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What is your favourite book in the Stephanie Plum Series?
Vicki Vicki (last edited Sep 29, 2012 12:05PM ) Sep 29, 2012 12:04PM
I have been trying to decide what mine favourite book is in the series but can't. Will she end up with Joe or Ranger?

Book #12 was my favorite!

I'd have to say probably eighteen. It was the first book I read in the series and I completely loved it. I always think it's always a good time for a car to get blown up ( book life anyways)

I was disappointed in #17 and had no desire to continue with this series. Last night my daughter dropped off #19. Will I miss anything if I skip 18 and go into 19 ?

2nd book is my favorite but i love them all

Finger Lickin 15, i loved it

I love them all!

The first Stephanie Plum book I read was Eleven on Top, the one where she quits her job as a bounty hunter. I liked it so much that I went back and tried to read the rest of the books in the series. Consequently, I've read them out of order, although I don't think that really matters too much. But they have started to run together for me, so I can't really pick a favorite.

Joyce My Plum experience was the same and the first couple I read made me lol, especially the one where Grandma Mazur fell into the casket. They're a great ...more
Sep 11, 2013 08:26AM

2 nd was my favorite, I was driving and lighting in my car with my audio book on

LOVED THEM ALL! Oh to be Stephanie.......what a life she leads. Think reading them back to back again would be fun. When I see trivia posted about the series it will jog my memory about something funny from each book. Evanovich will always be one of my favorite authors!

Books 1 through 4. Any one of these I could pick as a favorite. After book 4 they just started getting boring. Stephanie never grows or changes or for that matter gets any better at her job. I love me a little crazy, but Lula and Grandma are so out of control they stopped being funny and just became annoying. Even the whole Joe or Ranger thing gets old. I stuck with the series until about book 14 and then I just couldn't read anymore. As to the question, Joe or Ranger? Ranger of course!!

Samantha Drudge Agreed. But i had to keep reading.
Apr 29, 2013 06:28PM

I love the characters. I admit that I now download them from The plots are getting stale, but there are still moments that make me laugh out loud. As a cozy mystery author, I am learning a valuable lesson about keeping characters from getting stale. It's not just about writing, it's about entertaining your fans.

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I have to admit my favorite is not one of the numbered series but the Between-the-Numbers Plum books - Plum Spooky with Diesel and Carl the monkey. I love Carl - I think he's my favorite character.

I would say book #1 is my favorite so far. I just started the series last year and am only on #6. They have all been great, but there is just something about meeting the characters for the first time!

i like the 7th one so far

To be honest, I read one right after the other and they started to run together. I loved them all.

They have had a way of becoming fairly similar in the past-14 series, and sometimes, not as knock-down funny. But those of you who have read the entire series: it's a little unfair picking on the author for having to repeat certain facts and location information in each book. Unlike you, some people pick up a book without knowing the series and actually need that information for grounding. It really has to be there for first-time readers. Though it can be presented differently.

i love all the books when i need a laugh i know i ll get one

One for the Money!
The characters were so outrageous and funny. It was so much fun discovering the characters and their quirks. As the books went on, they became less enjoyable to me because of the repetition.

I just started reading the books so right now the first book is cause that is the one I just finished.

I love them all! A good friend of mine was dying! And I had a lot of people tell me to read theses books! So at this time in my life I really needed to laugh! Oh boy did i!! And read 1 through 15!! In a row But then I need a break I accidentally picked up one for the tens thinking that was the first book! And couldn't put it down!!!! so that one is my favorite & 13!!!

I have only read the first one so far, really enjoyed it. Will look into reading the others.

Loved the first two. Then they began to get predictable, and after the seventh one I quit reading them.

All of them!!!

Ranger Ranger Ranger.. Need I say more.... I do however think the last three where boring... I think they need to solve a killing involving Lula estranged past (pimp, brother) and maybe more intimate encounters with Ranger to really put him and Joe at battle for Steph.. Now that would be funny..

I am though so tired of it opening up the same way... Can she just start off where she leaves off or with some new plot.. We don't need to know how she got BIG BLUE CAR or where she lives and does for a living.. I mean damn by book 6 we get it already....

I saw the movie, so started with book two. However, I'm going to read book one as soon as our library gets it in. Wish I'd been smart enough to check with the library before buying all the others. Could have saved a lot of money.

After a while the characters get stale - they don't change or grow - J.E. needs to refresh the characters and beef up the plots so the reader doesn't get bored.

I'm a One For the Money girl because I think the writing was better in this book. Her descriptions are terrific and the opening line/scene is epic. I don't have that same feeling for the rest, even though I like the stories. I stopped reading after Finger Licking. I hear 19 is more true to her early versions, so I might give that a try. I'm due for a Lulu fix.

I loved books no 1 to 7, then it all became boring. I stopped after book 12. And for me its always Morelli not Ranger she should end up with :)

I'm new here but couldn't resist since I fell into the Stephanie Plum trap....loved the first 8...up to #10 now but I find they're not as funny and exciting as the first 8..hope the rest are better.

I love them all. Interesting how the author is not going "stale" with the character with the series getting less popular or stale, like so many others who write long series do. I think it is because there are so many different sides to the main character, and the author can always focus on one of the others when she gets stuck for idea. I think just about all the characters in this series are wonderful. However, the one character the author spun off to a new series led to a new, so-so series, but nothing as good as the original Personally, I think she spun off the wrong character.

hard eight

Four to Score! The title doesn't lie :D

Book four was my favorite. Just finished number 19 and I thought it was very funny.

Twelve Sharp was my fave book (but I am a a die hard Babe). To me that book ended the series. Everything after that just hasn't been as good. After Twelve Sharp, then One For The Money, Hard Eight then High Five (the first kiss....sigh!)

Vicki wrote: "I have been trying to decide what mine favourite book is in the series but can't. Will she end up with Joe or Ranger?"

While I like pretty much every book in the series, I will have to stick with One for the Money as my favorite.

Probably the first one, which introduced me to all the characters. Unfortunately by the 9th one, I swore not to read the rest because they were so redundant. I see she's on 19 now -- still waffling between Joe and Ranger?

Can't decide which is my favorite. They are all so hilarious.

I read them back to back from book 1 to book 15 a while back... I need to go back and start over so I can continue the series.. Since they are all just one long story in my head I'd have to say book 1 all 12,000 pages of it. LOL

I loved the first three might have been Hard 8. Is that the one with the green cover?

I stopped reading around book 10. I just sort of "finished" the ending to the series in my head because the mystery plots weren't as intricate and the relationship stuff ... well, I'm a one man kind of gal and yanno. You can only waffle so long.

Hard Eight was my favorite book, now Seventeen was entertaining, but I always go back and reread Hard Eight.

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Visions of Sugar Plum and Plum Loving are my favorites.
But I love them all. If I need something cheerful to read before falling asleep, I read one of Evanovich's books.
Though it's not a Stephanie book, I love "Love Overboard" too.

I haven't finished the series yet, but i have a sign on my desk from a co worker that says "danger uncontrollable laugher zone" because im laughing so hard at the audio books. Grandma and Lulu crack me up.

I must say first. I like them all. But the one where Stephanie tries to find another job, Has got to be the funny's of them all. Even thinking about right now, I'm laughing my butt off....Love to reread them when I need a laugh.

They all kind melt together. I probably liked the first 10. After that I read them for pure entertainment. I've read up to 16 and have been procrastinating on the rest. They are funny and they are entertaining but I find the characters so STUPID! I don't think adults could ever function being so dumb. I wouldn't classify these books as mystery - ever. The should be classified in the humour section always.

I can not pick a favorite!!! I have read them all and they just keep getting better!!!!

I loved books 6 and 12! #4, 11,13, 15 and 17 were also very good

To be honest I really couldn't choose between any of her books. The author Janet Evanovich had me in stitches and there where a lot of laugh out loud moments (a lot of cringing too) through all of them. I just loved Grandma Mazur's character (I think it's a lot to do with the fact that I could relate as my own Granny (bonkers, and always looking to raise a smile) was very like her, minus the gun that she carried in her handbag. However, wasn't really taken with the movie as I really thought that they didn't cast the men right. Although spot on with Stephanie - a wee bit ditzy, lol!! Ranger (Daniel Sunjata) although very handsome just didn't fit the picture that I had painted of Ranger & it was the same for Joe Morelli (Jason O'Mara). Shame as the story was very good..

I had to give up on this series because the characters are just not advancing at all!! It's like reading the same thing over and over again :(

The setting up of the characters in the early books is certainly a highlight. However I have enjoyed them all. I loved the introduction and very distinctly visual pictures of Lula and Granny. Characters like Mooner and Joyce just add another layer to a very mixed up picture. Joe or Ranger??? - wow!! that's a hard question - I think I might have to go for the mysterious Ranger (everyone's fantasy Vs a good guy!!)

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