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Heartbroken Another school. This is for fun.

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Heartbroken Kassy walked into her apartment. She had to cover 2 other shifts. She was dead tired. She sat on her couch and looked at the clock. It was 6. She needed to get ready for school. She needed to lay down for a few. Her back was killing her and she just need a few minutes on her back. She looked at her hsnds. They looked like she was slapping walls. People think being a waitress is easy but it is not mostly when your busy. She needed to sleep so she decied to sleep in her history class. She didn't even know what her classes were yet. She looked around. She needed the money to get some new stuff. She needed a t.v. or atleast a radio.
She started to think of what she was foing today. She had no work till tomorrow so it was just school then she could come back here and relax unless they needed her at one of her jobs.
She go up and went to take a shower. It was cold the water heater was broken again so she made it quick. Got dressed and did her hair. It was 6:45 she needed to leave now or she wouldn't make it to class on time. She grabbed her wallet,keys and her backpack. She ran out the door and ran tword the school.

message 3: by Greg (new)

Greg Owens | 6 comments Aselem was driving by Kassy on his way to school he rolled down his window. "Do you need a ride?"

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Austin ((Hey, thats my name XD))

message 5: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy looked at him like he was crazy. "I'm fine. I can get there on my own." Kassy started to run even faster.

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Heartbroken Kassy felt weird like someone was chasing her. She looked behind her and kept running. Some chick was following her.

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Heartbroken Kassy ran past a girl that was staring at her. She ran right into a wall.

message 8: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy looked at the sky. She felt like an idot. She saw the two girls talking.

message 9: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken "I'm fine as long as my face looks okay." Kassy looked at the chick. "Are you okay?"

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Heartbroken Kassy got up and looked at the wall."I thought you were still following me and wasn't paying attention. I hope it doesn't bruse." Kassy looked at her heels.

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Heartbroken "I'm Kassy. I was trying to get to school so I could talk to the Math teacher."

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Heartbroken Kassy looked at the grounde. "He asked me to come and talk to him today. I think I can talk to him after school." She was not proud of what she was going to do with him.

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Heartbroken Kassy would probly do anything for money but not anything she didn't want to do. "It is okay. He said he wanted me to help him make a test."

message 14: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Mr. Tomson (math teacher) came up to Kassy. He had a nasty grin on his face and Kassy looked away as he walked past them.

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Heartbroken Kassy looked at her. She was scared that Bella was going to walk in on them after school.

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Heartbroken Kassy walked to her first class. She was going to take a nap.

message 17: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy was sitting in the math class.

message 18: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy grabbed Mr. T and pulled him into the supply closet.

message 19: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken She heard that Bella chick so Kassy blocked the door.

message 20: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy stoped the moving and covered Mr.T's mouth with her own. She better get paid for this.

message 21: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy felt Mr.T's tounge enter her mouth. She hated it but he was putting money into her pants.

message 22: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy was getting sick and needed to get out of there but they couldn't leave till Bella was gone.

message 23: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy was caught. She got out of under Mr.T and ran out to find Bella. She was putting the money into her pockets.

message 24: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy ran in and saw Bella hiding behind the Principle. "Bella please don't. Please don't."

message 25: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy put out the money she just got. "Please don't you can take this money just don't show anyone that pic."

message 26: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy said "please don't. If your going to show it can I talk to you first?"

message 27: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken "Why are you going to show that pic?"

message 28: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken "What part?"

message 29: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken "Okay. Show him the pic and I'm off to Jail and I need the money. Go ahead. I will wait here."

message 30: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Kassy sat there and cried for a minute.

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Heartbroken Kassy was waiting for Bella to let her go so she could go to work

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Heartbroken Kassy did nothing.

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Heartbroken Kassy was waiting to.

message 34: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) Lina walked into the office. A lady behind the counter looked up as she entered, "Can I help you?" She asked.
"um, yeah." Lina said, "I'm new, and was told to come here first for my schedule and stuff." It came out more like a question than a statement.
"Yes, of course." Responded the lady, "What's your name?" She asked moving to a filing cabinet.
"Lina," Lina responded, "Anglina Wilson"

message 35: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) The lady handed Lina her schedule, and a few other papers. Then she sent Lina to go put her things in her locker and tour the school.

Lina found her locker on the second floor. She put her books in and shut her locker. After she was done organizing ehr locker she went back to the office, and the lady wrote her a pass to her 3rd hour class. Lina left the office and made her way to class.

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

((Can I jump in??? My charrie just moved here so.....))
Trouble sat in her class, she had made it through much of the day without too much notice, and luckily she wasn't the only new girl

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Auna walked to her locker by a girl named Lina. She was glad she wasn't the only one new. She walked to the office.

message 38: by Karina (new)

Karina ((yeah))

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

Trouble got up as class ended and walked to the office

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