

*deep breath* Its called The magnificent adventures of the undersized! TA-DA!!!

message 7: by Meghan (new)

Meghan I am already in it!! It really is a great group and nice title, Janeen!

message 8: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) THANKS!! Tiny World Role-play sounded really lame anyway, and the pic was...okay. Acutally, it was my mom who gave me the idea. :) I love my mommy!!!!

message 9: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) what should the group pic be 4 this group?

message 10: by Koori no hi (new)

Koori no hi Let's All Write Stories! WE soooo need people to log on & help out that group

message 11: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) uh..okay?

message 12: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) I am in that group.

message 13: by Sam (new)

Sam AHHHHHHHHHH! It's Inuasha! (Did I spell that right?)

message 14: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) Uh, Inuasha? By the way are you going to continue that story Sparrow was telling Lily?

message 15: by Koori no hi (new)

Koori no hi I know I'm like a manga freak!

message 16: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) WHO IS INUASHA?

message 17: by Koori no hi (new)

Koori no hi A half-demon that is a good guy. I have a site I can suggest where you can read the whole story, let me go find the link.

message 18: by Koori no hi (last edited Feb 11, 2009 03:14PM) (new)

message 19: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) thanks 4 the link

message 20: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) I like anime

message 21: by Koori no hi (last edited Feb 15, 2009 02:20PM) (new)

Koori no hi well, it's a comic that was mades into an anime. That site is safe by the way, I go there all the time for Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Inuyasha, Rosario + Vampire, Death Note, Vampire Knight... that about sums it up. anyway, no viruses detected by my comp.

message 22: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) uh..ok.

message 23: by Koori no hi (new)

Koori no hi u have no idea what those are do u? have you started reading Inuyasha yet?

message 24: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) *hehehe* Well, on 2/15/2009 02:19 PM I was busy with homework, and plus I'm not a comic book person. But I'll give them a try. Sorry...

message 25: by Koori no hi (new)

Koori no hi thats ok, just try them out though. I thought that comics didn't qualify as real books or as good stories until I actually tried reading Magna

message 26: by Janeen-san (new)

Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) Yes.

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