Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11) Edge of Dawn question

What have you thought of the series?
Kim Kim Sep 29, 2012 07:49PM
I love this book series read it three times now can not wait tell Edge of Dawn comes out.

I love what she did with Edge of Dawn, moving the whole series ahead in time, giving us new characters, new conflicts, even a new paradigm with vampires now known to the general public.
Plus, I love that the "old guard" was still there: Lucan & Gabrielle, Dante & Tess, Nicolai & Renata, etc. The only thing that bothered me was that there was no mention of Andreas & Claire. What happened?

I love this series, it's one of my favs. I've just finished reading Edge of Dawn and thought it was amazing! I was a bit worried about it because it's 20 years into the future but it was really good. I hate waiting for the next book to be published. They take too long! I'm looking forward to reading Nathans story and I hope Adrian will write books for all the younger warriors as well. I really want her to write a story on Rafe. I will never get bored of this series.

cant wait for this one either, i hate having to wait for books i go crazy wanting to know what happens. i almost believed that 'Darker After Midnight' was the last book with the way they wrapped everything up

I loved this series up until I read Edge of Dawn. Then I was like what? Other than that its a good series.

I love this series and I hope she writes a book for Nathan as well... I really liked meeting new characters but I like the fact the old ones were still there as well. I hope the next one is out soon!

I so love this series! I can't wait until 'Crave the Night' comes out!

Jeannie N. (last edited May 10, 2013 11:01AM ) Apr 13, 2013 06:04AM   0 votes
Love it, the new characters are great and seeing the old characters interspersed throughout the stories is great too. Can't wait till the next one.

This by far one of my top 3 paranormal series I can never get enough.

I have had a love/hate relationship with this series. I almost gave up on it when I got to Andreas' book. Glad I didn't. I am still patiently waiting for Gideon and Savannah to have a novella...

~*~Princess Nhya~*~ I want the Gideon and Savannah novella as well. But with how she ha the last novella, I'm scared she won't do it justice. And like you, I've had a lov ...more
Mar 17, 2013 07:09AM
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Vampyre Groupie I love the Breed, but IMO your enjoymnet of the series largely depends on what you expect from it. After Veil of Midnight I realized that as a PNR it' ...more
Apr 01, 2013 07:39AM

I just completed the series and absolutely loved it. I cannot wait for the continuation from Edge of Dawn with Nathan's story (that would be awesome)!

Loved the series, but was not impressed with this latest book.

Love it.

OMG - I totally LOVE this series and thought the last one was the best of all. I love the new story line she has ventured into (which was coming from the original series anyway) and also the fact that all the old characters are so much a part of it. I never thought a series coud get better all the time but Lara has me riveted and I cant wait for the next book, (Hopefully Nathans story)

I really like this series, but I was a little thrown off when I started reading Edge of Dawn. Even though, the characters were familiar, I felt like I was starting a new and unknown series. Sometimes, I have a little trouble getting into a new series, but I have found if I just hang in there, I will love them.
Well, I hung in there and I really enjoyed the book and will continue to read the series.

The series is great.

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