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Heartbroken It is a night school. YAY!!

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Heartbroken Gray woke up at 4 p.m. and didn't want to get up. Her body hurt from work this morning, and she was not looking forward to the gaveyard ship tonight. She was going to work right after school. This was going to be hard on her in so many ways. She looked down at her floor and was happy to see she had everything ready for tonight.

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Greg Owens | 6 comments Aselem knocked on the door a little shyly

message 4: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken She stumbled to the door and slowly opened it. She saw some random guy standing there. "How may I help you?"

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((Can I join?))

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Auna got up wide awake and smiled. She walked into class and set up her desk.

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