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Virtual | 429 comments Mod
Share your written reviews here.

message 2: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Taylor (KerryT2012) | 56 comments Sarwah Osei-Tutu
Asking authors and fellow Goodreads to review my book please.

message 3: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Innaimo (Miranda_Innaimo) | 2 comments Two poetry books worth reviewing if you enjoy these lines:

This Place

…If not for the memory
of this place-

with metal swings
echoing a to-fro song,
and slides white-hot
burning as you go along
down, sweet sweat

albeit, better than
sitting any where
claustrophobically cool;
as if: anything unnatural
could be toxin to my chi;

as if: the AC could drain me
of my energy; hot potentiality
need not be cooled;
that is: air pumped out sucks in
my productivity: to compose,
certainly, this epic explanation
of a summer home vacation-

then without any hesitation, I would go home.

As it is,
there is a charm about being
isolated from the consistent whirl
and buzz of constant corporation;

while here, in
this place, there is moderation;
that is: a sensation to clear
the senses, and be yourself
entirely free of expectation;

as it is: there is an ease
about dedication;
as if: one could reach the clouds
in supple strides,
to hide among the heavens,
where even drone planes cannot see;

at last, free to move, to breathe about
without fear; perseverance:
just an attitude of altitude
of adherence to the laws
written upon the heart;
where the Source of the start
concludes His finished work in me…”

This Place

and then there is:

MI Life Book 1

When you receive perfect love,
there is no fear;

when you experience no fear,
there is understanding;

when you submit to understanding;
there is discipline;

when you suffer for discipline,
there is wisdom;

when you labour in wisdom,
there is fulfillment;

when you thrive in fulfillment,
there is peace;

when you stand in peace,
there is perfect love.

MI Life Book 1

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Thank you, and with infinite gratitude,
Miranda Innaimo

message 4: by Leo (new)

Leo Borgelin | 5 comments Wow seems like proverbs.

message 5: by Leo (new)

Leo Borgelin | 5 comments We Were Once Gods

We were once Gods,
living high in the mountain tops
Free of order, roaming the free land,
The day was young, but it had yet to grow,
Giving time the opening to run aimlessly

But then the day grew old,
Time limited itself, order became my captor
holding me with its bare hands as time marks my new boundaries,
I now sit on a flat land with no ups and downs
Restricted to travel a day's worth abroad my new land,
Never again are we to reach our beloved land

The mountains were high
And the Greenland was low,
Never again we were to access our beloved land,
Foreign to us as we now know it,
But still strong in our roots
To only serve as a reminder to what kind of life we once lived,
As our only option we helped these new Gods grow,
Nurturing the Gods because they remind us of what was once ours,

For we too were once in their land,
As we had fallen from the mountain tops,
They will do accordingly,
Side by side in the land where time age,
No longer in the Mountains where youth persist
For this is the life of us Gods


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message 6: by Tina (new)

Tina Wilson  (tinawilsonauthor) | 1 comments What a lovely pen!
"just an attitude of altitude
of adherence to the laws
written upon the heart;
where the Source of the start
concludes His finished work in me…”

Perfect free verse and similes...your form is impeccable. I'm new to GoodReads, as far as commenting on Poets. Looking forward to purchasing your works.

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