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Amanda Inkenbrandt In the beginning of the book, Zoe is curious as to how her mother afforded her stay at Twin Birch. I don't remember this being explored further. Did Elise's parents pay for her stay?

Also, was anyone else disappointed by the abrupt ending? I would have liked to know more about why Zoe considered Elise's death to be her fault. While she may have convinced Elise to go on their "Diet," she did not appear to force her to stay on the path. Also, why did Elise get so much sicker than Zoe?

Rebecca It's been a few weeks since I read it but I think most of the ambiguities in the book were a result of Zoe's denial. Her focus on the expense of the rehab in particular seemed to be just another of her way to deny that she needed to be there. And I think Elise fell victim to her eating disorder sooner and more intensely; if I remember correctly she was thinner than Zoe in the beginning. I also got the impression Zoe may have been egging her on, and that's where a lot of the guilt came from.

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