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Giulia Jason picked his way over the rocks and through the shrubs until the clear, blue waters of the lake were revealed and no longer glimpses through the trees. He grinned as he saw how wide the blue the sky was today, with the outlaying mountains. "Here we are." he inhaled deeply, smelling fragrant flowers and lapping lakewater.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) "Wow.." Dez breathed, closing her eyes and taking in the sounds and smells of the surrounding area. She opened them after a few moments, gazing around in awe.
"Its beautiful.." she whispered softly, eyes wondering around one last time before locking onto his.

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Giulia He returned the straight gaze with a light smile but he wasn't focused enough to give it a proper try. He then broke the gaze and looked back over at the lake. "It's like some sort of lake you'd expect to see in the movies." he laughed, leaning down to touch the frosty lake waters.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) She grinned.
"Yea." Dez replied, joining him by the waters edge. She gentle skimmed her hand across the surface causing ripples to disturb the water. She smiled lightly, face clearly showing how relaxed she felt.

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Giulia "Careful on the rocks though, it's quite slippery." he pointed out the wet stone and moss around her.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) She nodded silently. She was quite the clumsy person, so decided there and then not to go to close to the rocks. She Sat down cross legged beside the lake, simply taking in the beautiful scenery.

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Giulia Jason joined her quickly, settling into the pebbly banks to gaze out at the beautiful, shimmering water and the green forests around. "I'm quite sure this will be the best year." he said suddenly, turning to her as he spoke.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) "I think it will be too." She said with a smile. Nothing could compare to this. After all those years of abuse she never dreamed that she would ever come to a place as beautiful as this.
"And i thought i would make no friends." She admitted, looking up at him with a ghost of a smile on her lips.

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Giulia "No one did. Being among our own kind wasn't even fantomable to me. I'm glad I managed to meet you first." he grinned, but not in the bright, beaming way but in a soft, searching-your-soul way.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Dez smiled.
"Well im glad i met you first to." She said quietly, peacefullness in her voice.
"Its so strange to think that we are a different species altogether from most people."

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Giulia "It is. It's like there is no chance that we'll ever be the same or equal. Kinda destroys your hopes." he leaned back onto his palms.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) "I guess..But it ignites new hopes at the same time. Like to finally be excepted. I mean, i didnt exactly have the best childhood, but now i feel like because im with my own kind, im not gonna stick out anymore, im not gonna be different." She sighed slightly, gazing up at the cornflower blue sky.

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Giulia "Liberating. I dunno, I guess a huge sigh just escaped from me and my shoulders lightened. Very strange, I assure you." he joked. ((Gotta go!))

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Dez grinned.
"Thats exactly how i felt. As if i could finally breath for the first time." A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth again.

((Ok :) Talk to ya later :3))

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Kinky walked out the lake, wandering around and exploring. She suddenly slipped on a very slppery rock. "ahh! " she yelled out, surprised. She finally regained her balance and started giggling, despite the blood gushing out from her leg, and that it hurt. She was giggling because she knew only someone as clumsy and stupid as her would slip on the rocks- especially on her first impression.

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Kinky just sat down then, when her giggles had died down. She didn't care how wet her clothes were, they would dry she reasoned. She poured water over the bloody, somewhat deep cut, never flinching.

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((Gotta gotta go now. will be back in 90 minutes.))

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Giulia ((Is she here or at the pool?))

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((no one came, so let's do the pool.))

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Giulia ((sorry, I'm here with Dez. You can just stay here and be part of our convo.))
Jason turned at the sound of another person and saw Kinky slip and slide on the rocks. "Hey! You okay over there?" he recognized her as the girl from the dorm.

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"yeah, I'm fine. I can be SUCH an idot sometimes. And right when theres a chance to make a few friends, at least, everything goes wrong." She said with a laugh.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) "Oh.." Dez exclaimed quickly, scooting over to where the rocks were and for the first time ever, being careful as she moved towards the girl.
"Thats a nasty cut there." Dez said with a slight smile.
"I can help fix that up if you'd like." Often after she had been beaten, or done self harming she would attempt to make the wounds as clean as possible, to ensure they would heal well. She was used to this sort of thing.

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Giulia Jason smiled as he too came closer. "It's okay. We're all not used to making friends here."

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"Thanks, I would appreciate that." She said with a slight smile. She stood up, a little wobbly, and ignored the pain. "So, were room mates, huh?"

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wanderer (ChloeMai) "Sure are." Dez said with a smile, supporting the girl with one of her arms.
"Im Desert Rose, but everybody calls me Dez." She introduced herself.

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Giulia "Jason. Well, all us monsters will be roommates with these mixed rooms. I mean, I'm not sure if that's the greatest idea." he joked, helping her stand.

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"Me neither..... Some of those rule breakers are always up to no good with the opposite sex." She said smiling. "I'm Okay, I think I can walk." She proved her point by walking a few feet ahead of them.

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Giulia "Okay. That's good then." he grinned, seeing her walk. "You'll be fine?"

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Dez walked beside her. She knew with that type of injury Kinky was bound to fall, She herself had done so many times before. She smiled lightly, brushing a hand through her hair.

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"Yeah, guess so." She said with a shrug. "I don't wanna leave yet, though." She said with a cute smile.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) "I have a small first aid kit in my bag. I guess i could try and clean it up a little here but my handiwork wont be as great as it could be if we were inside." Dez always came prepared. It was one of her quirks. She was ready for anything at any time. You could always count on her to pull through.

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"Okay, thanks. Whatever you prefer. I don't think it's that bad, though."

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Giulia "We insist." Jason said as he stood on her other side.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) "Trust me, i know whats bad and whats not, and if that injury gets infected and isnt treated it could eventually lead to loss of limb." She said, now switching into doctor mode. She gestured for Kinky to sit down, so she could treat the wound.

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"Alright, only for you guys." She sighed dramatically, and sat down. "Really, though. I'm such a CLUTZ sometimes! It's embarrassing."

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Giulia "Stay still, I'm sure Dez has a gentle hand despite only knowing her for half an hour." Jason joked, looking up at Dez as she prepared to treat Kinky.

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"I bet she does. And I bet when she takes off a band-aid, she probably takes it off as slow as possible, so it doesn't hurt. Me? I do it as fast as I can." She said, giggling slightly.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) "Dont worry, im exactly the same. I've already managed to stub my toe twice today, and i fell flat on my face when i was dropped off here." She smiled slightly, grabbing her bandages, tissues and disinfectant wipes. Dez began to work, carefully wiping the wound and knowing if she was gental this would be relativly pain free. And she was being gental. She continued to talk as she did so.
"This one time me and my mum went to my godmothers party. I managed to break somebodys toes, cause a nose bleed by hitting a party goer by accident and then tripped over, resulting in the punch spilling all over the birthday girl"
She grinned slightly at the memory. And then looked down, fastening the bandage.
"All done." She said, brushing her hands off.

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"That makes me feel better." She said, thinking about all the OTHER things she had done clumsily. "One time, I was swimming in eighth grade, and I jumped in the water, and cam up without... uh, nevermind." She said, blushing madly.

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Giulia "Great job Dez. Feeling better? Apart from the story though of course." Jason stepped back to give her some space.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Dez grinned slightly, her smile small.
"Ive never actually been swimming before." She admitted. In fact she was terrified of the water, due to an incident during her childhood.

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((Talking to Kinky, right?))

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Giulia ((Me? I was but I think we've moved on))

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"I have..... one time one of my foster care people lived by the Ocean. Best week in my life." SHe said, smiling as she recounted the few good memories in her childhood.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Dez nodded slightly.
"Its no bother, ive done it so many times before that i could probably make a good job of it asleep." She sighed slightly. Im just gonna go wash my hands off. Ill be back in a minute."
She hurried off towards the edge of the lake.

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Kinky started walking toward the lake. Then she turned around, blushing, and said "I might want a swimsuit to go swimming." SHe said with a smile.

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Giulia Jason shrugged. "Uhm, sure, if you want to dip your cut in, be my guest."

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She came back with her crappym too small, swimsuit on. She had a T-shirt on, over the bikinni top.

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Giulia Jason invited her to the water with a do-whatever-you-want hand and expression as he sat down on the rocks.

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