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Why did Dimitri do this????

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Rubysbooks Because he was ashamed of what he did to her. He knew how much Rose hated the idea of giving blood. Even to Lissa, she did it because she was her best friend and Rose was trying to keep Lissa safe and hidden. But, despite the euphoria that got her every time Lissa bit her, it wasn't something she wanted to do. And Dimitri knew that. And I think he was too busy trying to understand what was happening with him. I don't think he thought he was ever going to get his soul back. And the things he did as Strigoi were raw and cruel and bad enough to give him nightmares.

Gabby I don't actually remember it that well, i thought he did. Apparently not :)

S.L.J. Because, after he was restored he became a guilt-ridden junkless sissy.

Mahita Hmm.. even I felt the same. Even when he was Strigoi, he did not stop loving her. Though, that love was more destructive to the person Rose embodied. Yet, it still was love and she loved him too. So, when he turned back, I felt, he should have faced the guilt head-on, held his head high and let his love for her, guide him or heal him, whichever. However, that would have meant, one less book or one less drama in the final book ;)...

Anyway, for a Guardian, who was treated as God, he sure seemed human through out the series... or, am I the only one who felt that??

S.L.J. His guilt was very OOC to me. I always thought he was lock it all up inside himself and refuse to share it with others. He always seemed like someone that would grit his teeth, put on a brave face and just bare it. But instead, he turned into an emo that sulked all the time.

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