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Beyond the Highland Mist (Highlander, #1)
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Book Cover Help > Is it possible to recover deleted cover art?

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Sarah (SarahJF1984) | 232 comments Hi, I added this book to my list of 'read' books a fewe weeks ago. At that time it had the same cover as my own copy does. This evening, as I was looking at my 'read' list I noticed that the cover art had changed on my copy. I thought maybe, somehow the edition that I had selected as mine had changed to a more recently released edition. So I typed in my ISBN and find that no, it's not an error, someone has deleted the photo of the original cover art and replaced it with a more recently published edition, instead of creating an alternate cover edition. Is there any way to restore the original cover art or do I have to go on an internet hunt to find an original photo?

Paula (Paulaan) | 7019 comments There is an undo function for images, there where a number of image changes on this edition but generally for better quality editions

Is this one you have?

Sarah (SarahJF1984) | 232 comments No sorry, I should have put the link in. It's this copy

Paula (Paulaan) | 7019 comments OK, can you check the cover now

It was the auto import that over wrote it so I deleted that cover and manually uploaded the image since the imports should not override user added images.

I created an alternate cover edition with the cover added by the imports

Sarah (SarahJF1984) | 232 comments Thank you so much Paula. Completely fixed and back to the perfect, original cover art. Much appreciated.

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